Some Fun for the Week #8

So I am adding something new to my blog again…I think I’m going for “How many new things can Deanna add to her blog before people start getting annoyed?!” Sorry for another new thing.  It’s nothing big just consists of featuring a new guy each week that I find attractive to my Some Fun For the Week post.  So it will feature a sexy guy followed by whatever fun thing I have up my sleeve.  This week since I posted my review for The Eagle Yesterday and I keep gushing about Jamie Bell I have decided to feature him this week along with some funny Valentines Day stuff…HAPPY VALENTINES DAY…please enjoy…

Jamie Bell…so I will admit that when you google him some of his pictures aren’t so attractive but then others are.  Maybe it’s the way they style his hair?!  Anyways, I really loved him in Jumper (fun movie) and now I love him even more after The Eagle.  Another movie set to be released this year, Jane Eyre, will also have him as apart of the cast!  I’m VERY excited about this.  🙂  I will post a trailer for the movie later, since I have an idea for another post this week…

On to some funny valentines day stuff…

I am a single woman, as most of you know, so the whole Valentines day love thing is rather blah for me.  So I felt like bringing in some laughs just to brighten my day as well as hopefully kick starting some of your weeks!

Some funny F My Life posts from previous years…

Today, I had to resign myself to the fact that while everyone else will be seeing their boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, or wife on Valentine’s Day, I will only be seeing my dentist. FML

Today, my grandma sent me a Valentine’s Day card. For years she’s been hinting at me to lose weight. The card: a picture of cookies on the front and a gym membership inside. FML

Today, I bought myself a flower for Valentine’s Day to be delivered to myself from “Anonymous”. FML

Today, my boss asked me if I could work on Valentine’s Day because there was no chance of me having a date. She’s right. FML

Today, I called my Grandmother to wish her a Happy Valentines Day. She asked me If I had a date lined up. I didn’t. Before I could explain why, she responded with “Well, maybe all the other gays went on vacation!” Thanks Grandma, I’m not gay. FML

Today, my Mom came to pay me a short visit at college. She handed me some flowers, which were a Valentine’s Day gift, because she “figured I wouldn’t be getting any from anyone else this year.” FML

Some funny Valentine’s Day posts from

Me + Nice restaurant + Copious amounts of booze + obscene comments to couples = valentine’s day plans

So my grandma sent me a valentines day present of waterproof mascara, tissues, and chocolate. Way to reinforce that I’ll be single and depressed on valentines day. Thanks grandma.


6 responses to “Some Fun for the Week #8

  1. I don’t know if I know Jamie Bell..HMMMMM…he is cute 🙂

  2. You do a really good job finding stuff that makes me chuckle. Very nice Deanna!

  3. Mandi – He is newer in the US, he caught my eye in Jumper with Hayden Christensen and now in The Eagle with Channing Tatum. He’s yummy. 🙂

    Julie – So glad to hear that I can find stuff to give you a good chuckle! I try my best on a Monday when most people aren’t very excited that their weeks are starting back up.

  4. Oh man you weren’t lying about the yummy man for today. I love Jamie and his accent, that is an extra plus 🙂

    Oh I love your Valentine’s Day jokes. I don’t know where you find them, but I am glad you do. They are cracking me up right now. Why so many with grandmas though? What are they trying to say? LMAO! It is true, family are the first to rub it in your face LOL!

    Great post hon, really made my day 🙂 Now if you will excuse me, I am watching The Rock’s return again on Youtube. YAY!!!!!

  5. You my dear are quite a funny girl. Not to mention a connoisseur of hot guys. My kind of gal. 😉

  6. Diana – I knew you’d enjoy this post! 🙂 I’m not sure why there were so many grandma jokes but they were still pretty funny…maybe cuz grandma’s have gone through so much experiences that they stop sugar coating things. LOL. Enjoy watching the Rock’s return on YouTube! I should check that out…it was awesome to watch on Monday Night Raw. I was jumping up and down and saying “Oh My God, I can’t believe this!” out loud in my room. Haha, if anyone saw me they would have thought I was going insane!

    Jen D – Haha, I think being single for almost two years now is kicking my butt! I keep telling my friends that I am turning into a guy! Every attractive guy that walks by I can’t help but just stare at like he’s a piece of meat. 😦 They all think it’s really funny. So yes I am a connoisseur of hot guys, not sure if that’s always a good thing…well maybe it is. 😛

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