Some Fun for the Week #11

Welcome back to another Monday. I hope everyone had an awesome weekend that was filled with some fun times and a lot of relaxing!  Today I decided to share with you some funny videos of people lip singing to songs on YouTube that I found really funny as well as the featured guy of the week…

My featured guy this week is Vin Diesel…yum! I have a weakness for guys with nice arm muscles and he’s got that and more. 🙂  I loved him in A Man Apart, The Pacifier, Fast and the Furious and The Chronicles of Riddick!  If you’ve never seen A Man Apart, WATCH IT!  Several of us have heard that they are coming out with another Fast and the Furious movie that is set to be released in April (I do believe) and I will def be in line that weekend to watch it! Nice line up with several attractive men to watch. 😀

This weeks funny feature…funny lip singers!

So I just noticed all of my lip syncers are guys singing girl songs…but they were funny! 🙂


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