Weekly Update – March 13-19

This past week had me in a little bit of a daze between my weekend off at work and gearing up for Spring Break.  I was not able to make it to my planned movie last weekend or keep up on my reading but I’m hoping that this next week of no school will allow me to catch up a bit in the reading department and the sanity department. 🙂

Last weekend was a fun time just being able to relax a little bit and also being able to sleep at night instead of being up all night.  I did miss my job though since I do love speaking with “my officers” and having fun stories to take home and share with my parents about the crazy people we had to deal with.  In case you didn’t know I work dispatch for the university police department.  The night shift is so much fun because we always have to deal with the crazy, drunk college kids.  I missed out on a very exciting weekend since it was Fake Patty’s day and that is when we have a HUGE influx of out-of-towners who come in to drink the day away which must bring in some very good stories.  But again, it was nice to have the weekend off and relax a bit.

I ended up hanging out with a couple of friends on Saturday at their pre-aggieville party.  I had a great time watching everyone drink and listen to music but I did not enjoy the 2 minutes I spent in aggieville with all the crazy drunks.  Aggieville is our main bar area in town and if you are a college kid here you know it very well.  It was packed!  If you go to my Fake Patty’s Day post HERE you will see what I am talking about with this crazy event.

I am very excited to say that my boy, Stefano Langone, from American Idol is still there!  He had a KILLER performance on Wednesday that made me “fall in love all over again”!  😛  You can see it below if you would like to watch his amazing SKILLS.  😀 I don’t know if he is going to win this competition but I do know that if he keeps this up then he will! I think he gets better and better each week and I know that I would buy his CD if he came out with one!

BTW…he gets “the best performance of the night so far!” And that never changed!

This weekend will be our next Sookie Stackhouse discussion over book #4 Dead to the World!  Very excited about this discussion and I know a couple of my friends that are very excited too! There is a slight change in plans it will be held here, on my blog, again this week and then the next couple will be held over at Jen’s.  She’s had a very VERY busy last couple of weeks.  I hope you all will come and join in on the fun and help spread the word! 😀

Next week will be a fun week for me in the fact that I don’t have to worry about school at all!  Well, I do since I have some stuff to study for but I won’t have to be going to class.  YAY!  I will be working full-time at my consulting job so that will keep me busy and I will be excited to see the paycheck at the end of the month. 🙂





I am hoping to get in a lot of reading this coming week, *crossing fingers*! I am planning on finishing up Dead to the World by Charlaine Harris tonight/tomorrow and starting on the next book in the series Dead as a Doornail. I want to read Water for Elephants in preparation for the movie that is being released in April and hopefully read one of my giveaway wins, either Lipstick on his Collar by Inez Kelley or Temptest Rising by Nicole Peeler (the first book in the Jane True series.  We’ll see how many of these get read…

This Week’s Posting:
Sunday: Dead to the World Discussion
Monday: Some Fun for the Week #12
Tuesday: Book Review – Dead to the World by Charlaine Harris
Wednesday: Movie Review – Red Riding Hood
Thursday: Randomness – The Man of My Life (Eskimo Joe, my dog)
Friday: Book Review – Dead as a Doornail by Charlaine Harris
Saturday: Weekly Update
Sunday: Dead as a Doornail Discussion Link


6 responses to “Weekly Update – March 13-19

  1. Wohoo no school 😉 Have fun working, and hopefully getting some reading time too

    • Thanks a lot! 😀 I finished one book tonight/this morning and started on my second one…hoping to get to page 100 at least before I go to bed. Then I’ll only have 200 pages to read after I wake up to get this one finish and then start on the next book! This is going to be a very slow weekend at work and having to work 3 nights instead of just 2, I think that I’ll get tons of reading in. 🙂

  2. Glad you’ll be getting a sanity break this week. I need to sign up for one of those. Thanks again for helping me with the discussion post!

    • No problem at all Jen! I’m glad to help out and I hope that you are able to stop in even if it is just for a little bit to stalk about book 4! It’s such an exciting book. 😀 We’ll see how much of a sanity break this week is…it would probably be a better break if I didn’t have to work full time! LOL.

  3. I want to see what you think of Lipstick on His Collar. I love Inez Kelley but I have yet to read that one!

    • Then I’ll have to read that one right after I finish Water for Elephants! Plus I’ve had it on my TBR list for a long time since I got it in one of Smexy Book’s giveaways. 🙂

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