Weekly Update – March 6-12

So another crazy week down and another crazy week with only 3 posts!  I really need to start doing my posts on the weekends and try to start reading books ahead of time so I can post reviews like normal! So this week was full of a friend visiting and taking my second test in a class. So much to update you on…I’ll make it quick (try to at least).

One of my really good college friends came up this weekend and brought her new boyfriend up to visit all of her friends.  It was so nice to see her again and meet the boy-toy. 😛  She was here from Sunday night through Tuesday night.

My good friend Ashley (my American Idol and Jersey Shore buddy) had her cousin in town since Saturday and we spent all night Tuesday watching True Blood season 1 and started season 2.  This is the second time for her and I to watch it but her cousin just got into the Sookie Stackhouse novels and we were all watching the show, enjoying the view of the hot guys, and comparing it to the books.

American Idol Wednesday night and last night was good.  There were a few performers that had been doing amazing throughout the competition that didn’t do very well at all on Wednesday and then there were others that continue to impress me.  I still love Stefano! I should marry him and have his babies (what, I didn’t just say that!!!!).  He’s got J-Lo and I wrapped around his fingers…he’s just so cute!  He made it through, I don’t think it could have been the fact that I sat on the internet voting for him for 1.5 hours.  I’ll get to see him again next week, YAY!  Oh and last night’s show…the vote off…they did a Michael Jackson tribute.  If you don’t know me yet you must MUST know that I LOVE MJ’s MUSIC!  I have the MJ Wii Dance Game to prove it!  So I was very excited and I’ll share the video of the American Idol’s performing it…keep your eyes peeled for Mr. Stefano Langone!

Tonight my family is heading 2 hrs to Kansas City to watch our cousin Mark Schultz’s concert.  We are all very excited to see him back in action! 😀 He is doing his Renaissance Tour right now and I know from his Twitter that he was very excited to kick it off last night and continue touring the next few weeks.  We are all so excited to see him and his music is so much fun!

This song is very close to my heart:

I know Jen and I have been gearing up for another awesome discussion this weekend!  Saturday’s discussion will consist of Club Dead, the 3rd book in the Sookie Stackhouse/Southern Vampire Mysteries Series.  I am excited because there is so much that happens in this book that makes you clench your fists and get so angry that I can’t wait to see other peoples reactions to it!  🙂 This week the discussion will be held here at my blog and I’m looking forward to seeing what everyone’s thoughts were on it!

The other exciting note for this weekend is….I TOOK THE WEEKEND OFF!  No working from 11 at night to 7 in the morning for me this week.  YAY.  It’s nice to have a relaxing weekend!

This next week posting wise:
Saturday: Review – Club Dead, Sookie Stackhouse book #3
Sunday: Club Dead Book Discussion held here this week
Monday: Some Fun for the Week + Featured Guy
Tuesday: Review – Managing Generation Y
Wednesday: Movie Review – Red Riding Hood
Thursday: News (Discussion & New Feature)
Friday: Review – Dead to the World, Sookie Stackhouse book #4
Saturday: Weekly Update


4 responses to “Weekly Update – March 6-12

  1. The weekend off, but who will I take to during the morning then? Lol 😉 Good for you

  2. Glad to hear you took a weekend off. You deserve it! I can’t wait to see your review about Red Riding Hood. I have to admit that I’m not hooked on the trailer like others are. In fact…I find it looks kinda corny. But maybe your review will change my mind. 🙂

    • Yeah it took me a while to really get into the trailer for Red Riding Hood but the more I watched it the more I wanted to see it. I haven’t heard the best reviews for it but I am still interested in watching it. That might happen this weekend…I didn’t get to go watch it last weekend but I did enjoy having the time off. 😀

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