Beastly – 2011

-PG 13
-Theater Release: March 4, 2011
-Directed By: Daniel Barnz
-Starring: Alex Pettyfer, Vanessa Hudgens, and Mary-Kate Olsen
-IMDb (5.5/10 rating): “A modern-day take on the “Beauty and the Beast” tale where a New York teen is transformed into a hideous monster in order to find true love.”

(3.5/5 Stars)

Beastly was a great movie that played well on a modern-day remake of Beauty and the Beast.  I have not read the book yet so I can’t tell you how well the movie went along with the book but I can tell you that now I am curious to read the book to make the comparisons.  I enjoyed the movie but there were  a few corny parts, of course that is to be expected in a pg-13 movie made for teenage audiences right?

Alex Pettyfer acts great as his roles of Kyle/Hunter.  He is an amazing looking guy so when he had to play the role of the high school popular kid that everyone is envious of he does an amazing job.  When he is transformed into the Beast his role changes to that of a very insecure kid who is just plain clumsy because he doesn’t know what to do with himself.  He does a great job and has a few very funny parts where he is just so clumsy and awkward that you can’t help but laugh.

Vanessa Hudgens plays a great part of the pretty, non-popular girl, Lindy.  She has a father who is in a lot of trouble and ends up killing a guy.  The guy’s brother threatens Lindy’s life saying that he is going to take her from her father since he took his brother.  Well Kyle/Hunter gets a great idea in his head to have her move in with him to keep her protected.  So she has to, and she isn’t very happy about it.  Lindy’s reaction to Kyle/Hunter when he reveals his outer appearance to her was perfect!  She wasn’t scared or anything, she took it very well and that made me respect her as a character.

The two start hanging out with each other a lot and getting to know one another.  When Lindy’s father becomes sick, Kyle/Hunter tells her that she needs to go to see him.  He hands her a letter that he has been writing her for weeks telling her all of his feelings and plenty of other things, I’m sure.  But because of a comment she makes right when she gets on the train to leave he doesn’t answer any of her calls for fear of rejection….well we all know where this is headed.

I enjoyed Mary-Kate has the witch in the movie, she plays a great part and is very believable.  I still had trouble getting past her and her sister having their own movies and playing on Full House.  LOL. 

The adaption from the flower from the Disney movie to the tattoo was very unique and awesome!  Kyle/Hunter has a tattoo on his arm that is of a tree with flower blooms on it and his time frame is when the last flower blooms again in one year then he must stay a Beast forever.  It was awesome to watch as the tree went through the seasons of having all the leaves fall off and watching the flowers bloom on it one by one.

With all that being said, this was a cute movie.  Just try to go into it with a little 12-year-old mind and then maybe you won’t want to crack up at the corny parts. I loved the take on a classic Disney movie in modern real people fashion.  I know that me and two of my friends went and we all really enjoyed it. 😀

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