Weekly Update – Feb 27-March 5

I’m doing things a bit out of order this week. It’s been a crazy week so sorry for all the surprises…of course surprises can be good right?  Well this week was a weird one and it’s not going to stop any time soon I’m afraid. So I’m just ganna do a quick update of the week and show you what I have planned for next week…

I’m pretty sure that I only watched the first two seasons of American Idol religiously and then stopped after that.  So this season I started back up again and this kid right here is my favorite! He’s so cute and has a great voice.  His name is Stefano and he was almost voted off last night! America didn’t pick him to be in their top 10 but J-Lo, Stephen Tyler, and Randy all thought he has something special and brought him back on! Wootwoot.  He has an amazing story too.  He was in a horrible car accident a few years back and the doctors didn’t think he would ever be able to walk again.  He’s got several scars to prove it but he is walking and now following his dream.  I’ve loved him since he tried out so I’m going to be one of the dumb fans who sits up for 2 hours after the show every day voting for him over and over and over and…well you get the picture.  LET’S GO STEFANO!!!!

I think that Jen and I’s first discussion went very well this past Sunday and I’m really looking forward to this coming Sunday’s discussion on Living Dead in Dallas held at Jen’s blog!  Thank you so much to Diana and Jen (another Jen) for participating! I think we had an awesome discussion and hope that others might join us in the future to make it just that much more awesome! 🙂 I just can’t wait to get toward the end of the books when things start really tying together.

This weekend will be interesting.  I have family in town, my Grandma, Aunt and cousins, and I kinda forgot they were coming.  So between work and relaxing I have to hang out.  I know that sounds bad, but have you ever had a time that you get something stuck in your head and you are so hyped up for it and then your plans are changed??  So, I was hyped up because after work gets out at 11 I don’t have classes (I explained this yesterday) and my plan was to go home and be a complete and utter bum and just read.  It was going to be some nice quiet relaxing ME time.  Then I was going to take one of my bestfriends, who is also a reader, to The Dusty Bookshelf (my favorite used book store) since she hasn’t been to it.  Well nope, that’s not going to happen because my Grandma and Aunt are in town out of the blue and we have to keep them entertained.  I just wish that things happened at the right times for me.  (Yes I’m boohooing like everything has to revolve around me, I know it doesn’t but I still want to vent).  If they could have made their trip NEXT weekend then I would be off from work, not be as tired and crabby and be able to spend time with them! See when they are in town and you work the 11 pm till 7 am shift most people are waking up when I’m getting home…needless to say, they aren’t the most quiet people which means I can’t sleep well and that means I get really crabby and a lot of times my body stresses out and I get sick.  😦  This kinda sucks.

In other news, my friend and I did make plans a few weeks ago to watch Beastly when it came out this weekend so I know for a fact that we are going to be doing that tomorrow.  YAY! So there will be another movie review coming up this week.  I’m very excited about this.  I did hear that the movie was based on a book and that several people enjoyed the book…so I should probably check that out too, you know…cuz I don’t already have a crap ton of books on my TBR list right now!  😛

Upcoming Posts:
Saturday: Review – Living Dead in Dallas, Book #2 Sookie Stackhouse Series
Sunday: Link to Living Dead in Dallas Book Discussion at Jen’s Blog
Monday: Some Fun for the Week (haven’t decided the subject or the featured guy)
Tuesday: Movie Review – Beastly
Wednesday: News (Not sure what yet)
Thursday: Not Sure Yet
Friday: Review – Club Dead, Book #3 Sookie Stackhouse Series
Saturday: Weekly Update
Sunday: Club Dead Book Discussion Here at My Blog


One response to “Weekly Update – Feb 27-March 5

  1. I am very curious about Beastly and can’t wait to hear what you think. Although even if you liked it and I decided I wanted to go, I don’t think Jason would be caught dead in that theater! LOL That’s too bad about your non-existent ‘me time’. You’ll get some…someday… 😉

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