Weekly Update – February 20-28

This week felt like it was non-eventful for me.  I had class and work like normal, but nothing big like a test.  Well of course the weather was a little crazy with the 70 degrees on Sunday changing to below freezing and snow on Thursday! Other than that it was preparations taking place for the start of Jen and I’s Sookie Stackhouse Read Along and discussion

I finished reading Dead Until Dark by Charlaine Harris on Tuesday and posted my review Yesterday.  It was fun to reread the book and be reminded of all the little details I had forgotten.  I also liked the fact that it reminded me about what was in the book compared to what was in the first season of True Blood since there are several differences between the review.

Jen and I had an interesting first phone call on Thursday since it had started snowing really bad here and while I was on the phone with her a vehicle almost slid backwards into the front of my truck…I had a few choice words flying out of my mouth.  LOL.  But we got a few points discussed for our post on Sunday and we are planning on talking more today to get the final post revised to go up tomorrow.

On that note, it has been awesome getting to know a few of my blogging friends a lot more and I feel we are starting to get more of a friendship going instead of just people who post comments on each others blogs!  I have really been enjoying that and I hope it continues for a long time!

For this next week I plan on reading Living Dead in Dallas the 2nd book in the Sookie Stackhouse series in preparation for that discussion next Sunday.  I am also hoping to get Managing Generation Y finished for work.  We are doing book reports at my consulting job for the office to continue to bring new ideas and information in for everyone.  I chose this book because 1) the subject interested me and 2) it’s a very short book and with school and everything else I didn’t have a lot of time to read a big business book.

Posting wise:
Sunday: Dead Until Dark Discussion
Monday: Some Fun for the Week featuring funny sites and the featured man of the week
Tuesday: Review – Managing Generation Y (boring I know)
Wednesday: News Post
Thursday: School/Career Update
Friday: Review – Living Dead in Dallas
Saturday: Weekly Update

8 responses to “Weekly Update – February 20-28

  1. It’s nice that you share your blogging schedule in advance so readers know if there’s something they want to catch. I think it’s super nice when you manage to make friends with other bloggers 🙂

    • Thanks Ally! I started doing the schedule for next week as an orginization tool for me but then saw that it was helpful to readers. Blogger friends are some of the best especially since we all have the same interest, reading!

  2. That is crazy weather. tends to be like that here too, of course that means cold, and freakishly cold 😉

  3. Dude! I was like, ‘NOOOO don’t hit D’s truck! Stoooop! Stoooop!’ Whoever was walking past my car during this episode must have been peeing their pants. Glad you made it home safe that day! Looking forward to tomorrow. Should be sending an e-mail your way later today.

    • LOL, yeah that was just crazy…it was like seeing everything in slow motion. 😛 Too bad we still had school the next day! Now it’s less than 24 hours before we start the discussion!! SOOOOO EXCITING!

  4. Jen, did you just “Dude” Deanna?! lol
    I totally consider some people I’ve ‘met’ through blogland amongst my friends and not just people I comment to and with. It’s amazing how bonding reading and books are!
    Looking forward to your week Deanna!

    • LOL, yes Jen did Dude me! 😛 I’m glad I’m not alone in considering people I’ve met through blogland as friends and it is amazing at how much bonding reading and books are. I think twitter also helps to get to the next level from just commenting on each others blogs to actually being friends. I hope my week is a fun one for everyone! 🙂

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