Dead to the World Discussion – Sookie Stackhouse 4


If you were unable to reread the book go HERE for a plot summary by Wikipedia (this is not my favorite plot summary presented from Wikipedia).

**Below are some discussion questions to get the discussion started.Β  You can answer any of them you want or add in your own questions and thoughts while reading the book.Β  PLEASE remember not to discuss events that occured in books 4-10 so individuals reading the series for the first time won’t have any spoilers occur here**

Discussion Questions:

  1. What were your thoughts when Sookie found Eric and discovered that he had lost his memory? (pg 15)
  2. When you first read about Jason’s disapperence, what did you think was going on? (pg 55)
  3. Were you shocked to hear about the new group of witches in Shreveport? (pg 78)
  4. After everything that Debbie has done why do you think Alcide still believes and trusts her? (pg 100)
  5. All I can say is any feelings on the first love scene between Eric and Sookie? (pg 120)
  6. When Sookie visits Hotshot for the first time and meets Calvin who litterally asks her to mate with him, what were your thoughts on this whole section? (pg 132)
  7. Were you surprised when the Were’s showed up at Bill’s house to attack the lead witch? (pg 156/start of chapter 8)
  8. What were your thoughts of Claudine throughout the book? From when we first get a glimps of her at the bar, to being with Tara in the car to saving Sookie from a car wreck?
  9. Now that we know about all these supernatural beings, what are your thoughts on all of them (if you have any)? (Were’s, Vamps, Shifters, telepaths, witches, fairies and Wiccans)
  10. What were you feeling when the officers came to talk to Sookie about the panther print and then continuing on into make Jason sound like a psycho? (pg 190/beginning of chapter 10)
  11. What went through your mind when Bill announced his presence (pg 218) and when Alcide abjured Debbie (pg 221)?
  12. Did you enjoy the fight? Hard to follow? Enought details? Loved it? What did or didn’t you like about it? (Chapter 12)
  13. Do you think Eric’s personality when he is without his memories is his true personality? (pg 256)
  14. Were you shocked by the turn of events with Debbie? Any thoughts on the whole situation? (pg 257)
  15. How do you feel about how Sam and Sookie figured out where Jason must be? (pg 268)

Favorite Quotes:

  • Clutching the afghan with the other hand, he trailed down the hall after me, a snow white giant in tiny red underwear. ~Sookie thinking about Eric (pg 24)
  • If it came to a choice between upholding vampire interests and being my buddy…well, I guessed we were just going to have to cancel our sleepover, and here I’d been planning on French-braiding her hair. ~Sookie’s sarcastic thought of Pam (pg 39)
  • “…And we used to be you. And we can love you, as well as feed off you. You could hardly say the lion wanted to caress the antelope.” ~Eric to Sookie (pg 53)
  • If there were an international butt competition, Eric would win, hands down—-or checks up. ~Sookie (pg 119)
  • Sometimes life just hands you more than you can take. Then you just accept. ~Sookie (pg 172)
  • Doesn’t every gal want to into a room side by side with a gorgeous woman who practically has “I want to fuck” tattooed on her forehead? ~Sookie (pg 175)
  • “The Were’s of Shreveport are allying with the vampires in battle.Β  You can watch history being made, my telepathic friend.”~Pam (pg 208)

What are some questions you have about the book or the series up to this point?

What are your thoughts on the books, characters or events so far in the seires?


43 responses to “Dead to the World Discussion – Sookie Stackhouse 4

  1. 1. When Sookie first found Eric I was in shock that he had no clue who he was. I could tell right from the beginning that he wasn’t himself even though a little part of me thought it might be a set up to just get her to let her gaurd down. He just wasn’t the same Eric and I was also very curious to know what had happened to him! I’d never thought that witches would have the power to do something like that to such an old vampire who was so powerful.

    • LOL! I also thought it was some sort of set up. And then I felt kind of bad for him. He was reduced to being a big lug. I’m also kind of shocked that the witches had that kind of power. Why wouldn’t they just take over?

    • I did feel bad for him too. He had forgotten all of his history, I just couldn’t even imagine. I guess the reason they didn’t just take over was because there wasn’t enough of them to just stomp in on the vamps and were’s. I also know that they wanted Eric because his blood was so old they would be able to continue to sell it over a long time for $450+ bucks a vial. They were looking at it for power and a money factor.

  2. 2. When Jason first disappeared I did think it was because of the witches. For some reason I felt like it wasn’t because they knew Sookie had Eric. I guess if they knew Sookie had Eric and that’s why they had taken Jason then they would have already been by to visit/break into her house. I figured maybe he had played one of them like the many other women he ran around with and that witch had gotten mad at him and wanted her revenge.

  3. 3. When Sookie went to visit Holly to find out more about this new band of witches I was very shocked to find out that not only were they witches they were also Were’s who drank vampire blood. That was about the time I knew that they were going to be a lot of trouble and a lot stronger than anyone expected them to be. I know that Sookie had gotten herself into another mess thanks to the vampires.

    • The witches thing didn’t really surprise me (I think after Bubba not much else did). The vampire blood drinking Weres definitely sent me for a loop. It’s funny, I also started noticing the pattern of Sookie being knee deep in someone else’s crap.

    • Yeah I just can’t imagine how she does it. Ever since Bill she has constantly been up to her eye balls in bad luck. Between vamps, her brother, and just about anything supernatural she is always stuck smack dab in the middle of it! And the whole Were’s drinking vamp blood I am still in shock. With how much the two groups dislike each other I was surprised the Were’s would ever think it was ok to drink their enemy’s blood.

  4. 4. Now don’t get me wrong, I love Alcide, I really do…but man he couldn’t get over Debbie to save his damn life! I don’t understand why he would keep trusting her and thinking that she was a good person to be with. She tells him that Bill and Sookie are back together because she wanted him to go back to her and HE BELIEVED HER!?!?!?! WTF. Maybe the sex was just that good. When she tries to kill Sookie and is already engaged to another guy after her and Alcide had just broken up that should have been his clue that she wasn’t a good person! But I guess everyone has that one person that might be all wrong for them but they still hold out hope that they will change. Alcide is a sweet guy and I think he has this fantacy dream that the pairing with Debbie will work out…kind of like Romeo and Juliet.

    • Everyone plays the fool (or the sucker in this case). I thought Weres could tell when people or their own kind were lying. Or am I completely making that up? I dislike Debbie with the power of a 1000 suns!

    • For some reason I thought that too…well actually I do think Were’s can tell when their own kind is lying, however, Debbie is a shifter and not a Were which would be why Alcide can’t tell if she is lying. I do hate her with a passion! She’s just pure evil.

  5. 5. Yeah the first love scene between Eric and Sookie was just hot! I mean the shower and then into the bedroom…HELL-O! I loved this part about Sookie and Eric, they knew how to have mind blowing sex! πŸ˜€

  6. 6. Hotshot…it is a very interesting place. Very backwoods, close-knit, weird people from inbreeding. I was very surprised by this place and I was even more shocked when Calvin just up and asks Sookie to be his mate because they need different blood lines running through their pack. I mean, wow, I’m still shocked about it! Nothing like meeting someone for the first time and asking them to be your babies mama! I think Calvin sounds like a sweet guy but really?!?! Couldn’t you at least ask her out on a date first?! Calvin is another person to add to Sookie’s prospective boyfriend list along with about the million other supes!

    • Oh what can I say about Hot Shot that you didn’t already say. Charlaine describe the town so well that I had almost an instant visual of what this place looked like. And let me just say that it gave me the heebie jeebies. *brr* Oh and that Calvin Norris. A blunt fellow ain’t he. Aside from the straight forwardness he seems like he does kind of like her and would do right by her.

    • I do agree that Calvin Norris likes Sookie and would do right by her. He is a genuine nice man. I do like his forwardness but that is a bit too forward. I do think he would treat her right and his level head means he would be a very strong and sturdy man to make a life with. I just couldn’t tell if he was wanting to make a life with her or just wanted to have a baby with her.

  7. 7. I knew when Sookie had told Alcide and his packmaster about the witches and their plan to take over Shreveport that they would act fast, especially when they had killed one of their top Were’s but I wasn’t expecting the part when Eric and Sookie had gone over to Bill’s to spy on the Hallow and her brother! I was definietly on edge during this part when you didn’t know if the witches had found them or not. The next thing you know is a ton of Were’s are trying to attack the witches and I was still dumbfounded trying to catch up with what was going on! I was very happy they showed up when they did though because like Sookie was saying, she was supposed to be protecting Eric and keeping him out of the public eye yet here they were a few feet away from the people who wanted Eric the most! I felt very bad for Maria-Star, being hit by a car and having your legs broken has got to be the worst!

  8. 8. Claudine…where to start with her…when she was first mentioned at Merlotte’s and Sookie knew she was something else but didn’t know what I was sure what to think. I guess I figured she was a witch since Sookie had never been inside a supes brain like that. Of course then we find out that witches are just normal humans so that theory went out the window. I wasn’t sure why she was with Tara or why Tara was acting the way she was when she came upon Sookie. Then when she showed up in Sookie’s car when she was falling asleep I just couldn’t fathom who she was. I mean even Sookie said something about her being her gaurdian angle and Claudine says “not yet”. LOL. She really annoyed me on my first read of the series always being so smiley and happy then having everyone drooling over her. I was like “dumb pretty bitch!” Haha. Then when she tells us she is a fairy I was floored! I had no clue. Then she’s gone and we don’t hear about her the rest of the book…just weird I tell ya!

    • Oh Claudine. I thought it was kind of creepy that she kept showing up everywhere Sookie was. And then the fairy thing dropped and it’s not that I was surprised that there was yet another supe in Bon Temp but, I thought it was interesting that she turned out to be a fairy.

  9. 9. My feelings on all the supernatural beings…
    Were’s – I still haven’t figured out why they think they are so much better than shifters. Maybe they are just jealous because shifters can change into anything they want while Were’s only have one form they can take. I think it’s awesome that they run so hot and I was intersted to hear how their pack is laid out and some of their very unique rules.
    Shifters – When I first read this I was having trouble wrapping my head around the fact that Shifters and Were’s were so different. They like to be by themselves instead of running in a pack and then tend to be a lot more level headed about things…of course I’m basing that off of Sam. I think it’s cool that they also run on the warm side and I’m very jealous that they can change into any form they want!
    Vampires – I like how Charlaine wrote her vampires with some old and some knew theories. I can grow to be very annoyed with their possessiveness (sp) though. I mean come on people we are in the 20th century, you don’t always have to tattoo your property with “she’s mine”. I also like the way Harris wrote out their ruling in the different states with a queen or king and then several sheriffs to make sure all the rules are being followed. I also think it’s fun that they came out to the public eye.
    Witches/Wiccans – I know they are not the same but I decided to lump them together any way! I found it interesting that they are supes in one way but yet are still just humans in another aspect. I guess it’s like the rest of them except vampires…they all grow old and die like humans. I am very interested in hearing more about them throughout the books to see about the rules that they have for their…kind(?).
    Telepaths – I was again very happy to find out Sookie wasn’t the only telepath in the world. Maybe they should create message boards for them so they can get to know each other! πŸ™‚ I am hoping more crop up in the book besides just Sookie and Barry.
    Faries – Not sure what to think of them yet…I know they are beautiful and their blood is irresistable to vampires. I didn’t understand if vamps are so prone to killing a fairy why Claudine would be so open to flaunting (sp) herself around infront of a group of vamps…

    • Even though sometimes I feel Sookie’s world gets a little crowded, I love that there are so many types of supes in her world. I don’t think the books would be the same without them.

    • I completely agree with that Julie! Plus it’s fun to see how they all interact and how Charlaine decides to create them! πŸ˜€

  10. 10. I know that they police force in Bon Temps isn’t a big fan of Jason but I couldn’t believe when they started their conversation with Sookie about a panther print and maybe Jason being attacked by it to trying to say Jason was keeping Marie-Star as a sex slave and Sookie trying to help hide that part of Jason. I mean really?! That just dropped Andy and Alcee even further in my eyes. I wanted to jump through the book and slap them upside the head for trying to drag Sookie and Jason’s name through the dirt! They tried to justify it by mentioning the murders from the first book and how Jason was a suspect when we all know that he was found innocent because HE DIDN’T DO ANY OF THEM! Grr!

  11. 11. When the Vamps, Wiccans/witches and Were’s all finally met I was in shock when Bill announced that he was present. The first thing I thought was, oh crap, then I thought, he’s not going to be happy to see Sookie and Eric together, then I thought, serves him right for screwing Sookie over!
    Then when Alcide abjured Debbie I couldn’t figure out exactly what was going on at first. Then he went on to say that he basically was going to pretend she didn’t exist and that made me 1) very happy and 2) very worried! I was glad that Alcide was finally getting rid of Debbie but I was worried because I knew he didn’t fully want to do that and that put Sookie in a lot of danger since Debbie was good about blaming everything on Sookie.

  12. 12. The fight was exciting for me. I’m glad it took up a whole chapter since there were so many people invovled which means a lot of details to put in. I felt a little like we had built up for such a huge even that then only took a chapter, but at the same time it was kind of perfect. I liked that Sookie saved Pam’s life too. I really like the weird/unique friendship they have with each other!

  13. 13. The question of the day…is Eric without his memories the true Eric. I was to say that I really wish it was. He is sweet, caring, loves Sookie for her, he’s genuine…but experiences make you. You learn from your experiences they change the way you look at the world and how you see things and how you act. When Eric loses his memory he also lost all of his experiences that shaped him into being the person he was before losing his memories. Maybe at one point in time the memory-less Eric was his true self but I just don’t believe it. Don’t get me wrong, I think that maybe down the road they Eric with memories could really love Sookie and treat her like a queen but I still think he would be his tough sarcastic self…and I kinda like that version of him in the long run!

  14. 14. I knew that Debbie was pissed after she left the fight. I knew that she was going to have it out for Sookie in the long run. I just had no idea it was going to happen in this book! Sookie walking into her house to a smiling, pissed-off Debbie with a gun was just shocking! I remember thinking, “WintheF?!?!” when I first read the book. Thank God Eric was there to take the bullet for her and Thank God Sookie has fast reflexes and knew how to use a gun or she would have been shot regardless of Eric’s presence. I guess the one thing that I have always questioned and will always question is why she had to keep it a secret from the pack. I know she knew that Alcide would be hurt but remember she was defending herself and Debbie was obviously there to kill Sookie when she is in Sookie’s house with a gun! I know that Sookie was in shock with all of the other dealings but after EVERYTHING she has been through I would have figured she’d have a little more backbone and be able handle it a little better. I think it would have saved her a lot of guild to call up the pack and tell them what was going on!

  15. 15. Now this was the part that I feel Harris rushed through a bit. Maybe she should have made the book a little longer or ended it with Jason still being missing. It’s like one minute Sookie is still getting over the fight and the next minute her and Sam figure out that he must be in Hotshot and bam they have him. I would have thought maybe Hotshot would have put up more of a fight or it would have taken Sam and Sookie a little more time to decide if Jason would really be out there. Maybe a confrontation with Crystal would have occured…something! I am very glad that Jason is safe but I’ll be interested to see if he turns into a were-panther thing in the future. I feel kind of bad for him since he didn’t have any clue about a lot of supernatural issues until Sookie got involved with the Vampires but maybe this whole situation will make him finally grow up a bit!

  16. **IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT** So on our last discussion for book 10, everything will be on the table in anticipation for the release of book 11 plus the fact that after that we only have 2 more books coming out on this series. I want you all to be thinking about who you think Sookie should be with for the rest of her life or even IF she should be with anyone at all! I know who I think right now and I have already started to make a list of points for why they would be the perfect pairing but I really hope to see everyone elses ideas on that. I figured I would share this with everyone now since I already have about 6 points on who I think she should be with forever and figured it would be fun to see you all come prepared as well. πŸ™‚

  17. Some of my random thoughts and questions:
    On page 28 a little over 1/2 way down the page it says that Jason’s truck swirls are pink and purple…I thought they were pink and aqua…am I just going crazy??
    I found it interesting that Sookie feels that she can be so open with Eric compared to even Bill (pg 53) did anyone else find this weird?
    We’ve been getting to know Kevin and Kenya throughout the books and now, thanks to Sookie’s telepathy, we know that they love each other but have a lot going against them. What are your thoughts on Kevin and Kenay as individuals and what do you think of them if they ever became a couple? (pg 267)

    • Good eye hon. That is very true. I remember when I first heard the description, I thought of the truck from Kill Bill except it was yellow and purple I believe, but I just remembered crazy colors on a truck. But then again, he could have easily changed it or something and we just weren’t told so.

      I definitely found it weird. I think she was really liking new Eric over Bill or maybe she thought that once he got his memory back, he wouldn’t care or wouldn’t remember.

      That was so weird. They are both good cops and they both seem to work well together. Kenay seems very strong and smart and Kevin doesn’t seem as strong. Actually, he sort of gets lost in her shadow, but maybe that is what makes them good together. I would love to seem them as a couple, I think Bon Temps will be happy that two good cops work really well together πŸ˜€

  18. Yay! I loved this. A normal Eric was actually really nice, in a weird way LOL

    1) I was like, “What the hell?” I am with you Deanna, at first I thought it was some elaborate ploy to get Sookie after she banished him last time. But then knowing Eric, he doesn’t seem like someone who can play sensitive. It was quite shocking.

    2) I thought he was in deep trouble given his ways. But I definitely knew it was his doing one way or another. That is what I thought.

    3) Yes I was shocked. Also with Deanna, finding out that weres are so against vampires, but they will drink their blood was messed up and would get worse for Sookie.

    4) This was probably the most confusing thing ever, but I think it was because he really, really loves her. Stupid love. I love Alcide too, you all know I do, but man. It just eluded me. I couldn’t believe it. I wanted to punch some damn sense into him. Maybe he thought she will change. Women do it all the time 😦

    5) I was like, “Yes, finally!” I have been waiting for this. So with you, the shower scene was so hot, I had to take a breather LOL!

    6) Hotshot actually scared me. Just too close knit and creepy for me LOL! I was floored though with Calvin. I was like you just met her and he is already asking her to make babies with him. Though I definitely prefer this Calvin to the one on the show, he is the devil himself 😦 I was speechless though, but I did laugh LOL! But I am with you guys, I really liked him, he would have been nice for Sookie.

    7) Exactly what Deanna said. This part was crazy and fast paced. But it was so exciting, I was biting my nails. Definitely with Jen D. LOL!

    8) At first I thought she was fishy. But she grew on me. I thought she was adorable. I definitely knew she was something, but I don’t think I thought she was a witch at first though.

    9) I am with you Deanna, what makes Weres think they are better than shifters. I actually prefer Shifters since they can do it all LOL!
    There seems to be a lot of vamps, but there aren’t a lot of nice ones it seems. Have to say, Sookie is lucky she didn’t choose a crazy one.
    The witches/wiccans are interesting. They are supernatural to a point though. I am with you Deanna, I want to learn more about them as well. They are human, but just do more.
    I can’t even say telepaths because we only know two. I hope we can find more, but given that Ben is the only other and he is scared to death of everything, can’t say much LOL!
    Fairies were a surprise for me in this series. When I think of vampires and werewolves, fairies just don’t fit. I always think of cute little pixies with pointed ears and shiny wings LOL! But I like that this series puts them in a different light. I am with you Deanna, Claudine knows what her blood does to vamps and there she was giggling away LOL
    So true Jen, this series is great because of how much characters and supernatural beings there are.

    10) I was pissed actually. The town knows that Sookie isn’t normal and I think they used Jason’s mishap to try and take them both down, especially Alcee, I disliked him more than Andy. How dare they call themselves cops? Their assumption was just dumb as hell.

    11) I was shocked about Bill and knew things would blow up in his face and when Alcide abjured Debbie? I was so happy that he was growing a backbone when it came to her, but then I quickly changed that and said, “What if this is a show for Sookie?” 😦 Nonetheless, this part was intense.

    12) I liked it. It was nice we saw everyone take part in it and it didn’t focus on just certain people. Agreed with you there Deanna, Sookie saving Pam was a highlight for me. It amazes how they get along, I hope they portrait that soon on the show.

    13) I actually think so. But like you said, experience makes you who you are and Eric has 1000 years worth of experience. Hell over that amount of time, he can be anybody and everybody LOL! But I like both versions of Eric. I think it will just take time for him to adjust to Sookie no matter how much he may care for her. He is not the vulnerable type. I seriously can’t wait to see sensitive Eric on True Blood, it will be unforgettable LOL

    14) I was shocked as hell. I mean I knew Debbie would have went after Sookie again, one way or another. But to go to Sookie’s house and wait for her with a gun?! She was off her rocker, crazy as hell. I would have at least respected her if she approached her face to face. Sookie has a lot of fight in her, it would have been a nice fight. But man, Debbie got was she deserved. Sookie was just lucky to have that gun where she had it or she would have been toast 😦

    15) I thought the same thing! I had to do a double take. The book should have been longer or ended with them finding a clue and then start book 5 with them following the lead or something. This isn’t the first time this happened in her series though, but I can’t get use to it. It is just odd and feels a tad bit rushed.

    At the end of this, my first question was what will Sookie tell Alcide and how will it effect him? Because Debbie may be crazy and homicidal and Sookie had every right, but Alcide doesn’t really pay attention to reason when it comes to Debbie.

    Also wanted to know why Jason was hiding? I mean he knows about Sookie’s powers and she over everyone else would have understood his situation. He could have at least told Sookie, she would have helped him first.

    • That is such a good question Diana! I mean Alcide has already shown us in the past that he doesn’t think when it comes to Debbie even when Sookie flat out told him that Debbie had tried to kill her! I guess I wouldn’t know how Sookie should go about telling Alcide that she had to kill Debbie to defend herself…maybe it was a good thing that Sookie didn’t tell the Were’s after all.

      I am a little confused by your second question. Why Jason is hiding what?

      -I’m glad I’m not alone with feeling the book was a bit rushed at the end, but you are right…several of her books end like that.
      -I never really thought about how a one on one fight between Debbie and Sookie would be like but it would have rocked! Debbie might have been a shifter and strong but you are right that Sookie has a lot of fight in her.
      – I do think there is a sensitive side to the real Eric but I like his sparky personality throughout all the books. I am also very excited to see the sensitive, non-sarcastic Eric on TrueBlood this next season…he’s very attractive!
      -I have been unlucky since I haven’t been able to see season 3 of TrueBlood yet but I’m sad to hear they haven’t shown the friendship blooming between Sookie and Pam yet. Maybe this season it will finally come through.
      -Yeah I think Alcide abjuring Debbie might have been a show for Sookie but I also think it had something to do with the fact that she was now a friend of the Shreveport pack and since Debbie had done something towards Sookie and finally admitted it infront of the entire pack, action had to be taken.
      -I really dislike Alcee too especially after the book goes more indepth about how much of a dirty cop he really is. I’m glad Catfish was with Sookie and the cops when this all happen and I grew a LOT of respect for him when he stood up for Sookie and Jason!
      -Diana I completely agree with you on the Fairy thing. I never really put them in with vamps and Were’s but it is still a nice twist. I had always thought of Fairies in the aspect of tinkerbell until I read the Fever Series.
      -Hotshot definitely gives me the creeps too. I’m very sad to hear that the Calvin they portray in the show is evil. 😦 I’m also shocked that he has already been introduced since we just meet him in Book 4. I can’t wait till the end of May when season 3 is released on DVD!

      • I do agree with that hon. I hope Alcide never finds out. I think he would understand Sookie’s situation, but I can’t say the rest about the wolf pack and we know they would find out 😦

        Sorry about the second question. I meant Jason should have know that Sookie would be worried sick about him. It just didn’t seem like he was trying to find them or at least let her know he was okay. Unless I missed something 😦

        Good point there. I never thought of Faeries being scary until this and the Fever series. I don’t even think of Tinkerbell anymore LOL!

        Agreed. I said that when they showed Calvin. I was like, ” It is too soon for him”, but I like that he is different from the book. He will bring a lot of interesting twists to the show I believe.

      • In this book Jason is kidnapped and locked up at Hotshot. He has no way of getting out or telling Sookie was is going on with him. He doesn’t even know when she visits Hotshot the one time before her and Sam figure out what must have happend to him. The one guy, his name has slipped my mind right now, was jealous that Jason and Crystal were together and thought that changing Jason would make Crystal want him less. So he took Jason and locked him in the shed out by his house and every night he changed into a were-panther to bite Jason to make him become a shifter as well. I hope all of that makes sense. I think because Sookie has so much experience with the supernatural that he will use her as a go-to person to help him through this.
        I really hope that answers your question on that. πŸ™‚

  19. Oh another thing I was curious about was why Tara felt that she had to lie to Sookie about remembering what had happened in Mississippi at Club Dead! Sookie mentioned that she knew Tara remembered but Tara felt like she had to pretend she had forgotten everything to keep her safe. So did the vamps try to erase her memory but for some reason it didn’t work on Tara? If they tried to erase her memory and it didn’t work, then what is up with Tara to be resistant to their mind controlling capabilities? And why is she hanging out with Claudine??

    • I asked the same thing, but it doesn’t seem we will ever get to know. It seemed random to me. But if Tara has powers, I would love to know how. That was why I was suspicious of Claudine when she was hanging out with Tara. I just thought what were the chances, you know? 😦

  20. Other random question…which way do you like my comments to be posted? I’ve tried both the long comment answering all the questions that I wanted and then doing each question in it’s own comment section. Which one do you ladies prefer?

    • I like either way, but I think maybe each question having its own comment. I think it would be easier for us to follow and whoever answers first can just add on. I was just going back and looking at yours and then at mine and I realized it can be a little troublesome following it the long way.

    • Ok that answers my question. I know it makes it look crazy having a ton of comments to read but I figured if I answer a questions that someone really wants to comment on then they can under that comment and then if there is a question I answer that no one really wants to talk about then they can just move onto the next one. But that also keeps things a little less confusing when people just want to talk about one question/comment compared to all the others.

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