Club Dead Discussion – Sookie Stackhouse Book #3


If you were unable to reread the book go HERE for a plot summary by Wikipedia that will be a nice refresher of the book to remind you what happened.

**Below are some discussion questions to get the discussion started.  You can answer any of them you want or add in your own questions and thoughts while reading the book.  PLEASE remember not to discuss events that occured in books 4-10 so individuals reading the series for the first time won’t have any spoilers occur here**

Discussion Questions:

  1. Do you think it’s good that Sookie and Bill keep secrets from each other? Sookie keeps her vampire mind reading from him and Bill is lying to her about his project for the queen…followed by not telling her where he is really going on his trip.
  2. Were you really mad when you found out that Bill went to Mississippi to be with Lorena?
  3. Why do you think Eric was avoiding telling Sookie the truth about what happened to Bill?
  4. What are your thoughts on Alcide and what are your thoughts on Sookie’s physical attraction to him?
  5. When Sookie gets staked at the club it worked out perfectly so that she could go to the place Bill is being held…do you think this was part of her plan the whole time?
  6. What are your thoughts on Eric and Sookie’s “intimate moment” at the mansion?
  7. How did you feel about Debbie Pelt shoving Sookie into the trunk of the car where Bill drinks from her and rapes her?
  8. How much bad luck can come Sookie’s way?  After all of that while heading home with Eric there is trouble at a gas station followed by the Were’s waiting for her at home…
  9. Do you understand why Sookie rescinds Eric and Bill’s invitation after they saved her from the Were’s that were waiting for her?

What are some questions you have about the book or the series up to this point?

What are your thoughts on the books, characters or events so far in the seires?


6 responses to “Club Dead Discussion – Sookie Stackhouse Book #3

  1. 1. I know that in some relationships it is ok to keep secrets from each other but then it also makes me wonder if they trust each other well enough or not. Like why would Sookie keep the fact that she can sometimes read vampires thoughts from Bill if she completely tursted him? I was shocked that Bill would lie to Sookie about where he was going on his business trip and that he wouldn’t tell her what his project for the queen was but that he would still tell her where to find his secret project if he died or went missing.
    2. Reading a series you become emotionally attached to the characters and it really hurt me when Eric told Sookie that Bill was in Mississippi with some vampire named Lorena and that Bill was missing. I was so upset because I knew Sookie’s heart was broken. I knew Bill was acting different but did he really have to hurt her like that. And why would Bill not tell Sookie that he was coming back to Bon Temps to prepare for her to be without him. This is about the time that I start to not like Bill! 😦
    3. Part of me feels like Eric was trying to keep the truth about Bill from Sookie to have her help him out with their problem and he figured if she knew the truth that she would turn away from him. The other part of me feels like maybe he was trying to protect her from being hurt by the truth of Bill. I also feel like Pam has started to grow feelings for Sookie as a friend and felt like she deserved to know the truth and that is why she kept pushing the subject.
    4. I think Alcide sounds so sexy in this book! I also thought it was so awesome that Sookie and him barely knew each other yet the entire time they are around each other it feels so natural like they’ve been together forever! I was hoping Sookie would drop Bill, like he did to her, and go for Alcide…of course he was still trying to get over Debbie (who sounds like a complete psycho) so it probably wasn’t the best timing like him and Sookie both agreed on.
    5. I was kind of shocked that Sookie took the stake instead of letting the vampire get it. I couldn’t believe that the Fellowship had some how managed to get into the club to go on with their plan in the first place. I do think it worked out perfectly to get her into the area where Bill was being held but I’m not sure she had ever really thought that far ahead of time.
    6. My biggest thoughts on the Eric Sookie moment was “THAT WAS HOTT” LOL. It was wasn’t it?! 😛
    7. I can’t believe that Debbie was such a nut job and shoved Sookie into the trunk of a car! But then again, I can believe it. She’s got some serious issues and I hope that we won’t have to see Debbie ever again! When Bill wakes up and he is so out of it that he starts to drink of Sookie and then rapes her I was in complete shock! I know that he was starved but for him to not even realize that it was Sookie just pissed me off. Then to have someone that you love so much rape you, I just couldn’t believe it. Bill dropped big time in my eyes…I wanted to jump into the book and stake him myself!
    8. I feel so bad for Sookie, she just has bad stuff happen to her all the damn time! Going to the gas station were she has to rescue Eric fro the silver netting. Then making it all the way home where she is just ready to relax and be by herself and then bam has to deal with being attacked by were’s and she must be rescued by Eric and Bill. I mean, come on, a girl needs a break!!!!
    9. I guess the whole recinding of Eric and Bill’s invitation in her house make sense a little. She just broke up with Bill and doesn’t want to have anything to do with him right now but Eric just saved her. I mean what does she plan to do if she is ever attacked in her house? It’s not like they can come help her again…

  2. Finally here, today was pretty long LOL! But this is my favorite book from the series, so let’s give it a go 🙂

    1) Absolutely not, but I understand it. Given Bill’s project and what we find out later, I am happy Sookie keeps her secret hidden at least.

    2) I was pissed, but I thought that would mean Eric or Alcide could slip in because I like them a little more over Bill. He really acted like an idiot here.

    3) I think at this point he realizes he has feelings for her and he wanted to protect and help her. I am so with you Deanna especially on Pam.

    4) I love Alcide. He is my favorite of all the men Sookie’s been attracted to. They were great together. If the both of them didn’t have some messed up “exes”, they would have made one hell of a couple. Man why didn’t Harris give us that dammit? Seriously, I want an Alcide!

    5) I don’t think it was part of the plan, it just worked out perfectly for her. I believe she had a less dramatic way of finding Bill, like hoping her “vampire reading” kicked in for a couple of seconds or read others that might work for the vamps that took him.

    6) I thought it was pretty hot too! But then again, I was like, “What about Alcide?” LOL

    7) That was when I knew she was beyond messed up. She was more homicidal. She was confusing as hell. She cheats on my gorgeous Alcide, waits until he is with someone else and that is the first thing she does? Debbie was one of the most horrible villains in this series 😦

    8) I was like, “Jeez!” It was ridiculous. I felt bad for her too, but she is lucky she had help though or else she would have been very screwed.

    9) It didn’t make much sense to me. I understand with Bill, but I guess it had more to do with wanting some freedom from the supernatural world. I honestly don’t blame her given what happens to her in this book. A break is deserved 🙂

    What are some questions you have about the book or the series up to this point?
    -Can’t really think of any questions at the moment (near midnight LOL) except why didn’t Sookie give Alcide a chance? She gave everyone else a chance and not my gorgeous Alcide? What the frak?

    What are your thoughts on the books, characters or events so far in the series?
    -Like I said, this was my favorite of the series. I love all the twists and turns you didn’t see coming. I like that we see more of Eric and getting to know Pam. And Alcide, definitely Alcide 🙂
    -I was curious why everyone was so attracted to Sookie. Yes, she is a telepath, but I knew that there was more to her.
    -Russell wasn’t anything as I expected. I was expecting someone vicious and cruel, but he was quite entertaining (I must admit, I prefer the tv version, more interesting LOL)
    -I thought Bill was a moron going to Lorena. Just didn’t seem like there was enough fight against her until it was too late.

  3. I really liked Alcide too but I know the reason Sookie didn’t give him a chance was because he still had such strong feelings for Debbie and Debbie was a bit of a nut case. I don’t think Sookie wanted that complication along with all the other problems she was having to deal with.

    I think it is very interesting that this was your favorite out of the whole series. I really liked Bill from the beginning (well the Bill in my head before the show) and I was very hurt by his betrayal of Sookie. I was so pissed throughout this book…so yes I really enjoyed it but it wasn’t my favorite. I can’t wait till we get to my favorite book! 😀

    I have not been able to watch Season 3 yet but as soon as it comes out at the end of May one of my good friends and I have a date to get through the entire season before Season 4 stars up. 🙂 I’m very excited to see how the play this book out in the show.

    I have always been rather curious to know why everyone is so attracted to Sookie. I mean she says in the book that she is just your average girl, not overly attractive, the only differnece is she is telepathic…but maybe it’s because all the men are very attracted to the average girl. Don’t really know. LOL.

    I still love Bubba in this series and I still wish the show would have made a Bubba since he is such a funny and loyal character. I think it’s hilarious that he broke up Eric and Sookie’s little makeout session and then questioned why Sookie was in bed with Eric when she was Bill’s girlfriend…nothing like throwing ice water in your face.

    I hated Lorena but I guess I understood the fact that Bill had to go to her because she was his creator and they have that pull over them. I know that you must obey the person who created you and since she called on Bill he had to go. I just wish he would have at least respected Sookie enough to explain what was going on so she didn’t have to find out in such a horrible way. Grrrrrr, to stupide Bill!

    I really was cheering for Bill until this book. I really liked him and I’m still so upset about it. Of couse I keep thinking that maybe there is a way that he can get back in with Sookie but not any time soon (people, remember I am only thinking about my thoughts and feelings up until this point of reading the books the first time around…just wait till we get further on!)

  4. Dude, what happened to my link, I thought I put it in right. Nonetheless, just click the huge paragraph and you will get the link. LOL

  5. Haha, ok I’ll check it out, not sure what happened to the link either.

    I do find Eric more exciting but I guess with my history with the bad boys I was really hoping she’d stick with the safe one…normally more exciting means more heart ache. But fo course this is a book series so she can fall for the bad boy and not get hurt right?! :-p

    Now think about Alcide as…she doesn’t have him so you can. 😉

    One of my friends got HBO just so we could watch season 4 as it was going because book 4 is her absolute FAVORITE! I really enjoy it but book 7 is my favorite!

    I do agree that poor Sookie has her hands full with the supernatural. I mean it kinda stinks because she is a telepathic but otherwise is completely normal and yet she is thrown into all this craziness with the vampires and the shapeshifters and the werewolves…just crazy and I’m sure a lot to take in, in such a fast time.

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