News – Read Along Reminder & Movies

Hello all! This weeks news posting will consist of a couple things.  One of them being a reminder about the Sookie Stackhouse Read Along that starts up next week! (I can’t believe we are already half way through February).  The other part being a movie oddity that I see every once in a while and wanted to bring it to everyone’s attention/see if anyone else notices these things.

THE SOOKIE STACKHOUSE READ-ALONG STARTS NEXT WEEK! Whose excited??!!  I know I am.  The week will start by everyone picking up Dead Until Dark, the first book in the series, followed by a discussion on February 27th held here on my blog.  Remember I am paring up with an awesome lady, Jen from Not Now…I’m Reading, who is just as excited as I am. Jen and I will bring you a summary of what went on in the book as well as some discussion questions to help the discussion along. We encourage everyone to join whether you have already read the books or you haven’t been able to pick them up yet.

In other Charlaine Harris news…the Sookie series might only be going up to Book 13 where Charlaine will end it go HERE to see the quote from Charlaine. I am actually ok with this, depending on how the next couple of books goes, because I was slightly disappointed with how the last book went.  Maybe book 10 was a filler to build up to how awesome book 11 is going to be! 😛  I like having an end point in sight with a series that has been going on this long. I mean a 13 book series is a long one in and of itself.  I knew Charlaine didn’t have a particular end point in mind a while ago but it’s nice for it to be coming to a close.

In movie news…

I don’t know if I’m the only one who notices these things but every once in a while a particular actress/actor seems to be really hot in the world of entertainment and they will have a few movies coming out a few weeks/months apart.  For example when Avatar was really big with Sam Worthington (YUM!!!!) his other movie Clash of the Titans didn’t come out too long after Avatar.  So while watching all these AWESOME new previews for movies I noticed at least two actors that are in two different movies this year….

Alex Pettyfer…he is a fresh new face in the movie industry and he has already landed what looks to be two awesome movie roles!  The first is I Am Number Four, set to be released Feb 18th, and the second is Beastly, set to be released July 30th.

In both of these movies he plays the lead actor! I can’t believe that someone who really hasn’t had much experience with big production movies can score two lead roles in one year!!! Check out the trailers:

I Am Number Four:


My featured man of the week, as stated in Monday’s post, is the second actor…Mr. Jamie Bell (RAWR).

I have already posted my review for the first movie he was in, The Eagle (accompanied with trailer), that was released Friday, February 11.  The second movie is Jane Eyre, I’m not sure how big of a part he is going to play in that movie but he’s still in it!  It’s set to be released March 11th…that’s weird, exactly a month after The Eagle was released!  See trailer below:

What is your thought on Charlaine Harris wrapping up the Sookie Stackhouse Series?

Have you ever noticed this same type of pattern with other actors/actresses?


5 responses to “News – Read Along Reminder & Movies

  1. Oh I wish I could fit in the Stackhouse read-a-long. Love that series. I’ll check in though. xoxo

  2. Hollywood definitely banks of hot actors of the moment by having them everywhere at once. I wonder how the actors feel about it though. They must get pretty tired after a while. lol

  3. Fiction Vixen – I wish you could join in on the stackhouse read along too! You are more than welcome to check in whenever you want and give us your thoughts. Even if you don’t reread the series we will have some main points and discussion questions to help refresh your memory. 🙂

    Julie – I do agree with that, I just know that making a movie takes so much time and it seems like they would get really tired of memorizing two different scripts and acting for two different movies. A couple other people I thought of were:
    Natalie Portment with Just Friends and Black Swan being released so close together and…
    Sam Worthington with Avatar followed by Clash of the Titans.

  4. I just watched a movie yesterday with Alex Pettyfer and Emma Roberts. It was a cute teen movie called “Wild Child.” Very fun.

    I read “Beastly” by Alex Flinn and am looking forward to the film, although I can already see from the clip that the movie is a bit different. I hope it’s good.

    Has anyone read “I Am Number Four”?

    • I’ll have to look into the the movie “Wild Child” they are both good at acting. I saw that Beastly was a book first too and heard that there were a few differences…I’ve come to try to expect that and I don’t mind a couple things changing but I really REALLY hate when movies/tv shows completely change what happened in the book. This is the reason I have to watch True Blood thinking it has nothing to do with the Sookie Stackhouse novels because they are so different.

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