Meme Day 4: Favorite Book and Movie EVER!

What is your favorite Book EVER and what is your favorite Movie EVER?

The way I am thinking about this question is, if I was stuck on a desert island for the rest of my life and I could only take one book and one movie with me to watch and read FOREVER what would they be?!  I can’t wait to see others responses. 😀

It’s sometimes very hard for me to think in single books…for the longest time I’ve read series of books with maybe a standalone book sprinkled here and there.  So try to decide on just one book to read is very difficult.  So I’m going with…

The reason why I’m going with To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee is because it is one of the only books that I constantly think about from my high school days.  I read this my sophomore year of English and I LOVED it!  I own it now and it will forever hold a place on my book shelf.  😀  I decided that if I still think about it all these years later than it must just be good enough to take on a desert island and read for the rest of my days.

Runners Up: 1984 by George Orwell, Pride & Prejudice by Jane Austen and The Diary of Anne Frank

This is by far one of my favorite movies EVER! I love all of the characters, the suspense, the love, the comedy, it’s just a fantastic movie!  Bruce Willis is one of my favorite actors in the world so that is a major plus in the movie.  Any time it is on TV I can’t change the channel, even though I’ve seen it about 100+ times. (Wish I could say I was exaggerating on that fact).  LOVE THIS MOVIE!

Runners Up: The Breakfast Club, Boondock Saints, and The Mighty Ducks

What is your favorite book EVER? What is your favorite movie EVER?  Again, anything you tell me I vow to make a note of it, read it or watch it, and then get back to you and let you know what I think! 🙂


13 responses to “Meme Day 4: Favorite Book and Movie EVER!

  1. Best book is Magician by Raymond R Feist and best movie, well there are 5 and it depends on my mood
    Grosse Pointe Blank
    True Romance
    The Boondock Saints

    • I’ve never heard of that book before…I am officially making a note of it right now to look into this summer and get back to you on what I think. I’ve never seen Grosse Pointe Blank, True Romance, Goodfellas or Equilibrium! I’ve got a nice set of movies that need to go on my Netflix account to wach it looks like! I’m so glad to see another Boondock Saints fan! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THAT MOVIE!

  2. OMG I can’t stand that question because to me it’s like saying “Which is your favorite child!”. Not that I hold my books at the same level as my kids, but you know what I mean. I honestly can’t pick just one. I can’t. I’ve tried and I can’t. Besides, most of what I read are series so you can’t just pick one…lol
    Movie. I LOVE The Princess Bride and When Harry Met Sally and Love Actually. All tied. I don’t care if I’m supposed to pick just one. I can’t…so bite me. 😉

    • LOL, I know the book one is very hard. That’s why this one took me forever to decide but under my thought of the desert island and only being able to choose one, that’s how my selection came about. Of course if this was what is your favorite series ever and I was stuck on a desert island, I’d probably take the night huntress because it has all the elements that I need…comedy, a good story line, and of course some hot sex! 😀 I love The Princess Bride and When Harry Met Sally, I don’t think I’ve ever seen Love Actually, I’ll have to check it out! 😀

  3. LMAO @ Julie.

    Favorite book: Psssh….can’t name just one. It’s IMPOSSIBLE.
    Favorite movie: Garden State!

    • I also LOOOOVE Boondock Saints.

      ‘Get your stupid fuckin’ rope.’ LOL!!

    • Haha, you and Julie, not following instructions and just picking one. 😉 Garden State, you’ve mentioned it again…it is on my Netflix account…I need to start watching my Netflix movies more frequently since I only get one at a time!

    • Boondock Saints is the shit! Yep it is! All this talk of Boondock Saints is making me want to watch it…maybe that will be my after test movie…

  4. Movie is easy The Mummy! I’ve actually had to buy a second copy of that film because I killed my previous copy watching it so much. Sometimes I just watch the same film over and over again all day until my guy comes home and makes me turn it off 😦
    I’m stuck between Dance Upon the Air by Nora Roberts, Murder Game by Christine Feehan and Sense and Sensibility. It’s too hard to pick one! I find Armageddon just too sad! 😦

    • The Mummy is a good movie! I never would have imagined that it would make someones top favorite movie. That is awesome, I have officially been shocked (in a good way of course). I’ve never read Dance Upon the Air or Murder Game so I’ll place those on my list to check out for sure! Sense and Sensibility is great. 🙂 Armageddon is very sad at the end, but I think it’s the whole sacrificing for the sake of everyone else that I find so awesome and can’t seem to get enough of the movie. Plus some of the characters are just so funny!

  5. Wow, you guys have some good ones. Couldn’t believe there is a Mummy. But I understand it. It is the best one in the series and I have seen at least more than 20 times. Glad to meet more Garden State and Boondock Saints fans. You guys are awesome!

    But holy crap this is a loaded question for me. Choosing a favorite book is too difficult since I have lots of favorite books/authors. Is it possible to choose favorite series? I don’t know, this is killing me! LOL! Need to ponder on this.

    Favorite movie? That is so hard, I have a lot of favorite films, but here are my most possible top 5 favorite films of all time *subject to change* (in no particular order) LOL

    1. Alien (1979) – Have seen more times than I can count and no sci-fi flick will ever be as creepy as this.

    2. Amelie (2001) – Greatest romantic comedy EVER! I know actual straight men that love this movie as much as I do. It is too incredible to miss. If you haven’t seen it, you really, really should.

    3. Memento (2000) – Simply, a masterpiece. One of the most original films you will ever see. The entire film is told in reverse chronological order. This is the reason Christopher Nolan is one of my favorite directors in the world.

    4. V For Vendetta (2006) – This may be a superhero flick, but given the subject matter in the movie, it was not that far fetched. I cried at parts of this movie.

    5. Fight Club (1999) – Edward Norton, Jared Leto and Brad Pitt shirtless and in skintight jeans, enough said. LOL! Kidding, but those are good enough reasons to watch this. I loved this movie just because you wouldn’t have thought it was a sci-fi film. It is hilarious as hell, gross, and has a big twist at the end that you would have never seen coming.

    • LOL, I know the books is a very hard one…but try to think of one. 🙂 I loved Alien, I’m glad to see another V for Vendetta fan since so many people did not like that movie, Fight Club is great…Brad Pitt at his yummy stage (you know, before he decided to cheat on and leave is wife for Angelina). I have not seen Amelie, but I’ve heard it’s great and I have not seen Memento either. Looks like I have a couple more movies to add to my Netflix account. 🙂

      • So late here LOL! I know a lot of V for Vendetta. I don’t understand how someone can’t like it, it is just amazing. Hope you catch Amelie and Memento, they are both great films especially Amelie. That is a movie that will not disappoint 🙂

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