Some Fun for the Week #13

Welcome to another Monday featuring a sexy man and some things that hopefully make you laugh and brighten your day! This is the start of Spring Break week for me but that includes just getting off work at dispatch at 7 and heading straight to my other job for a couple hours. 😦

Jake Gyllenhaal is our featured man of the week.  He is so very sexy and I have enjoyed several movies he has been in…and not just because he is attractive. The Day After Tomorrow was probably when I first noticed Jake as an up-in-coming sexy man…then Jarhead came around and I really took notice! I was thinking “Hello sexy! Can you be my future ex husband?!?!” 😉  The one thing I have got to say is, if you find Jake sexy and you have not seen Love and Other Drugs…WATCH THE MOVIE!  It is very hot! (Be warned that you do see Anne Hathaway’s boobs a lot) I am looking forward to seeing his new movie coming out, Source Code, and I hope to see tons more of him in the future.  Jake is very attractive and he looks good clean-shaven and scruffy! Though not many guys look bad with some facial hair and a little bit longer hair…something to hold onto right ladies?  Ok, I really didn’t just say that did I?  Crap…

…so onto some fun for the week.

So I have heard SEVERAL people talk about the site People of Walmart but I have never visited it…until today!  I seriously can’t believe some of the things people wear out in public! Check these out…

There are tons upon TONS of pictures at the website! I just can’t believe how many overweight women wear clothes that are about 5 times to small for them, how many people go shopping in literally their bra and underwear, how many men walk around shirtless, and just so many other crazy stuff! You will see photos and your jaw will drop cuz you can’t believe your eyes!


7 responses to “Some Fun for the Week #13

  1. Oh. My… Wow. I feel really bad gawking at those Wal-Mart photos, but…Wow!

    • I know! It’s like you want to look away but then it’s so horrible you can’t. It’s similar to when there is an automobile accident and people drive by and they can’t help but look even though they know they shouldn’t!

  2. Omg, LOL! Wallmarts is sure a sight

  3. OMG I love People of Walmart. I usually end up crying from how hard I’m laughing.

    • LOL. I have always heard people talk about People of Walmart but I had never experienced it myself. I decided I wanted to change it up a bit for my weekly fun post and I couldn’t help but have my eyes and mouth completely wide open in astonishment of what these people were wearing!

  4. Awesome, that’s exactly what I was scanning for! You just spared me alot of searching around
    I also strongly recommend to watch Source Code online, it’s awesome movie, rating A+

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