Some Fun for the Week #6

With this being the last day of the first month of 2011 and a Monday I thought everyone could use a few smiles to start their week of right!  I don’t know about anyone else but the weekend doesn’t refresh me for the rest of the week so I’m normally grumpy and in need of lots o’ coffee! Plus I’m in complete ahhhhh that a month has already gone by in 2011…

Today’s funny posts brought to you by funny labels!

One of my favorite drinks is Vitamin water, every night I go to my job at dispatch I always pick up on NOS Energy Drink and one Vitamin water…well Vitamin water’s have some pretty funny labels…here are a few of them: (triple-x and revive are my favorite labels!)

I got this lip stuff in England when I was on my Europe tour and I bought it because it had the funniest labels!

While looking for that label I found some others from the same UK company…

Good marking = catching the customers eye to bring in their interest!  Well I’d say that all the above labels do that for me.  Now that I know there are more products like the lip balm I got in Europe I will have to buy more whenever I got back there…I hope to go back some day.

Are there any funny sites that you check out that make you laugh your ass off??  Or a site that just puts a smile on your face??  Please share them with me and I will then add them in my posts on Monday’s periodically!


4 responses to “Some Fun for the Week #6

  1. I love funny labels and these are pretty hysterical. Thanks for sharing.

  2. LOL Very nice! The marketing people over at that UK company are onto something. And Vitamin Water is yum. 🙂

  3. Oh my God, these are awesome! I am with Julie, the UK definitely have something here. Catchy and funny. I hope we catch on LOL! Thank you for this post hon, made me smile indeed 🙂

  4. I’m so happy that you all found these entertaining! Sometimes I just can’t believe what companies put on their products but they are so funny that you can’t help but LOVE it! I had been drinking Vitamin waters for a long time before I noticed their funny labels. I do def agree on the UK having something. They have so many more products to from body wash to face wash! I was stunned…it’s like Burt’s Bee’s to the US only a funny up-beat version!

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