Dreamfever – Karen Marie Moning (Fever Series #4)

Urban Fantasy
Hastings Book Store
512 Pages
Publisher: Dell
October 26, 2010

(4/5 Stars)

Back of Book Description:
When the walls between Man and Fae come crashing down, freeing the insatiable, immortal Unseeli from their icy prison, MacKayla Lane is caught in a deadly trap.  Captured by the Fae Lord Master, she is left with no memory of who or what she is: the only sidhe-seer alive who can track the Sinsar Dubh, a book for arcane black magic that holds the key to controlling both worlds.
Clawing her way back from oblivion is only the first step Mac must take down a perilous path, from the battle-filled streets of Dublin to the treacherous politics of an ancient, secret sect, through the tangled lies of men who claim to be her allies into the illusory world of the Fae themselves, where nothing is as it seems – and Mac is forced to face a soul-shattering truth.
Who do you trust when you can’t even trust yourself?

This book picks right up where we left off after Faefever…excpet with a little twist.  The first few chapters of the book we go from Mac being our narrator to seeing things from Dani’s point-of-view.  It was a refreshing change to be able to see the world and all the happenings through someone elses eyes instead of just Mac, even though I like Mac a lot.  The world is going through a crisis and the one person who can help them the most is trying to be cured from being pri-ya (addicted to fae sex) and the person doing the curing is Barrons!  (**Squeek**)  All I can say to that is chapter 4 really is an amazing chapter and does it open us up to a side of Barrons that we’ve never EVER seen before?!?!?!?!?!

When Mac comes back to her senses we realize that we she has been out of if for 2 months and she actually has some powers that she didn’t realize she had/or that came to her from her ordeal.  Mac tries to a line herself with everyone she can think of and with Dani by her side she gets further with the other sidhe-seers.

Mac finds out more information about the Silvers and will end up having a face to face encounter with many of them where she must use the IYD (If You’re Dying) contact on her phone.

We find more things out in this book that we had been having questions about but it seems like finding answers just brings about more questions and more speculation!  The ending is a HUGE cliff hanger that hits you like a sledge-hammer.  You’re wanting to skip lines at the end to get to the last line faster yet some part of you knows that it still won’t hold that one answer you want it to!  Grrr…

I would recommend this entire series to everyone!  It has been wonderful.  I really had my doubts at the beginning but thanks to some new blogger friends and the wonderful discussions (next one for this book January 13) I have really come to appreciate and enjoy these books.


2 responses to “Dreamfever – Karen Marie Moning (Fever Series #4)

  1. “The ending is a HUGE cliff hanger that hits you like a sledge-hammer.” Very well said. I am SO HAPPY that you like this series as much as me. Now that you’ve read DF, we can wait impatiently and pull out our hair while testing theories together! lol

  2. Haha, thanks Julie! Again, I will say Thank You for encouraging me to keep reading this series! I have really come to love Mac and Barrons and Dani and I love the way KMM writes the stories with so much detail. I have written so much about this book in my journal with different ideas I had while reading the book so I will have so much to contribute for this coming discussion! 😀 I can’t wait to see what others are thinking right now too!

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