Randomness – Super Bowl

Super Bowl 2011 occurs this evening and many people are getting hyped up for it.  There are people planning huge parties, heading to their local sports bars, tweeting about it, Facebooking about it, and just overall going crazy about this huge even that occurs in the NHL world.  I am an exception to those crazy people (if you are one of them, being crazy is never a bad thing!) The only thing I look forward to are the commercials!






If I had to chose a team though I would cheer for the Green Bay Packers.  Now I say this because they have one thing on their team that I can even remotely begin to care about…that thing = Jordy Nelson!  You see Jordy Nelson is a Kansas State University Alum, he is also a local from this area of Kansas.  So for Jordy Nelson, a small town kid to go from the small high school he attended (about 20 mins away from town) to College Football player to NFL player is a huge thing for us.  Plus this is only his second year in NFL and he is heading to the Super Bowl.  Now I understand that HE is not the reason they are going, it is the whole team, but still that’s pretty big!

Now back to the commercial thing…so the first commercials that ever got me hooked on watching the Super Bowl commercials were the Budweiser commercials.  When I was younger I loved them because they had the cool frogs: Bud – Wei – Ser and then they now have the Clydesdale horses!  So I wanted to share a couple of my favorite Bud commercials with you and I’m really hoping and crossing my fingers for another Clydesdale commercial this year!!!! (Keep in mind that I am a HUGE animal lover, if you didn’t already know that)

This is what started me on the Budweiser commercial lover kick:

This one tears me up a bit:

This makes me laugh EVERY time:

This one has three of my favorite animals (Horses, Cattle and Dogs) and I LURV it!

I hope you enjoyed them as much as me!  🙂  Cross your fingers that there will be another one this year, or two or three, for my sake!  😀


3 responses to “Randomness – Super Bowl

  1. My household is an exception to the Superbowl hype, too. We don’t watch football AT ALL in my house. In our house football means soccer. 😀

  2. Those commercials are crazy! My cousin’s husband is HUGE into Green Bay. I know NOTHING about Football so I just giggle at him.

  3. Christine – Haha, yeah I can understand that. American Football is not for everyone. The only football team I really follow is my Universities team.

    Julie – I bet your daughter would enjoy some of the commercials above just because they feature pretty horses. The funniest thing is I don’t even drink Budweiser products but I do enjoy their commercials. I’m bummed out that they didn’t have ANY Clydesdale commercials this year except for one that just had a short few shots of them but they weren’t the main focus of the commercial. 😦

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