Randomness – It’s Reading Day + New Books

So as most of you know today is the official release of book 5 in the Night Huntress Series starring our beloved couple Bones and Cat.  I have to say I will not be spending my time reading this today or tomorrow since I am reading Dead Until Dark by Charliane Harris for the discussion this Sunday but I am still going to purchase it along with Bonded by Blood.  I also bought a few books at Target last night so I just decided to share with you the newest books to grace my book shelf…

So now you know what I have bought in a 24 hour time span…I have a problem people!  LOL. 

Any suggestions on how to not go out and buy a bunch of books when you already have plenty waiting for you at home??


16 responses to “Randomness – It’s Reading Day + New Books

  1. I’m noticing a trend in the covers you purchased. 😉 What I do is avoid the area containing the books. It works 90% of the time.

    • LOL, I have been noticing a trend in the covers I purchase as well…some of them are just so yummy! LOL. Avoiding the book department of a store…I do try that I just always gravitate towards the area. I always think “I’ll just look around” then the next thing I know I have a pile of books in my arms heading to the register. 😦 It is a sickness…I guess it’s a good one to have. 😛

  2. Nope. No suggestions at all. It’s a sickness we all suffer from. It’s best if you just accept it and move on. Don’t worry…you’ll have your books to keep you happy. 🙂

  3. Hihi, awesome 😀 I want that last one!

    I bought nothing…but yes I did get 5 books today *g*

    • LOL, unfortunatly the last one wasn’t at Hastings. 😦 Very sad I tell you! I have to order it online. I’m still so happy that you received 5 books for your birthday! That is awesome, and will keep you busy for awhile. 🙂

  4. If you ever STOP buying books, then you have a problem 😉

  5. I am so far behind in the Night Huntress series! So many series I need to catch up on, actually.

    I loved Perfect Chemistry. A bit predictable, but oh so much fun! Very sigh worthy.

    The only thing that I have started doing in the last year and a half or so to help curb book buying is to check the library first. My rule is that if the library has it, I won’t buy it. The exception to that rule is for my absolute must have series, which right now is basically Patricia Briggs’ Mercy Thompson series, anything by Nalini Singh and JR Ward’s BDB, although I wait for all to come out in paperback before I buy. I borrow the HC (hardcover) from the library asap, then buy when it’s available in mmp (mass market paperback).

    • Oh so glad to hear that you enjoyed Perfect Chemistry. I saw it at My Overstuffed Bookshelf she had reviewed it and really enjoyed it. I have always loved Romeo and Juliet so I enjoy the spin offs. You aren’t too far behind in the Night Huntress Series…now I say this because the 5th book just came out and they were so good for me that I could get through each book in a day or two cuz I just couldn’t put them down! I think it’s a great idea with your library rule and I hate buying books HC unless it is just that awesome of a book…like the Harry Potter books and Shadowfever. One of my many goals in life is to have my own library when I own my own house. It’s basically going to consist of all of my favorite books/series so I tend to buy books a lot more. I know that if I don’t end up liking them I can sell them to the Dusty Bookshelf and then get money back from them or buy more books. LOL…yeah I’m addicted!

  6. I am so with Mandi on this, if you stop buying books, that would be the real problem. There are people who read books, then there are the book addicts. That is what we are.

    Even when I go to the library I have to make sure I don’t go over my limit. I definitely do what Christine does, that is for sure. There are just so many books out there that we want to read and get our hands, that we all wish we had more time in the day to get to them. But like tends to get in the way.

    I have about 6 books I bought that I still haven’t gotten around to reading yet while I am to busy reading three others. It is weakness for us. But if anything what I should do is go through a series continually. Since most books I have read are in a series, I have a tendency on starting a series and then starting another one and then another before I am done with the last one I started. I think for things to be easier, pick a series to read and maybe give it a month’s time (depending how much there are in the series) or so to read it and then so forth. I think this will help with my little problem.

    • Haha, it’s true! While a lot of girls are addicted to shopping for clothes or purses I have a problem with books. LMAO, I just can’t help it. You are doing better than me right now having 6 books on your shelf that you haven’t read…I’m pretty sure I have about 30, and I just keep buying more…that doesn’t include the ones on my Kindle that I still need to read. Oops… I like the idea of picking a series and reading it. That is what I did with the Sookie series the first time around and the Night Huntress series and the Fever series…oh wait and the Scandal series. LOL. I have an obsession with series and tend to want to read them in order. That is sad for my stand alone books however that keep getting pushed to the side. 😦

      • LOL! I am the same way. I am not the biggest fan of jewelry and stuff. Put me in the middle of a Barnes and Noble or Bestbuy, and I go insane. I also have plenty of books on my Kindle as well. It drives me crazy, but God, I can’t help it. I just need more. I did the same thing with the Sookie Stackhouse, Fever, and BDB series. Just have to know what happens next. I have an obsession with series too, that is why I don’t get a lot of novels 😦

      • LOL, I agree Barnes and Noble, Hastings, Target, Best Buy, Walmart…anything with books and movies and I leave really light in the wallet area! 😛

  7. I never realised I Am Number Four was a book! Or did it come after the film? I would have thought it would have been a comic rather than a book though. Oh well.
    Nice collection in one day! I think books are better to buy than clothes or make-up lol!

    • Haha I agree with books are better than clothes or make-up! I unfortunatly was not able to purchase The Perfect Play because they didn’t have it in store. I’ll have to buy that one later online. As for I Am Number Four, yes the book came out before the movie. It came out in 09 I think and two authors went in together to write it I guess. It’s supposed to be a series of 6 books, the 2nd book of the series is being released in the Fall of this year…don’t remember the exact date.

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