Weekly Update – Feb 13-19

Well this past week was a bit crazy from me in the school department and social life.  I guess I was dragging a bit but now I’m picking myself back up and moving on.  I have a few updates for this past week and then I have a few things to share for this coming up week.  Hope you enjoy the update…I’ll try to make it quick!

School: So my Anatomy and Physiology instructor is VERY hard! He is always saying, “I’ve always been told that people should stick to what they are good at, and I’m going to tell you right now…I am good at writing hard multiple choice questions with answers that sound like they are the right ones but they really aren’t.”  How exciting does that sound people??!!  I’ve also had several people who have taken this class before me tell me how tough is class is.  With all that being said I must say one more thing, I have also been having trouble getting on myself this semester to keep up with studying for all of my classes.  So with the first A&P test was coming up on Tuesday I didn’t really study much…at all.  I mean really!  I would pick up the old test and read the first question then set it aside, I’d pick up the exam review and read a few sentences get bored and move on top reading whatever novel I had at the time.  The only real “studying” I did for it was go to the exam review and attend all the classes.  Needless to say, going into the test I felt pretty crappy.  We got our grades back on Thursday and I seriously thought I was the person who got the 19.5/58 = 34% on the test.  Well I wasn’t, I got a B…a fricking B!  I can’t believe it.  I honestly was stunned…so stunned that while walking down the hall I tripped over one of those “Wet Floor” signs because I couldn’t stop looking at my score!  (Yeah, smooth move exlax).  So happy news, but still not sure how it happened!

Life: Life is going ok right now.  I had a serious “Come To Jesus Meeting” with my scale this week and I have to get back on the band wagon.  No if, ands, or buts about it!  It was terrible!  I can’t believe I am now at 30 lbs before I get to my goal weight.  I just don’t know how/why I let myself get to this point!  I’m going to be completely honest, I am now down to only two pairs of jeans that I can fit into!  I do not want to go buy more jeans because I want to lose weight but I don’t want to keep gaining to the point that I “grow out” of these jeans either! So starting Yesterday I am seriously back on the band wagon with my life style change, it’s going to be hard but I am GOING to make it happen!

One other HUGE thing that happened this week is that Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson….yeah that’s right people I’m talking wrestling here…came back to Monday Night Raw!!!!!!!!!!!  Do you know how excited this makes me??!!  It makes me VERY excited.  I have watched wrestling ever since 5th grade and I have loved it ever since.  Yes there are some corny parts, yes some things are over the top, but all-in-all it is still close to my heart.  We’ve had a lot of turn over with newer faces coming in and veterans retiring but when The Rock made his appearance on Monday Night, I was in SHOCK!  I couldn’t believe it!  I felt like I did back when he first started and throughout all the years I watched him.  It was the highlight of my week! (even more of a highlight then getting a B on that darn test! Seriously!!!)  I am so excited for his return to wrestling, I really think that he will really bring the spunk and excitement back into it!  🙂 You can see his return HERE!!!!!!

With all that being said I decided that after my week of not being in the best mood, and being slightly depressed, that I am going to take myself to another movie this weekend!  So today I am going to watch I Am Number Four (review to be posted tomorrow) to let myself have some down time.

This coming week will be pretty laid back!  Thank goodness.  I don’t have any tests, papers, or projects due this week so I can have some relaxing time and some study time without feeling rushed.  The Sookie Stackhouse discussion happens on Sunday, Februrary 27th and I am right now rereading the book again. So excited about this!  I really hope other people are too and that they will join in on the fun!  There are also a few book releases occuring on Tuesday one of them being THIS SIDE OF THE GRAVE by JEANIENE FROST!  I am SOOOOOOOOO excited!

Posting Wise:
Sunday: Movie Review – I Am Number Four
Monday: Some Fun for the Week
Tuesday: Quite day for READING!
Wednesday: News Post
Thursday: Movie Review – Her Sisters Keeper
Friday: Book Review: Dead Until Dark (Sookie Stackhouse #1)
Saturday: Weekly Update


6 responses to “Weekly Update – Feb 13-19

  1. Looking forward to the review, I want to see the movie, but at the same time I do not like that Fry gone and how he screwed over the real writer

    • I really hope I enjoy the movie too! I hope the special effects are realistic. Was this movie based on a book? Or what are you talking about in the last part of your message about screwing over the real writer? I need to brush up on the movie information! LOL.

  2. Man, your instructor sounds tough!! OMG, I’d probably be sweating wondering about those tests, lol.

    I love The Rock. I wasn’t a huge fan of wrestling, but I did like him 🙂 As for the weight, been there. No fears you’ll reach your goal. And if not, it’s a good excuse for a shopping spree 😉

    • Haha, yeah my instructor is going to be tough but it does make me pay attention in class better. 🙂 I’m glad to see another fan of The Rock, I love him! 😀
      Thanks for the encouraging words on the whole weight thing! I do appreciate it. 🙂 I guess looking at it as a good excuse for a shopping spree is a plus if worse comes to worse and I can’t get this under control!

  3. Good luck with that instructor. Nothing worse than a teacher who takes major pride in being tough. Ugh. But totally awesome on the B! 😀

    As for the excess weight, I have confidence that you can lose what you need. You’re young and active already. Just be more mindful of what you eat and I bet you’ll start to drop some lbs. right away! Do you have an iPhone or iPod Touch? I use the Lose It app to track my daily calories and between that and working out almost every day, I lost 36 lbs. from April-October last year. I’m at a F@%$ plateau now, but hope to budge a few more pounds off this old body by the summer. 😉

    • I wish I had an iPhone or iPod Touch. I do have the iPod nano with built-in pedometer and I guess you can buy some nike shows and some kind of device that will track your workouts through the iPod nano by telling you how far you went and when you were running etc…I’m thinking about looking into it. Now my Physiology teacher said that once you hit a plateau the way to get over it is by changing your working out to a different routine and intensity for awhile…it will give your body the shock it needs to get over the plateau and help start losing the weight again. Hope that helps you get to your goal for the summer.

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