Chosen by a Horse – Susan Richards (May 21, 2010)

256 Pages
Publisher: Mariner Books
June 4, 2007

(5 Stars)

Back Cover Description:
The horse Susan Richards chose for rescue wouldn’t be corralled into her waiting trailer.  But Lay Me Down, a former racehorse with a foal close on her heels, walked right up the ramp and into Susan’s life.  Weak from malnurtrition, Lay Me Down had endured a rough road, but somehow her heart was still open and generous.  Then fate brought her into Susan’s paddock, where she taught this brokenhearted woman how to embrace the joys of life despite the dangers of living.

Chosen by a Horse is a wonderful story about a woman’s life with her horses, and one horse in particular that happened upon her by accident. This memoir is a beautiful story that shows the reader the deep connected feelings a horse (or any animal) owner can feel with their pet.

Susan Richards shares her story of how she came to own Lay Me Down, an abused horse, and how this horse along with her other three horses helped her break out of her lonely, reclusive state and get back out into the world.

I laughed, I cried and I just genuinely smiled throughout most of this book. It really did touch me because the things that Susan goes through for her horses are the same thing I would go through for my dog. You really do become emotional attached, they leave little prints on your heart that will stay there for the rest of your life. It shares how important that companionship can be for many people and how animals can actually teach us a thing or two if we let ourselves listen to them.

Susan has also written to other books, I have bought both of them and I’m planning on reading them soon!

If you are an animal lover, a horse lover, or you just enjoy an easy read, good book every once in a while this is a book to look into!


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