Weekly Update – March 27 – April 2

This weeks update will include some information on my Equine Repro class foaling project, the reading that did not occur (damn), the start of my first meme, my up-in-coming week posts, and a little snippet of my 3rd visitation with my birth-son and his parents.  Lots of things going on and I’ll try to make this all very short! 😀

This weeks highlight was that our mare had her foal!  In my Equine Repro class we were assigned a mare that we had to track up to foaling and for a few weeks afterwards.  She wasn’t due until next Monday, 4/4, but she was showing a lot of signs that she was going to foal early.  We did one over night watch on Tuesday night/Wednesday morning with no success of a foal.  We were all very tired when we headed out there Wednesday night but we all had our fingers crossed that we would have a foaling take place.  At 1:09 am on Thursday morning I received a call from the girl who was out on her 30 minute watch in the barn that our mare, Mo, had her water break.  At 1:26 am we had an adorable colt (male) on the ground.  I will be talking about this a bit more and have more pictures (better pictures), and a video, to share on Thursday.

Due to our fun two nights of foaling packed stuff I was unable to catch up on the reading that I really wanted, and needed, to do!  So hopefully this weekend will bring about finishing Dead as a Doornail by Charlaine Harris and starting AND finishing Definitely Dead by Charlaine as well.  I really want to get that one read before this weeks discussion since I didn’t participate enough in last Sundays (very upset with myself about that).  I’m hoping that next week I can finish All Together Dead as well as Water for Elephants! (*Crossing Fingers*)

Yesterday started my very first meme about reading and movies.  I am so happy to have some participation from my blogging friends in answering these questions along with me!  Trust me, I am making notes and taking names so that when I get around to some of the books and movies that you mention I will get back to you and let you know what I think. 😀  Some of these questions are a bit tough to think through my entire mind of books and movies I’ve read and watched to answer them perfectly but I’m trying my best.  😀

My Dad, My Mom, My Son, Me, and My Sister

My big event for a week from today, on April 9th, is that I am going to have my 3rd visit with my son and his parents.  I am very excited to see them all again and be able to catch up.  I saw him last in December right after his first birthday, so it will be great to see how big he is getting and see what he is enjoying to do right now.  We meet up at a restaurant, eat, talk and play for about 2 hours and then head our separate ways.  I think it is so great that they are so comfortable with me since we had agreed on doing one visit a year and we had two last year and we are already going to have one this year.  It makes me happy that I can see him more often and I love that they are going to tell him from the beginning that I’m his birthmom so it’s not a huge secret we are trying to keep.  I’ll update you more on that the week of the 10th-16th.

This Weeks Posting Schedule (I’ve got my work cut out for me!):
Sunday: Link to Definitely Dead Discussion at Jen’s Blog
Meme Day 3 – Favorite Recent Book and Movie
Monday: Some Fun for the Week
Meme Day 4 – Favorite Book and Movie EVER
Tuesday: Book Review – Dead as a Doornail by Charlaine Harris
Meme Day 5 – A Book and Movie You Hate
Wednesday: Meme Day 6 – Your Favorite Writer and Director
Thursday: Foaling Project Pictures and Video
Meme Day 7 – A Writer and Director you Don’t Like
Friday: Book Review – Definitely Dead by Charlaine Harris
Meme Day 8 – Your Favorite Work in Translation
Saturday: Weekly Update
Meme Day 9 – Best Scene Ever in a Book and a Movie
Sunday: Discussion Post for All Together Dead by Charlaine Harris
Meme Day 10 – A Book and a Movie You Thought You Wouldn’t Like but Ended up Loving

4 responses to “Weekly Update – March 27 – April 2

  1. Can’t wait to hear more about all this awesome stuff going on. And don’t beat yourself up. We managed to create quite a lofty goal for ourselves and this re-read but, we’ll get through it together. 😉

  2. Yey for the foal coming early! Liking your book and movie meme!

    • Thanks for the congrats, it has been very exciting! I’m also happy that you are enjoy the book and movie meme. I did see at one time that you had been working your way through the reading portion of this. Did you ever get through the whole thing?

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