Weekly Update – Dec 26 – Jan 1

My first post of 2011…this is a little later than I was planning and I have so much to catch up on with everyone’s blogs!!!  So first my little update and then what I plan on doing for this coming week.

This past week was nuts!  We flew into Reno on Monday to spend time with my Brother, Charlie, his fiancée, Jenni, and my new Nephew, Cooper.  We didn’t have many plans besides doing a Christmas with the whole family and hang out.  So Monday we flew in, Tuesday I cut my hair (pictures to come later) and we opened our gifts, Wednesday we went shopping and enjoyed some wonderful snow, Thursday Charlie and Jenni got married…they had decided to get married last week and told us all on Monday, Friday we went to a New Years Eve party and got way too drunk which leads me into today where I could barely eat anything all morning and then sat around and finished my book.

This week has been a good one but a hard one in other ways but I’ve been happy with it.  I am very happy that it is a New Year and ready for everything my life has to offer.

Book wise I finished Dreamfever (finally!!!!!) and will start on another book soon.  I am planning on reading a series I got through netGalley next.




Tomorrow my family flies back home while I fly to Albuquerque, NM to visit a friend.  My friend is on bed rest for the rest of her pregnancy due to a blood clot so I am going to hang out with her and keep her company for a few days.  Her husband is also going to help me purchase my first hand gun so that I can start practicing my shot for my police career.  I will be there until Thursday morning.  Friday will be spent unpacking, cleaning and gearing up for the next week and hopefully getting some laid back time in to read before my night shift starts up.

I am still very excited to say that I finished Dreamfever!  Man that was an intense ending and I can’t believe that we are left with such a crazy cliff hanger…blah!  Authors are smart to do that so people will want to read the next book yet I have always felt if a series is good the ending can be a clean well-rounded one and you would still want to read the next book…The book review for Dreamfever will be posted on Tuesday.

I hope you all have a very happy first day of 2011!!!!


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