Series Review – The Fever Series by Karen Marie Moning

The Fever Series by Karen Marie Moning
Urban Fantasy
5 books total
Last book published Jan 18, 2011
Series Rating: 4.2/5 Stars
Series MUST be read in order

Karen Marie Moning did an amazing job with this series!  I have not read her Highlander Series yet but after reading these books they are definintely placed on my TBR list!

The first book Darkfever was very hard for me to get into.  I haven’t read very many Urban Fantasy books and Karen Marie Moning’s amazing way of putting in so much detail at first really put me off.  It seemed slow and hard to comprehend at times. I’m just so happy for Julie and the girls at Smexybooks and Fiction Vixen for continuing to talk about how great these books were so that I continued to read them.

The series starts of with MacKayla Lane (Mac) a small town girl from the South who has an easy life as a bartender who loves sun tanning, listening to music and PINK.  Her life takes a dramatic turn when her Sister, Alina, who is studying abroad in Ireland is murdered and the Guarda cannot tell the family any details and close the case.  Mac’s parents are thrown into a depression and she can’t just sit around with no answers from her Sister’s murder so she decides to fly to Ireland and figure things out herself.  Mac is also haunted by a VM her sister left her in a panic basically saying she was going to get killed and rambling on about a Sinsar Dubh.

When Mac makes it to Ireland her world is thrown into an even bigger mess when she starts finding out about different worlds that she never would have known about if she hadn’t left her wonderful small town life back home. She also meets several people who make her life even more confusing: Barrons, Rowena, and V’lane plus these people who at first glance look like drop-dead-georgous but if Mac stares at them long enough they turn into hideous creatures.

As the series goes on Mac learns about the Fae world and that there are two courts, the Seelie (light court) and the Unseelie (dark court).  She learns that she is a sidhe-seer, a rare group of women who are able to see the Unseelie in their true form (the hideous creatures).  Mac also discovers that the Sinsar Dubh that her sister was talking about is a book that the King of the Unseelie had poured all of his dark secrets and spells into.  Many people want this book and since it is so evil all Mac wants to do is destroy it so it no longer haunts her world.

As the books progress Mac begins to change from the naive girl at the very beginning to a kick-ass woman who had to grow up fast.  The books as a total are only a span of months but you feel like it is actually going on for years!  There is so much information and so many things that occur that it’s hard to wrap your head around the fact that it’s all happening so fast…but that’s part of what makes this series so brilliant.  Another reason this series is amazing is that as you progress through the books questions arise, some of them answered right away but then more questions come up, you are constantly questioning things.  You start to have a bond with Mac and as she goes through experiences you feel like you are going through those with her.  She has a lot of trust issues in the book and you can’t blame her, it’s really hard to figure out who you should trust in these books and you’ll keep on guessing until the very end!

After the 4th book in the series, which leaves you with a HUGE cliff hanger, your mind is just grinding because you know there is only one more book in the series.  You think to yourself, “How. In. The. Hell. is Moning going to answer all of these questions in ONE book?!?!?!”  You will not be disappointed!  Karen does an amazing job at wrapping up the series, answering all of those questions, and still throws twists at you that you never saw coming!

Final Thoughts: After all of that being said, I’m sure you’ve seen all the hype on this series through twitter and other blogs and if you have not started this series start it RIGHT NOW!  If you have a tough time getting through the first book MAKE yourself keep reading, the end result is just amazing!  If you enjoy different worlds, a kick-ass heroine, a sexy and mysterious hero, and a book that throws twists and turns into the mix this series is definitely for you!!!!

The Fever Series:


8 responses to “Series Review – The Fever Series by Karen Marie Moning

  1. I’m so glad they worked for you!!! What a crazy series! I will be thinking about the books for a very long time 🙂

  2. I know I’m late to the party, but I just started Book 1 of this series. I really enjoyed the Highlander books so I’m not sure why I waited on this one. Now I know I waited so I wouldn’t have to suffer through a cliffhanger #4 🙂

  3. Woot! I am SO glad you gave these books a try! And that you loved them, well…even better. They are the best. BEST!

  4. Mandi – I completely agree! I will be thinking about this series for a long time and I know I will be re-reading them at some point in time.

    Jessa – Yes I didn’t even have to wait that long after the cliff hanger since I started this series at the end of last year and I still wanted to pull my hair out. I really don’t know how people waited 17 months without going crazy!

    Julie – Haha, they really are. I already can’t wait to reread them so you see how some things should have been so obvious.

  5. Fantastic series review. You hit on the head. The only complaint I had when first starting was that Mac was a tad bit annoying. The blonde, perky barbie doll, but that is why I am happy to have read this series because we see her go from girl to one kick ass woman. The transition is amazing. This is a series I am never going to give up and will be rereading for years to come. Thank you for the review hon 🙂

  6. Diana – Thank you so much for reading through my series review. That was my biggest turn off throughout the first book for sure was how girly-girl Mac was. After reading The Night Huntress Series and having Cat who is just kick-ass from the beginning, Mac annoyed me. But I’m also very happy I stuck with it!

  7. I do wonder about these, I have been for a while, and lately I have been hiding from all the Shadow reviews.

    Anyway I do plan to read book 1 one day, I even bookmooched it but it never arrived

  8. Definitely one of my favorite UF series. I’m looking forward to the spin off series now.

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