Blast from the Past – Berenstain Bears

This weeks blast from the past is the Berenstain Bears, if you’ve never heard of these books, and you have children, you should really look into seeing if your kids would read them.  I forgot how educational they are, of course when you are a kid you don’t see the symbolism in books that you absolutely love but now that I look back at them they make me laugh.

The Berenstain Bears books are so creative and fun and I remember enjoying every single one I used to read as a child.  You can check out the official website HERE.

Almost all of the books have some sort of lesson that is supposed to help kids through different stages in their lives, and almost all of the lessons help parents out.  Some of the titles include:
The Berestain Bears’…
-Go to the Doctor
-Visit the Dentist
-Go to Camp
-In the Dark
-How to get Along at School with Your Fellow Bears
-and the Messy Room
-and the Truth

That’s just to name off a VERY short list!

Did any of you read any of these books?  Do any of your children read any of these books?  What books do you remember as a kid reading that had lessons woven into the stories?


7 responses to “Blast from the Past – Berenstain Bears

  1. Oh I LOVED the Berenstain bears! I even loved the cartoon. I haven’t introduced my kids to them yet though. Can’t really tell you why…lol

  2. Holy crap…In the Dark was one of my favorites! This one really took me back. Thanks for featuring Berenstain Bears. Classic!

  3. Julie and Jen D – I’m so glad I’m not the only one who read these books as a child. I just hope my kids enjoy them too since I’ll be sharing a few of these stories with them. Julie I bet your kids would love them and they would probably be great for the day care.

  4. I always loved their house in the tree. So cool.

  5. Christine – Me too! I always liked how it was a brother and sister at first and then they had another girl later cuz it was just like our family My older brother by 3 years and then my younger sister who is 6 years younger than me.

  6. The Berenstein Bears had a third baby cub?!?? I don’t remember that. Maybe I outgrew them by then and never borrowed that one from the library for MY kids. Huh.

  7. Yeah I’m a nerd and kept up with them as I’ve gotten older just with smaller cousins and such. At the end of the 90’s/beginning 2000’s they introduced the baby to the series. She wasn’t there while I was young and reading them but it just cracked me up at how similar their family is with mine. 😀

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