School/Career Update #1

So I’m still not done with Shadowfever (only about 20 pages left) so I decided to write todays post on how school is going and what my next steps in my career are. Thursday’s posting will be Review of Shadowfever and Friday’s posting will be on the Fever Series Review.

School started up last Tuesday and even though I am only taking 3 classes this semester two of them will be very difficult!

Intro to Organic and Biochemistry – This is a 5 credit class and all together I will be in class and labs for 9 hours! I am not a huge science fan and it’s been a few years since I’ve taken Chemistry…so our teacher starts talking about something and I have no clue what the hell she’s talking about!  LOL.  I’m going to be getting a tutor for this class!

Equine Reproduction – I really enjoyed our Farm Animal Reproduction class that I took two semesters ago so I was very happy to be signing up for Equine Repro which is all about horses!  I’m not worried about this class at all since I have the back ground from my other class and we get to do several hands-on stuff in this class.  A few of our projects include: Learning how to A.I. (artificially inseminate) a mare, collecting a stallion, learning how to count and ship semen, and doing a foaling project.  The foaling project is where we are in groups of 3 and each group is assigned a mare who is (obviously) pregnant.  We have to check her on a daily basis to see when she is about to foal.  Once she starts showing signs that she will foal soon we do a 24 hour watch on her where we actually get to camp out at the barns and wait for the foal to be born.  We get to assist her if something goes wrong but most of the time horses have no trouble doing this on their own.  I’m very excited to see a live birth of a foal since I’ve seen puppies, cattle and even a camel (at a zoo) give birth before.

Anatomy & Physiology – This class is going to be hard but also fun.  The teacher is a hoot and he is always cracking jokes in class to keep people interested in what he is talking about.  He even puts funny jokes throughout his notes that we are taking (I’ll share some with you next week) and everyone is constantly laughing about something.  But the class is going to be very hard!  It is intense with all the information that we must know and put together and it’s freaking me out that we have an oral final at the end of the semester!  Yeah, that’s right, an ORAL final!  We have to get in groups and each group has a specified time and he will ask each individual a question in that group and you have to explain what we learned!  Blah.  😦  We do get to do dissections and that is fun since it’s nice to see what organs we are talking about in person instead of just through colored drawings!

Career Wise – So if you don’t know this already, I am going to try to become a police officer.  I am working on weekends at dispatch for our college police department to get a feel for what officers have to deal with on a daily basis and I love the thought of being able to give back to the community and just help keep people safe.  I want to become a K-9 officer one day, but you have to be with a department for a few years before you can try for that.  So my course of action right now is to make a list of all the departments I really want to work at and then start figuring out their requirements.  I am also starting to work out more and lift weights so I am physically fit for the Physical Agility Tests that most departments require you pass to be eligible for the force.

Sorry this one was a bit long but it’s the first one so they shouldn’t be this long next time!


4 responses to “School/Career Update #1

  1. Thanks for the update! I did Anatomy & Physiology in high school and it was pretty tough back then. I can’t imagine taking it at the college level. I think the Equine Repro class sounds pretty cool. We don’t have classes like that down here.

    My sister’s fiance also wants to become a police officer. There’s a long wait list here so he’s going to become a corrections officer first and then hopefully transfer into a police department after a year or two. Do you have to go through some sort of police academy type thing before being considered??

  2. Wow, that is quite the course load. It all sounds very interesting though. The only thing I feel like I missed out from going to a specialized school as opposed to college or university was the different courses is the opportunity to take different kinds of classes. I only had classes that were directly related to my degree. In college, you can take other classes as well and learn so much!
    You’ll do great this semester Deanna, I just know it!

  3. Jen D – I wish you had fun hands on classes there! They are the classes I seem to get the most out of. As for the police officer thing, I am going to apply at several different stations. The best part about being single is I’m not tied down anywhere! At all the departments I know of you have to go to an academy but those acadmies vary by state and department. Most of them are at least 14 weeks long.

    Julie – I do enjoy that we are able to take classes that don’t pertain to our degree at the university, you just have to be careful to not over do it where you’re in college forever. LOL. I have been here too long but it’s due to me changing majors so much! Thanks for the encouragement and faith Julie! I really appreciate it. 🙂

  4. That sounds like a really tough course load, but also really fascinating. Good luck with all of your classes. I bet participating in a mare’s foaling is going to be an amazing experience.

    Wishing you the best!

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