Weekly Update – January 16-22

So this past week was just nuts! Between starting school back up and Shadowfever being released I have gotten behind on reading all my friends blogs as well as posting anything for my own.  😦  I have been very stressed out with my new schedule that I have to start up so I’ve been trying not to stress about my slacking in the blogging community!  Sorry ladies, I’m going to make up fro that this weekend!

I have 3 classes this semester:
Anatomy & Physiology – 4 Credit Hours
Intro to Organic and Biochemistry – 5 Credit Hours
Equine Reproduction – 3 Credit Hours
They are all going to be fairly hard classes but I know I will really enjoy the A&P class and the Equine Repro class…I will NOT enjoy the science class but I must take it for my degree.  😦

I have still not finished Shadowfever, NOT HAPPY, but I am planning on getting through it this weekend.  I also have been listening to The Curious Case of Benjamin Button by F. Scott Fitzgerald and I am almost through with that.

This week, although hecktic, I don’t have much to update on since it has just been a blur of running around like a chicken with my head cut off.


This coming weeks posting schedule (I’m working on all the posts this weekend so I don’t have to worry about them next week!):
Sunday: nothing! (Taking another day off of posting)
Monday: Some Fun for the Week
Tuesday: Review – The Scandal Series by Delilah Marvelle
Wednesday: Review – Shadowfever by Karen Marie Moning
Thursday: School/Work update
Friday: Review – The Fever Series – Karen Marie Moning
Saturday: Weekly Update


3 responses to “Weekly Update – January 16-22

  1. Don’t sweat it my friend. School comes first. So if you can’t post every day that’s okay. We’ll still ❤ you! Speaking of school…Equine Reproduction?

    Looking forward to your upcoming reviews. Oh and by the way….I FINALLY HAVE MY COPY OF SHADOWFEVER!! Woo to the hoo! I'll be locking myself up today and tomorrow. This means I can finally get back on Twitter….lol!

  2. Yes, school is most important. Even if you take a couple of days off per week from posting to make your life easier, it’s no big deal. We know you’ll be back. 🙂 I can’t wait to read your Shadowfever review!

  3. I agree with both of you that school comes first especially since I only have two semesters left (This one and then the Fall) before I graduate.

    Jen D – Equine Reproduction is horse specified reproduction so we get to learn about the horse reproductive anatomy for mares and stallions and then we get to do several hands on stuff like learning how to Artificially Inseminate (AI) a mare, collect a stallion and do semen counts and the we have a whole foaling project that goes into it where we have groups and each group gets a mare to take care of and then we do a 24 hour foal watch when she is getting ready to have her baby so we can be there to watch the baby be born as well as make sure everything goes ok. It should be an exciting and educational class I am very excited about it.

    Julie – I can’t wait to read your review either! I’m almost done with it so hopefully by tomorrow I won’t be stressing out about all the twists and turns and all my questions will be answered!

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