News: Up-coming Movies

So again related to the Superbowl…while watching all the fantastic commercials there were also several, and I do mean SEVERAL, movie trailers.  So I decided to share the movies that I really want to see.  I am one of those people who takes myself on dates.  Yep, I go to the movies by myself!  Sometimes it’s just a nice get away from the real world and you don’t feel like you have to entertain anyone else…so here are the movies that are on my must see list!

Almost all the trailers are 30 seconds!  Please don’t feel like you have to watch them all, only watch the ones that catch your eye!  🙂

In Order as they are being released: 

The Eagle – THIS FRIDAY!

Limitless – March 18

Rio – April 15

Fast and the Furious 5!!!! – April 29

THOR – May 6

Pirates of the Caribbean 4 – May 20

Kung Fu Panda 2 – May 26 (three days after my bday)

Transformers 3 – July 1

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 – July 15

Captain America – July 22


7 responses to “News: Up-coming Movies

  1. The Rock vs. Vin Diesel! RAWR!!

  2. Haha, I know! I love the fast and furious movies and this one looks kick-ass. You have sexy Dwayne Johnson, you’ve got muscular bad-ass Vin Diesel and more on the pretty-boy, but still sexy, Paul Walker all packed into one movie! I really hope this one rocks! 🙂

  3. My husband and I both really want to see “The Eagle”. The coming attractions look so good!

  4. LOL! Even if it doesn’t we’ve got plenty of eye candy to keep us entertained.

  5. I can’t wait for the last Harry Potter!!!!

    I really want to see Cowboys and Aliens this summer too!

  6. Oh thank you. I wasn’t keep track of the movie trailers for Superbowl (My Epic Fail). I am so looking forward to most of these specially Thor and Harry Potter. I hope Michael Bay will get it right this time and I hope that Fast Five goes back to how it was in the beginning (the first one was the best). But I will most likely see it for the Rock (YUM!) I am so with Mandi, I can’t wait to see Cowboys and Aliens either. Definitely will be a unique blockbuster, Western meets Sci Fi. LOVE IT! Thank you for this great post hon, a movie lovers dream 🙂

  7. Barbara – Yes The Eagle looks great, I might be taking myself to see that this weekend just because I do enjoy those types of movies.

    Jen D – I will agree that we will have plenty of eye candy to keep us entertained! 🙂

    Mandi – I hope they do HP justice with this last part! I want the fight scene to be very intense like in the book. Now I must admitt Cowboys vs. Aliens is not on my list to watch in theaters…I just can’t tell if I’m going to like it or not. 😦

    Diana – I figured you love this post! I know that you are a movie person which is AWESOME because I’M a movie person too. 🙂 I do hope that the F&TF goes back to the way it was in the beginning, I did enjoy the others in between but not nearly as much as the original! Cowboys vs. Aliens…another one…maybe I should try this one out. Of course I still will probably keep it for when it gets to DVD.

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