Tristan + Isolde – 2006

-PG 13
-Theater Release: January 2006
-Available on DVD
-Directed By: Kevin Reynolds
-Starring: James Franco, Sophia Myles and Rufus Sewell
-IMDb (7.0/10 rating): “An affair between the second in line to Britain’s throne (Franco) and the princess of the feuding Irish (Myles) spells doom for the young lovers.”

(4/5 Stars)

I really enjoy the time peirod that this movie is set in and I like that it is based on a real legend.  It seemed like it was a long movie but not in a bad way, you want it to keep going to see how everything will play out.

Tristan lost his family very young and is raised by the head of Britian. When he is fighting in battle he is injured by an opponent who has poison on his swoard. His commrads believe that he has died and give him the honorable burial of being placed on a boat that sails off into the sea burning. His boat does not burn completely and ends up on the shore of Ireland, Britians known enemy.  Tristan is found by Isolde who knows how to cure him of the poison so she houses him near the sea and nurses him back to health.  In the process of nursing him back to health the two fall in love.

When Isolde’s father, the leader of the Irish, discovers Tristan’s wrecked ship he starts looking all over the coast for him.  Isolde helps Tristan escape back to Britian giving him a false name to remember her by.

When an opportunity arises for Britian to unit with Ireland by winning the hand of the daughter of the Ireland ruler by fighting, Tristan jumps at the chance. The problem is he is doing it to win the daughters hand for his first in line, the man who has raised him like a son, Marke. Tristan wins and then discovers that the daughter is actually his beloved only then realizing she had given him a fake name.

As the story progresses Tristan and Isolde try to hide their love for each other since she is now married to Marke.  At first they try to avoid their feelings but that doesn’t last long. Then they are thrown into a whirl of love and secrecy.

I was surprised by the ending and my Mom and I both agree that we felt very bad for Marke because he really cared for Isolde and for Tristan and had no idea they were sneaking around behind his back.  He wasn’t a bad man at all but he was getting screwed over.  But we also really cared about Tristan and Isolde and the love they had for each other.  It was an emotional rollercoaster since it’s so much easier when you hate at least one of them to know how to feel about the movie and what is going on.

The fight scenes are great, the love is wonderful (and clean) and the story line was a lot of fun! If you enjoy Romeo and Juliet type movies you should check this movie out!


4 responses to “Tristan + Isolde – 2006

  1. I can’t remember anything from this movie…nope not a thing

  2. I remember being interested in this when it first came out. I bet Jason wasn’t and that’s why we didn’t go see it. LOL

    • That makes sense. My Dad actually watched it with my Mom and I and we all really enjoyed it. If my Dad really isn’t into it and he is tired he will just get up and go to bed but he was really tired and kept saying he was but he couldn’t make himself get up and go to bed until the movie was over. It was pretty funny!

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