Weekly Update – Jan 9-15

This Week:

I started back up to work which was very tough after having a 2-week break! But I’m trying to get back in the mind-set of school.  I only read one book this week so I’m hoping that is not a trend or we will start seeing one book review a week and one short-story review a week.  LOL.




I finished Delilah Marvelle’s Scandal Series which I am very happy to say I was pleased with, I will be writing a review as a synopsis of the entire series this coming Tuesday to just give you a short look into the whole series!  Everyone should put on their calendars the dates that Once Upon a Scandal and The Perfect Scandal come out and buy or check them out at your library!

I also purchased the Michael Jackson Wii dance game and finally was able to play it!  The first night I popped it in the Wii I played it for 1.5 hours and wanted to keep going but had to stop!  It is a blast.  If you have a love for Michael Jackson’s music and dancing this will not, I repeat NOT, disappoint you! (It even comes with a sparkly glove, not to be worn while playing the game, weird I know).

Next Week:

Two big things: School starts up Tuesday and SHADOWFEVER is released the SAME DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Boo for school, yay for the FEVA (say that in a deep Baptist prechery voice…I hope you get the drift)

 Posting Wise:
Sunday: We are taking a break from my Blast from the Past posting to do a posting on the different guys I find attractive.  I was thinking to myself the other day how I have such a variety in the men I find attractive, I don’t have one cut-and-dry type that I go for…so I decided to show you all how crazy my tastes are.  LOL.
Monday: Some Fun for the Week
Tuesday: The Scandal Series wrap-up
Wednesday: News about something (Maybe, or reading SHADOWFEVER
Thursday: School/Career Update
Friday: Review – The Journey by Wanda Brunstetter
Saturday: Weekly Update


One response to “Weekly Update – Jan 9-15

  1. Shadowfever!!!!! Forget posting anything, just read. Everyone will understand…and will probably be doing the same thing! LOL

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