Blast from the Past – The Saddle Club

This is really getting exciting…I’ve got posts lined up for over a month for my Blast from the Past posting!!!

This week is The Saddle Club…I’ve always been a huge horse lover, well animals in general, but I used to read this series all the time! The Saddle club was started in 1986 (the year I was born) and written through at least 2008. I didn’t realize they were still writing these stories but on Amazon it shows that they have some published at least by 2008. Very exciting stuff! 😀 They also made a show based on the books starting in 2001, I’ve never watched it, but I thought it was exciting that this series has lasted for so long!

They are great books, especially for children who love animals and of course for those girls out there that have that dream of one day owning a horse of their own! 😀

Next weeks Blast from the Past will feature: The Berenstein Bears…


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