Some Fun for the Week #12

Another fun post to brighten everyone’s Monday. For me our Sookie Stackhouse discussion didn’t go as well as the past two Yesterday so I’m a little down about that.  I also have a test tonight and a big assignment due tomorrow so I needed an upper.  Hope you enjoy the sexy man for the week and funny items as well. 🙂

This hot and sexy man is Henry Cavill…I first came across him a few months ago with some kind of search…I’m really not sure how but then he came back to light this weekend when I finally was able to watch Tristan and Isolde so I knew that I had to share him with all of you.  He looks good in long hair, short hair, clean shaven, not shaven.  I mean….hello! He brightens my day.  For all of you who watch Tudors about King Henry the 8th you would have seen him on there and with my obessession with King Henry the 8th and now this sexy man I know I will be watching the entire series. 🙂

I hope these brighten your morning:
So this weekend was a big weekend in my lovely college town of Manhattan Kansas.  You see, since our spring break hits next week normally St. Patrick’s day falls on a weekend/week when everyone is out of school.  If everyone is out of school and at home that means Aggieville, our main bar area, does not get a lot of business.  The bars decided to invent their own holiday called Fake Patty’s Day…yes that’s right, our town creates it’s own holiday to encourage the college kids to get trashed and spend lots of money.  The event is HUGE! People start drinking at 8:00 in the morning and don’t stop until the bars close down. Needless to say this is also a weekend were there are also a lot of fights, people rushed to the hosiptal and people getting sick by 10 in the morning! I decided to just google search some images for “Fake Patty’s Day” and see what came up…here is what I found:

Here is a picture of Aggieville, Rusty’s Last Chance is on the right and O’Malley’s Alley is on the left…below you can find another picture of the rediculous amount of people that take over the Ville on Saturday…

Yes people really do dress up like this…and sometimes even more than this!

A REALLY big green beer…

Yes, he is pouring a drink from the roof into his friends mouth…I guess they have to keep themselves entertained some how.

Thought this was a pretty cool T-Shirt design…you see EMAW means Every Man a Wildcat and is a new saying our college has taken on since we are the KSU Wildcats…

“Lets Get Faked Up” yes that’s right…they really do make shirts galore just for this event.  My other favorite…which I haven’t been able to find a picture of says “DTF” on the front and says “Down to Fake” on the back…if you don’t watch Jersey Shore you won’t find this nearly as funny…

So there are just a few of the many crazy things out there that have to do with Fake Patty’s Day…there are even videos up on YouTube that walk you through Aggieville with all the crazy people!


4 responses to “Some Fun for the Week #12

  1. -Oh I love Henry Cavill. I love him since the Count of Monte Cristo (remake), he was the son. Definitely love him as Charles on the Tudors even though he is a gigantic whore LOL! So happy he was chosen to play the new Superman. He will be great.
    -Love those pics hon especially the one with the big green beer. It looks like she id drinking from a bucket instead of a cup LOL! I didn’t understand that Faked up thing until you said it was from Jersey Shore. I can’t stand that show. For nerds like me, it should say Frakked up. It is only fair 🙂

    • I remember watching the Count of Monte Cristo when it first came out but I can’t remember Henry Cavill at all! LOL, it looks like this girl needs to go watch that movie again! I am excited to see him as the new Superman as well. 🙂 LOL, I need to go back and look through one of my friends photos. Last years Fake Patty’s day she took a crap ton of pictures of funny t-shirt sayings. I’ll have to look those up and maybe share them tomorrow for St. Patty’s Day!

  2. Ooo, that boy is yummy! I never went to an actual University (I went to a trade college) so I missed out on all the wackiness that ensues. And boy does it look like there’s a lot of wackiness!

    • Yeah, I don’t think many colleges have a “fake pattys day” I know that other colleges in KS travel here for the weekend as well as several people from out of state. I can’t believe they come all the way here for one weekend but I guess it gives them an excuse of drinking! I’m going to look through my personal pictures and share them tomorrow. 😀

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