School/Career Update #3

Well this week has just been nuts.  I had two tests on Monday and the rest of the week I feel has just flown by.  I’m not really sure how to feel about this but I do know that I have 80 posts on Google Reader that I need to get caught up with at some point in time.  I have officially failed this week and keeping up with ANYONE on their blogs!…

Test wise, I think my Equine Repro test went well.  She won’t have them graded and back to us until next Monday.  😦  My Intro to Organic and Biochem test did not go so well…I got a 56% so blah!  I really hate that class.  Next Tuesday I have my second exam in Anatomy and Physiology…hopefully it will go like the first test or better.

American Idol has been good this week but it’s hard to figure out how they are going to narrow it down to 6 guys and 6 girls tonight.  I’m kinda afraid a few of my favorites are going to go home tonight.  😦  Jersey Shore should also be a good episode tonight.  Haha, can’t wait to watch Ron follow Sammi around like a little puppy dog after all the crap he’s put her through!  I hope she stays strong and moves on as a single, strong woman.

The most exciting news this week, and the news that has me scatter brained the most, is one of my best friends his at the hospital RIGHT NOW getting ready to have my niece!  🙂  So she went in Yesterday morning about 8:00 am, had her water broken at 10:00 am they started giving her petocin (however you spell that) about 7:00 pm and when I checked on her this morning at about 9:30 their time she had just gotten an epidural.  Her husband said that she was doing ok and things seemed to be picking up a little bit but they still weren’t sure when she would have to start pushing.  So for the past two days the only thing that has been on my mind is that she is in the hospital getting ready to have her first baby and I’m here…she lives in NM, I live in KS…it kinda sucks a lot!  😦

That’s about it for my update.  I gotta get back to work! Trying to stay focused is not working right now AND we don’t have classes tomorrow thanks to Cattle Man’s day (the building that all my classes in gets taken over by this event so all classes in the building are cancled…which means the rest of the school has their classes!  HAHA!). 

Going to try to get Living Dead in Dallas finished tonight so my review will go up tomorrow morning and then the discussion will take place THIS SUNDAY at Jen’s blog!!!

4 responses to “School/Career Update #3

  1. Yay a niece 😀

    And bleh for school, what more can one say

    • Yes she was born Yesterday at 5:51 pm! So happy to say that Mom and Baby are doing great!

      I agree that bleh is bout all you can say when it comes to school. 😦

  2. With 2 tests in one week…I think you’re forgiven about not blog hopping Deanna. lol And yay for a baby!!!

    • Haha, thanks Julie on both accounts! I’m really hoping to get caught up this weekend *crosses fingers* this is when Google Reader really comes in handy! Also, wanted to let you know that my Niece was born fine yesterday! Now I have to wait a few months before I get to see her in person. 😦

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