Weekly Update – December 12 – 18

So I’ve noticed a few other bloggers posting about their weeks and decided maybe to try it out and see how it goes.

This week was a long one for me marked by some stressful/exciting events!

School…this was finals week.  The week we all dread because it means a lot of hours of studying and too many hours not sleeping!  I had 5 finals this week and I am happy to say that as of 12:30 pm on Friday I finished my last one for the semester and I’m just SOOOOOO happy it’s over with.  I think I’ll get out with two A’s, two B’s and a C (boo!).  The one big rip off that I try to forget about each semester, but know the inevitable is going to happen is selling back books.  Almost everyone buys their books from one store in town.  Lets just say they do not play fair at all!  One of my books for the semester was bought bran new for $130 and when I sold that one back plus three other books I only got $90 back!  Yeah, rip off!
On one of the most exciting notes ever is that I bought a new truck!  I had been leasing my previous truck from a dealer here in town and my lease was coming up.  So my awesome Dad helped me look at the other options they had for the next vehicle I would actually BUY from them not lease…and I ended up with the love of my life!  A 2007 Nissan Titan LE (luxury edition) Crew Cab (4-doors) that is silver in color with a charcoal interior!  It’s name is Terence after one of my favorite Kansas State University football players Terence Newman, who is now a professional football player.  Yes I know, I act like a guy when it comes to vehicles but I am so very happy.

In other news, I went and watched Love & other Drugs with Jake Gyllenhaal and Anne Hathaway with one of my good friends last night before work.  It was a good movie, I don’t think I’d ever buy it to watch it over and over again, but it was good.  It was very hard to get over the fact that you see Anne Hathaway’s boobs and bottom and almost everything else in this movie.  I remember her from The Princess Diaries, you know the Disney movie!  LOL.

Basically it’s about a man named Jamie (Gyllenhaal) who is a drug sales man trying to get his drug recognized in the medical community by trying to get his samples placed in all their facilities.  Then he meets a girl named Maggie (Hathaway) who is very ill.  At first their relationship is purely sexual, they both just want to do it like rabbits but have no strings attached.  Of course we all see where this is going with them falling in love and blah blah, but the way that it comes about I wouldn’t have expected at all!  It was cute and funny, I know I laughed a LOT!  I might have to watch it one more time before I can completely rate it since the shock of Anne showing off so much of herself has worn off and I will be prepared for it this time!  It might be something you all would like to check out…I mean it does have a lot of smutty scenes and lets face it Jake is definitely a looker! (And yes, I know from the movie poster I should have figured out the whole sexual part of the movie, except I wasn’t thinking nudity just some rollin in the sheets!)
This weekend/Next week:

This weekend I am heading 2 hours away to do my Dad and Mom’s extended family Christmas’.  (The first road trip with Terence, if you forgot that’s my truck, tehehe).  Then on Monday I’ll start my work schedule back up of working 40 hours a week at one job and 16 hours a weekend at the other, but no studying YAY!  I will also be participating in the Faefever discussion hosted on Fiction Vixen‘s site this coming Monday, all day!  I’m very excited to finally participate in one of their discussions to get my ideas, thoughts, questions and concerns out there and see what others are thinking as well!  Then it’s Christmas!  😀


One response to “Weekly Update – December 12 – 18

  1. Nice truck! My hubs wants a truck. Really don’t know why…lol And congrats on finishing your finals! Woot!!!

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