Blast from the Past #1

So today I decided to check out a new blog from Julie’s Blogroll and stumbled upon My Overstuffed Bookshelf, her post from yesterday was a wonderful discussion post about what started your book reading obsession…  Now I’ve always been a big reader!  I loved my English classes from grade school through college, reading books, writing papers, that’s what I was all about (except spelling, I hate spelling!)  Anyway, back to the subject…so I had to think back to what really started my obsession with reading!  That is REALLY FLIPPIN HARD!  I’ve never known myself as not being a reader.  So I thought about it and came up with: Harry Potter, The Great Gatsby, Of Mice and Men and the author LURLENE MCDANIEL!!!!  I can’t believe I forgot all about her!  She was my favorite authors when I was growing up…so I decided to share a couple covers of a few of my favorites from her and state that I am going to pick one of these up again and see if I still connect with it now that I’m 24-years-old.

Lurlene’s books always stuck out to me for some reason.  I just connected to the characters so much!  I remember reading some of the books and crying with the characters through their hard times.  Oh man, this completely made my day!  Thank you sooooooo much Amy for your wonderful discussion or I would have completely forgot about this.  (I am still in shock that I forgot about it at all which how much I read her books!!!) **Hearts racing, jumping up and down, a huge grin on my face**


3 responses to “Blast from the Past #1

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  2. Those are some of the most depressing titles I’ve ever seen on the cover of a book. Were they all tear jerkers?

  3. Jen D – Haha, yes some of them were tear jerkers. I know the titles look very depressing but they were very inspirational. Lurlene just does such a great job of making you relate to the main character and get into their shoes and see how much hope they have. Don’t Die My Love was one of my favorite books no matter how sad it was.

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