School/Career Update #2

School is going ok so far this semester.  I’ve been having trouble focusing on my school work and then on top of that I’ve been having trouble focusing on working out to start getting in better shape for my carerr…it’s very frustrating sometimes.  😦  I have my grades so far for my classes…

Intro to Organic and Biochem (IOB) = B
Anatomy and Physiology (A&P) = A
Equine Reproduction = A

Now those grades look great right now but we’ve just taken our first test in IOB and it wasn’t too bad.  I think if I just read through the notes, read the chapters and do the practice exam they give us that class will be fairly easy.  I was worried since I didn’t get a tutor through KSU but after the first test I realized it wasn’t going to be too hard.

A&P is going ok.  The class is going to be very hard and our first test is next Tuesday.  I am going to start studying for that tonight and hopefully the review next Monday will be helpful.  Our teacher just keeps saying, “You have to use what you’re good at, and I’m good at making multiple choice questions that sound like the right answer.”  So basically if you don’t know the material like the back of your hand, his multiple choice questions will trick you.  😦

Equine Repro we haven’t done anything in really besides take notes so I have an automatic A right now.  We did get an extra credit question Yesterday so hopefully after answering that I’ll have an A+.  😀

Career Wise, I haven’t really done much of anything.  If I want to become a police officer, which I do, then I really need to start working out and getting in amazing shape! 

Right now my list of Departments include:
Albuquerque Police Department
Bernallio County (In NM)
Kansas Highway Patrol
Topeka Police Department (KS)
Kansas City Police Department (KS or MO)

My main goal of looking at the department is if they have a big K-9 Program, if it is a small K-9 program it will be a lot harder for me to work my way into the program since people in that program stay for years, mainly until their retirement so I’d be waiting for 14+ years unless they have multiple positions (I hope that makes sense).

For Albuquerque PD their physical test includes (for Females at my age):
1.5 mile run under 15 minutes
300 Meter Dash at 63 seconds or less
48 Sit-ups (full not crunches)
28 Push-ups (Women are allowed to do the “girly” push-ups on their knees)

When I was working out last semester with my personal trainer I was down to a 16 minute 1.5 mile run, almost to the 63 seconds for the 300 meter dash, not quite there on the push-ups but I was great with the sit-ups.  Of course that was a few months ago and unless I start working out soon then I won’t be able to do much of anything.  😦

So my next step in my career progress is to start working out again!  Then looking at all the departments, plus adding more to the list, for what their requirements are to get into the department.  That includes tests that they want you to take and things that need to be filled out and turned in.  Once all that is done I’ll start calling recruiting offices to see what they believe my next step should be.  So nerve-wracking!!!!!

I’m so nervous to start my career and I’m afraid that for some reason or another I won’t be hired on as a police officer and that would make me very sad because I don’t know what else I want to do with my life.  😦  *Keeping Fingers Crossed Permanently*


5 responses to “School/Career Update #2

  1. Woohoo! Go D! See…you were all worried about IOB for nothing. Listen up missy…I don’t want to hear any of this negative talk. If you’re dream is to be a police officer then gosh darn it once you put your mind to it I know you can acheive your goal. So buck up little camper and get ‘er done. Wait…did I just channel Larry the Cable Guy. Jeebus….

  2. You seem to be doing really well, I’m sure you’ll get to where you want to be you seem determined to work hard to get there 🙂

  3. Jen D – You always say the funniest things that make me laugh! Yes you did channel Larry the Cable Guy and it was HILARIOUS! So I’m going to buck up and get’er done! 😛

    Ally – Thanks a lot. I am determined to work hard now I just need to schedule in the time to do it! LOL. I remember I used to read through your blog and I knew I was leaving someone out! I’m so happy that I now have the “blogs I follow” page or I’d continue to forget all the blogs I want to keep up with! You are now officially on that list so I can keep checking up on you. 😀

  4. ohmygosh I’m so behind on your blog Deanna. *blushes*
    It looks like you are doing FANTASTIC in school! Good for you. As for the physical tests for the PD, I think you will have NO problem reaching those goals with a little bit of consistent training. I am amazed at how much I’ve improved doing pushups in the last six months just from doing them regularly and from holding a plank. It’s not quite the same, but I think it helps. The class that probably helped me the most with pushups is probably my Friday bootcamp class. We do 60-100 by the time that class is over, often doing 20-40 of them “full”! Not my favorite thing. LOL The bottom line is that if I can do them (and I’m older than you and weigh more, too..) I’m SURE you can too! Good luck with your training! 😀

    If you are determined to be a police officer, you will make it happen. 😀

    • Christine, no worries on being “so behind on your (my) blog” I’m not worried about it! I did miss your comments but I understand that everyone gets busy and has many other blogs they check up on and sometimes it’s just impossible to keep up with everyone everyday! Thanks for the fantastic encouragement…I know I just need to get on top of my training and stop making excuses…this week has been a little tough but I’ve at least gotten out a bit. The problem is going from 70 degree weather to 30 degree weather, and now we are supposed to start getting a snowy rainy mixture the next few days. 😦

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