News #6 – Posting Schedule

So I have decided to try to make myself start a posting schedule.  I can not swear that I will stick to this but this is what I am going to try to do…

Sundays: Blast from the Past, after my Lurlene McDaniel blast from the past last week I started remembering other books and TV shows and movies that I had forgotten about but bring back such great memories.  So I am going to start a weekly update of this…well, for as long as I can think of things from my past.

Mondays: Some Fun for the Week, after my video blog posting from last week I decided that I will start to update with something fun whether that is a YouTube video, funny pictures or an e-mail I had forwarded to me.  Something to just put a smile on everyone’s face on a Monday when most of us are not happy to get back to the work week.

Tuesdays: Book Review, I’m not sure if I’ll be able to do this every week especially when school starts back up but I’m going to try!

Wednesdays: News, any type of news…whether it be personal life, books, movies, giveaways, really anything that is news to me.  🙂

Thursdays: Favorite Quotes, so I’m not sure how this one will go over…I don’t know if people will enjoy them as much as I do if they aren’t reading the book but I’ll try it out for a while to see what people think (honest feedback would be appreciated!!) And they can be quotes from the books I’m reading as well as TV, Movies or quotes I find online…

Fridays: Book Review, (same comments as Tuesday…)

Saturdays: Weekly Update, this is where I’ll tell you about how my week went and what I am expecting to have going on the next week.  This will be from School, work and books…really just life in general!

My other quick update…since my fun picture at the top with the books is so colorful I decided to start trying to have a somewhat rainbow theme go on throughout my blog…so each days postings will be done in the color you see above.  I’m not really sure how the green will show up…if it doesn’t work out then I’ll just have to figure something else out.

Please let me know what you think, and honest feedback is much appreciated on everything!  If you have suggestions I am ALWAYS open to them.  🙂


6 responses to “News #6 – Posting Schedule

  1. Oh color! I love color and I hope it reads easily because that will be fun.
    And you posting schedule is very good. I find posting schedule’s actually make blogging life easier…but it’s a bigger commitment. An organized one, but a big one just the same! lol I like how yours is set up and I wish you luck! 🙂

  2. Julie – Thanks so much for your wonderful comments. 😀 I am hoping that I can stick to it as well…especially the book reviews…but I’m really going to try to get caught up on some reading and I’m loving this automatic posting stuff. That way I can get them set up early if I know I’m going to be busy or if I get a book completed. Slowly but surely, step by step, I will get this blog stuff figured out! 🙂

  3. I’m digging the schedule. I’m digging the rainbow colors even more! Looks like you’re startin’ 2011 on the right foot. I need to start on the right foot (you hear that feet!?). LOL…I digress. I think it’ll work out for you and worst case scenario…you can always adjust the posting schedule to fit your needs. =)

  4. Jen D – Thanks a bunch! The funniest thing is with the rainbow color posting I didn’t even think about the fact that Mac is “Rainbow” girl. After I had decided on the posting colors I started laughing at myself for the connection.
    I am afriad with my vacations that I will not be able to post a book review on Friday…but I’m going to do a bunch of reading tonight and tomorrow I hope to get caught up in time to post something…we’ll see!

    I keep checking your site and I’m keeping my eyes peeled for your next posting. 🙂

  5. LOL! I didn’t make the connection either until you said it. I’m sure you’ll find to make it work and you know what…if you can’t then it’s no biggie. You’re on vacation for goodness sake. 😉

    *sigh* My poor mistreated blog. I think I kind of like the idea of you keeping an eye out for stuff. It’ll keep me on my toes. You know, it’s kind of weird because if I have stuff due to other people I’m all over it but, if it’s for myself I’m totally lax with it. *shrugs*

  6. LOL.I completely understand that! I have gotten in the habit of trying to check everyones blog daily since there are so many people who also have blogging schedules to post something almost every day. If I don’t check them then I seem to get far behind and struggle to catch up! HAHA. I’ll just keep checking yours and when I see something then I’ll make sure to comment. 😀

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