Random Facts About Me

I felt like sharing some random facts about myself that a lot of people don’t know, or they do but they find it weird or interesting….hope you all enjoy them!

  • I am NOT a fan of bacon (I know I’m “unAmerican”)
  • I love Spanish music
  • My favorite music group EVER is Good Charlotte
  • I watch WWE Wrestling
  • I also watch Jersey Shore (I know, it’s terrible)
  • Speaking of watching stuff…I really like watching Dog the Bounty Hunter! (Leland, you’re hott!)
  • My favorite TV series of all time is Supernatural…
  • …followed by Deadliest Catch
  • I love pickels (dill)
  • My biggest when it comes to men is arms…
  • …followed by their eyes
  • Favorite Fast Food to eat (In Kansas) McDonald’s Big Mac’s!
  • Favorite Fast Food to eat (In NM) Lotta Burger’s Itsa Burger
  • I love love LOVE Green Chile
  • I HATE the color pink
  • My favorite color is PURPLE!
  • I hate the NFL and the MBA
  • I love watching Hockey (Detroit Red Wings) and College Football (Kansas State University)
  • I was the Captain for the Performance Company at my Dance Studio when I was a Senior in Highschool
  • I snort when I laugh really hard
  • I secretly love watching romance movies but I criticise them for being to corney while watching them because at this moment in my life Love Live + Deanna = Zip, Zilch, Zero, Nada
  • I’ve been single for TWO years now…this is the longest I’ve gone without a boyfriend…it’s nice 90% of the time.
  • I got through phases of favorite foods to eat, one week it’s salad then the next it is sandwiches then the next it is soup and then they cycle starts all over again.
  • I hate beets (gag, gross, disgusting!!!!)
  • I love watching movies of any kind
  • I always laugh at myself when I’m really scared while watching a scary movie and then at the end it turns out it really wasn’t that scary at all.
  • Dogs and Horses are tied for my favorite animal
  • I worked at the Zoo in town as a Jr. Zoo Keeper through Grade School and Middle school
  • I worked at the KSU Research Feedlot for a year (that was a fun job)
  • I loved Puff the Magic Dragon as a kid…now that I know what it was talking about I can’t believe my Mom let me watch it!
  • My first vehicle was a 1969 Chevy Pick-up truck, we called it Steel on Wheels

Ok, I’m making myself stop!  That was easier than I thought.  When I first decided to do this post I thought it would be a lot of fun but I was afraid I wasn’t going to think up much…well I guess I was wrong because I could have kept going and decided that would probably be too long for anyone to actually read…Hope you enjoyed the Randomness that is Deanna. 😛

Are there any strange or interesting facts about you that people don’t know or they think is off the wall??  I’d love to hear them!!


5 responses to “Random Facts About Me

  1. “I loved Puff the Magic Dragon as a kid…now that I know what it was talking about I can’t believe my Mom let me watch it!” LOL
    I did a post kind of like this a while back. You’re right, it is too easy to find the ‘silly’ things about yourself! lol My strangest would be that I can’t sleep if a dresser drawer or a closet door is open. Even a crack. And if I’m asleep and Jason opens the closet for whatever reason and forgets to close it, 99% of the time it will wake me and I’ll get up to close it! ???
    Fun post Deanna!

  2. @Deanna – I really liked this post! We’ve got a lot in common. For instance…
    I too love Spanish music (it’s kind of a requirement considering I’m hispanic), I watch wrestling too (blame my Dad), I also watch Jersey Shore (I try not to but, it sucks me in), I enjoy Deadliest Catch (another one you can blame my Dad for), I also have an immense dislike for the color pink, I’m a fan of College Football – Go Canes! (but, I also like the NFL and NBA…yikes!), I wasn’t a dancer in high school but, I was a cheerleader (that’s kinda sorta the same right?), OMG! I snort when I laught really hard too! (hate when it happens at work).

    Hmm…I guess one of my weirder quirks is that I have to sort things by color. The stuff in my closet, drawers, markers and pens on my desk….if it has color I have to put it in ROYGBIV order. I know, it’s really bizarre.

    @Julie – I can’t sleep with the closet open either. It creeps me out!

  3. Julie – that is a little strange. Kinda funny. You also place everything in your closet in a certain order right?? I don’t own a closet door to worry about it being closed. LOL.

    Jen D – We do have a lot in common and I’m so happy that I’m not the only one who gets sucked into Jersey Shore! LOL. That whole color thing is pretty crazy! I’ve never been one of those people that had to have things in a certain order. I had a HS English teacher that had to have the EXACT SAME color clothing hangers…she said if they were even off because they were faded it would driver her bonkers!

  4. I didn’t know anyone could not like bacon… LOL!

    I have never watched Jersey Shore. I wouldn’t even recognize the people who play the characters if I passed them on the street. I try not to even speculate about what goes on in that show… and cringe when I think of the image it perpetuates about the people who live here. LOL!

  5. I have books on the family room bookshelves lined up in ROYGIBV order based on the color on the spine of the book. I have to say it looks really cool.

    I also used to sit with my kids when they were coloring and rearrange all the crayons in the box in rainbow order. Talk about bizarre… LOL.

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