Meme Day 2: Wish more people had read and watched

Welcome back to day two of this fun reading and movie meme.  I was very happy to have some participation yesterday from some of my wonderful blogging friends and I hope to keep getting some participation.  I really do enjoy reading everyone elses interests.  For one it gives me some ideas on things that I should check out and secondly, it shows me the things that I do have in common with my friends!

A book you wish more people had read and movie that you wish more people had watched

A Dog Named Slugger is an amazing book!  I fell in love with this book and I’m so happy that I stumbled on it through NetGalley.  This book really shows you the bond that someone can have with a dog and how a dog can mean everything to someone.  You meet Leigh Brill, a woman with cerebral palsy, trying to make her way through college.  She learns about service dogs and how they can really help out with the challenges she faces every day.  This book lays out Leigh Brill’s life of going through the process of becoming a service dog owner to the love they two feel for each other.  Slugger is amazing and you will aquire a new appreciation for service dogs.  You can find my review HERE for this amazing book!  If you ever get around to reading it, which you REALLY should, let me know what you think! 😀

Going along with the same theme from above…dogs…for movies I’d have to say:

So I watched this movie one night with my parents on a whim.  I didn’t even know what it was about but it had a dog in it, so I’m all there!  By the end of this movie, I am not even joking here, my Mom and I were both bawling our eyes out!  The story is sooooooo touching.  The basics is that there is a dog that has an owner that loves him very much.  This dog is so attached to his owner that he escorts him to the train station every morning to see him off to work, because the owner can’t keep him from breaking out of the back yard, and every night when it’s owner gets off the train after work Hatchi is waiting for him. (I’m starting to tear up…) So one day the owner doesn’t show up at the train station, it is because he has suffered a heart attach and has passed away, but that dog waits for him still…every day…in the same spot…did I mention every day, until the day that he dies.  It’s just so touching, just make sure you have tissues in hand when you watch this, if you don’t like crying infront of other people then watch it alone, but please try this movie out!  It’s amazing.  😀

What are some books you wish more people had read?  What are some movies you wished more people had watched?  Let me know and I’ll check them out! 😀


5 responses to “Meme Day 2: Wish more people had read and watched

  1. Hmm…I’m going with Rachel Caine’s Weather Warden series because it’s a fantastic series and for whatever reason I don’t see a lot of people talking about it.

    As for movie….I’m going with Garden State. It’s my all time fave!

    • Well see here, those are two things that I haven’t been able to look into. I haven’t read the Weather Warden Series, which I know you talked about on the last post, and I haven’t seen Garden State…I guess it looks like I need to make note of both of these and check them out. Then I’ll get back to you on my thoughts. 😀

  2. Oooh that is a great question. Book I wish more people read would be The Unquiet Ghost by Adam Hochschild. Definitely different from my urban fantasy preferences, but still. I read this in a couple of years ago for college. I wouldn’t have heard of this book otherwise. This is the very first nonfiction book I have read and it was just heartbreaking. It was about the after affects of Stalin’s reign in Russia. How most seem to act as though what he did never happened. I thought I would be bored with this, but this is still one of the best books I have ever read and one that had me in tears.

    As for movies, well there are plenty of films I have seen that a lot of people have never heard of just because I am huge on indie and foreign flicks. So to choose just one, I will go with Princess Aurora. This is probably the only horror movie you will cry over. The ending will knock you over your head. It is a South Korean movie and it is about a woman who is suffering from the death of her daughter, so to help grieve, she goes out and kills people in the most brutal ways possible. I know that may be graphic for some people, but I swear to you, the ending will make it worth the watch. If you like horror or can withstand it, I highly recommend catching this movie.

    • Fantastic! A book and a movie that I will make note of and when I get them read and watched I will let you know what I think. This has been so much fun to learn about other movies and books I’ve never heard of before. 🙂 I have also noticed that school books seem to make an impact. I love Of Mice and Men, The Great Gatsby, Romeo & Juliet, 1984, and The Giver all books that I had to read for English classes in middle school/high school that I still love today and will remain on my bookshelf!

      • That is so awesome, happy you enjoyed it. I hope you get the chance to see the flick and read the book. I am so with you, a lot of the books I was forced to read in school were actually worth it. I thank all my English teachers even the one I couldn’t stand that introduced me to a favorite (A Prayer For Owen Meany). It is so cool that they don’t kill us with boredom LOL! Can’t wait to hear your thoughts when you get around to them 🙂

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