Weekly Update – January 23-29

This past week was a very crazy one for me since it was the first full week of school with all of my classes!  I of course will not bore you with school since I already did that posting the other day…

Tonight I went to dinner with my Mom and Dad and we went to a restaurant that just opened in town, Longhorn Steak House.  It was delicious and the decor inside was very laid back but classy laid back…if that makes any sense at all.  Then when we got home we watched the new version of Escape to Witch Mountain starring Dwayne Johnson (The Rock).  It was very good actually, I’d suggest it for a good family film.

Reading wise the only thing I got done this week was finish listening to The Curious Case of Benjamin Button by F. Scott Fitzgerald and finish reading Shadowfever by Karen Marie Moning.

I asked for a book on netGalley, The Journey by Wanda Brunstetter, and I have been having the hardest time getting into it.  I know that if I just read it that I will really enjoy it but after all the PNR and UF books plus the Historical Romance I’ve been reading it’s hard to make a complete switch to a Christian romance book.  Yes it has romance but in a completely different fashion.  So for reading this week I am going to pick up Delilah Marvelle’s Mistress of Pleasure the first, of two books, in her School of Gallantry series.  After that I am going to pick up another netGalley book, The Guy Next Door by Lori Foster.

This coming weeks posting Schedule:
Sunday: Random Facts About Me
Monday: Some Fun for the Week
Tuesday: Review: The Curious Case of Benjamin Button by F. Scott Fitsgerald
Wednesday: News (if I have any)
Thursday: School/Career Update
Friday: Review: Mistress of Pleasure by Delilah Marvelle
Saturday: Weekly Update


4 responses to “Weekly Update – January 23-29

  1. Looking forward to seeing what you thought about The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.

    I hate when I can’t get into a book. Sometimes it helps to walk away from it for a bit and then give it another shot. =)

  2. Jen D – Yeah I am setting it aside for right now and I’ll try to pick it up in a couple of weeks. I’m curious to know how I would feel about the curious case of benjamin button after reading it compared to listening to it…this is really the first audio book I’ve listened to before.

  3. I agree with Jen. Sometimes all you need to do is walk away from a book for a bit. But there are other times you just have to admit that maybe the book just isn’t for you and cut your losses.
    Looking forward to another fun week on your blog!

  4. Julie – Thanks so much! I’m glad you find my blog fun. LOL. I am hoping this isn’t going to be my first DNF book! So I’m just ganna try again when I don’t have the fever series on the brain. LOL.

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