The Eagle – 2011

-Rated: PG-13
-Theater Release: Feb 11, 2011
-Directed By: Kevin MacDonald
-Starring: Channing Tatum, Jamie Bell, and Donald Sutherland
IMDb (6.4/10 rating): In Roman-ruled Britain, a young Roman soldier endeavors to honor his father’s memory by finding his lost legion’s golden emblem.

3.5/5 Stars

When I first saw this preview on TV I thought, “OMG, Ancient history stuff…” the second thought I had was, “Channing Tatum…that can’t be bad…” the third thought (that completely sold me) was, “JAMIE BELL…from Jumper?! I have GOT to see this.”  So needless to say, I was not completely sure what this movie was about and what the plot was going to be but I had to see it!

The Plot: Marcus (Tatum) is a Roman army leader who has some serious skills! He hears things and follows his instincts like no one else. To top that off he also has a big heart when it comes to his soldiers and their well being.  He will sacrifice is own life if that means he will save the lives of his soldiers.  You also hear a few whispers about his father that aren’t very good.  After being injured in battle and honorably discharged he is not sure what to do with his life since being a leader and a Roman soldier is all he has ever wanted to do.

More talk happens about Marcus’ father and how he is dishonorable and a shame to Rome.  This is when you find out about The Eagle, a gold statue that seems to be to Rome what the American flag is to America.  So it’s a highly important item to the Romans but there is only one of it’s kind and it has been lost to the Brits of the North.

Basically to please Rome and unshame his family name, Marcus decides to go into the North of Britain and find this golden Eagle to return it to Rome with only the help of a British slave, Esca (BELL!!!!).

My Thoughts: I really did enjoy this movie.  I LOVE ancient history, I love horses, and hand to hand fighting, and the language, just everything about the time period that this movie pertains to!  This probably makes me a bit bias, but I don’t care.  😛  The acting is fantastic!  The battle scenes are awesome, and NOT bloody!  Don’t get me wrong, I like guy movies where their is blood and war and all that jazz, but sometimes it is nice to watch a movie that doesn’t need all of that to make it a good movie.  This is one of those movies!

Marcus: Like mentioned above he is courageous, strong, smart and has a big heart! It was very easy for me to draw emotions toward his character and they never wavered.  You can tell how much he cares about others, which was sometimes rare in such a well-known leader with not the best family history.

Esca: (Oh Jamie Bell, how I love thee!  Don’t ask me what draws me to him so much but there is just something…maybe it’s the accent.) So back from Deanna’s tangent…he is very courageous too.  The first time we lay eyes on him shows you that in just a few short minutes!  It is hard to decide if you should trust Esca or not.  He is from a British tribe, and the British hate the Romans, but he is supposed to be Marcus’ slave so he deals with it.  Once they set off into North Britain you know that at any time Esca could kill Marcus and be free…but he doesn’t and you keep wondering what is up his sleeve.

I really enjoyed watching the relationship between Marcus and Esca develop and unfold since they were coming from two very different backgrounds and two very different mind sets but being forced to travel a VERY long distance together.  The plot to some may seem pointless, “Why would you risk your life for a dumb gold bird?!?!” But you must keep in mind that these were ancient history times!  These were times when people worshiped the gods and a single statue could mean the success or failure of an empire! Looking at it like that means that this Eagle was VERY important for the Romans to believe that they would stay superior to everyone else.  Again, I enjoyed the less bloody fight scenes but how the fight scenes were still awesome!  Especially featuring the Roman signature move, The Tortoise <–click for pic, which they were well known for especially since it was so effective!  There were a couple of funny parts as well that had the entire audience laughing.

All in all: If you enjoy this era of time and watching movies related to it then go watch it in theaters.  If you only like watching it sometimes and want to see Channing Tatum and a little bit of action, (plus Jamie Bell!), then wait till this comes out on video/DVD and watch it then!


3 responses to “The Eagle – 2011

  1. I’m so glad you liked the movie! My husband and I have every intention of seeing this one 🙂

  2. Awesome review hon. I must say, I would like some blood and gore in this time period, but it isn’t everything. Thank you for explaining what the actual Eagle is. That is what really got me, the name. I was like, “What or who the hell is this Eagle?” It is so vague LOL. But it is nice that they got along even though they were suppose to be enemies. Like the Tortoise, even I am familiar with it. Glad they used it. But the movie sounds great. I love Bell too hon (YUM), so I am most likely to watch for him. Thanks for the great post hon, hope to see it soon 🙂

  3. Barbara – I’m glad to see you and your husband will be checking this movie out. I hope you both enjoy it!

    Diana – Glad that I could help explain the movie a bit better. I do love my blood and gore but I think the way that they avoid it in this movie is what impressed me the most and made me respect the fact that they didn’t have any. I am SOOOOO happy to see another Bell lover! He is very YUM. I took an Ancient History class in school, and loved every minute of it, part of the class talked about the Roman soilders and their fighting tactics and they talked about The Tortoise and how the Romans were the only ones that used the tactic for a long time. They were just amazing when it came to war. Oh I do love my history! 🙂 I can’t wait to see what you think when you watch this movie. I have already heard from a few other people that they didn’t really like it much. 😦

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