News – Book Trailers and Resolutions

Quick update on one of my favorite series…The Sookie Stackhouse Novels.  The 11th book in the series is set to be released on May 3, 2011 (that’s what is on amazon right now).  I will update this if it changes on Charlaine’s website.  Also on her website you can find Chapter 1 from this book here.
With book 11 coming out in May that means book 10 should be released through Paperback in April so I can finally have the physical copy of the book! Very exciting!

When I first started reading the Jeaniene Frost books I stumbled upon her book trailers and a whole new world was opened to me!  I absolutely love the thought of book trailers and I thought I would share a few of the ones I enjoy the most!  I’m sure many of you have known about these for awhile but I really do think it takes books up to another level, really bringing interest to a book like a movie trailer makes people spend the extra cash to go to the movie theater.

This will be one of my next reads, Mistress of Pleasure by Delilah Marvelle, followed by Lord of Pleasure…then I will officially have all of Delilah’s books read!

This video (plus reading the other books) really made me interested in reading this spin off.  I love the video and can’t take my eyes off of it EVERY time I watch it!

My all-time favorite Jeaniene Frost novel from the Night Huntress Series…Hope you all enjoy it!

New Years Resolution Update:

Read 100+ books: I am currently at 4 out of 100 books for the year

John Wayne Movies: I have watched She Wore a Yellow Ribbon and Big Jake
So 2 out of 150+ movies…I need to start ordering these on NetFlix!

My Fitness Challenge: I didn’t set how many points that I wanted to achieve this week but I did start going back to the Rec Center this AM so that is a step in the right direction!

J.R. Ward Black Dagger Brotherhood books: Haven’t started reading them just yet…I plan on figuring out when I am going to read them based on the March 29th release of Lover Unleashed…

24-hour read-a-thon: Still undecided on when this will happen.  I might do this in the summer and take a weekend to myself where I stay at a hotel and just veg out.


9 responses to “News – Book Trailers and Resolutions

  1. I’m excited about book 11 too! Are you still planning on doing a re-read of the series?

    I didn’t know you were planning to do a 24 hour read a thon. Is this a solo thing or can others join you?

  2. I am still planning on doing a re-read of the series…since I’m posting twice a week I thought about starting them at the end of March and read 2 books a week until the first week of May, now if you were still interested in doing some discussion on them maybe we should ask our friends at FictionVixen and Smexybooks how they went about preparing for their Fever discussion.

    I remember seeing on someone elses site that they were going to do a 24-hr read-a-thon and I know she was doing it through someone elses challenge but I’m up for anyone else joining me! If you are interested you should challenge yourself to one too! 🙂

  3. I’m definitely still interested in the re-read. We’ll have to hit up FV and Smexy for some tips to keep ourselves sane.

    I’m down for the 24 hour read a thon too. Let me know the deets and count me in. =)

  4. Ok, I’ll go ahead and send them a message on twitter or through e-mail and just ask some general questions. We probably also need to see if anyone out there has read the Sookie Stackhouse novels and would be interested in a re-read/discussion type thing. Really, even if no one else is we can still do it! 🙂

    As for the 24-hr read a thon…I was just going to pick a day (24 hour period) and not let myself do anything except take breaks to use the rest room and make meals and then just hole myself up somewhere and read. I didn’t know if I would do 7 pm to 7 pm or right when I wake up at 8 am to 8 am. I probably wouldn’t be able to do it until this summer but I can put all the details into a post if you think that would be better.

  5. I LOVE the Night Huntress series! Definitely one of my favorites of all time:) I love the Sookie books though I’m a fan of the earlier ones a lot more than some of the later ones. Still won’t stop me from picking the next one up! Thanks for sharing these trailers:)

  6. Jenny – I agree that I enjoy the Sookie books so much more at the beginning but I’m so invested that I can’t help but continue reading them. I’m so happy that you said that you liked the books, would you be interested in having a book discussion over the first 10 books before the 11th book comes out? Jen D and I were talking about maybe doing something like that but I wanted to see if there were any others out there that would be interested.

  7. Like they said in that movie Field of Dreams….if we build it they will come. I think it just comes down to putting the word out.

    I think the post is a good idea once you narrow down the date.

  8. I can’t believe there’s already 10 going on 11 Sookie books out! I think I have the first seven or so on my TBR pile that I bought years ago. Definitely before the HBO series. I still haven’t read them, but plan on doing so eventually. I don’t think I could read all 10 in a row before this latest book comes out, though.

    You’re off to a great start with your resolutions and challenges! Keep it up! 🙂

  9. Jen D – Ok, do you think a book a week would be better? We’d have to start it toward the end of February. I do agree if we build it they will come. Then we can team up and every week we can switch whose blog the discussion takes place on.

    Christine – I absolutely loved these books. I read them all back to back, toward the last few they aren’t as good as the very first ones but I do hope that they will take a turn toward the amazing side again. They are very fast reads as well, at least that is how I felt while reading them. The HBO is similar to the books but has a few spin-off topics that I could do without but if you view them as two seperate creatures then you’ll enjoy them both. (I hope that last statement made sense).

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