Meme Day 5: A Book and A Movie You Hate

A book you hated and a movie you hated.

This one was really very easy for me to choose in the movie category.  There is only one movie that comes to my mind as one that I never want to see again and even thinking of it makes me angry…books was a little different…

Now again, this was really hard for me to decide on.  The reason I didn’t like this book could have been because I listened to it as an audiobook instead of reading it myself.  It is a Novella so it was very short but there were things I just couldn’t wrap my head around that I think made it very hard for me to understand.  I mean a baby born with the mind, body and appearance of a 70+ year old who ages backwards to die as a 70+ year old who has the mind, body and appearance of a baby?!  IDK…I know it’s a classic but for some reason I just couldn’t get into it.  You can check out my review HERE.

I HATED this movie!  I really thought I was going to like it at first but the whole concept just angers me.  I have never seen it again and I will never watch it again!  The concept that this Angel falls in love with a mortal was touching.  He decides to give up his eternal life to be with a human, how sweet.  Now bear in mind people, this is going to be a HUGE SPOILER!!!  So SPOILER ALERT! Stop reading if you think you will ever watch this movie!!!!  The end just SUCKS!  They fall in love, he has given up his eternal life as an angel to be with her, they have a wonderful night of some hot lovin and the next morning she is riding her bike down the hill at Lake Tahoe and decides, instead of watching the road and being safe, that she wants to throw her hands out to the sides and put her face to the sky soaking in the day.  When she looks back down there is a log truck that is across the entire road, she hits it, she dies, and the angel is left to live the rest of his human life without the woman he gave everything up for.  The leader angel dude says something to the effect of, “Well you chose to become a human, now you have to deal with the reality of being a human.”  REALLY, W.T.F?!?!?!  So that is why I hated it and think it’s the dumbest movie EVER!  The End. 😛

What is a book you hated??  What is a movie you hated??


14 responses to “Meme Day 5: A Book and A Movie You Hate

  1. I really like that movie and then BANG! WTF!?? Worst ending ever. So perhaps that could be my movie too

    As for worst, ok I do hate James Joyce’s Portrait with a vengeance but I will just pick any Meyer book cos they are so badly written

    • Yeah that’s the worst part of the movie. You are really enjoying it while you’re watching it and then the end hits and it ruined the entire movie! 😦 Meyer? Who is that? What’s a book in particular so that I can make sure to not check them out!

    • Thanks to Diana’s comment I understand what Meyer you are talking about. Stephanie Meyer…it’s funny cuz I really enjoyed the Twilight books.

  2. This is going to be the most boring answer ever because I honestly have never disliked a book enough to say I hated it and I don’t recall the movie I hated the most. I know there are some that I saw that I really disliked…but I can’t remember them right now. Other than Superbad. I watched an hour of it then told Jason to turn it off because it was not funny and dumb and…NOT funny! I guess that’s it. So there you go. Worst. Answer. Ever. 😉

    • LOL, that wasn’t the worst answer ever! I actually just thought of another movie I absolutely hated (thanks for mentioning Superbad) I hated Nepoleon Dynamite yet everyone and their mother, litterally, loved it! I got through about 10 minutes of the movie, felt dumber just watching that far along and turned it off! That would be my second movie I absoltuely hated. I understand that you haven’t found a book you really hated…of course you could have mentioned a book you really disliked.

      • You hate Napoleon Dynamite?! Oh that is so wrong! I loved that movie. It was so off, but I couldn’t stop laughing and Dynamite is still one of the most unique characters ever. It wasn’t trying to be a smart movie, it knew what it was and that is why it is a cult classic. Well to me anyway LOL! By the way, my mom didn’t like it all LOL!

      • LOL, see…everyone loved it! It was a huge rave here in this college town as well. But litterally all of my sisters friends loved it and all of their Mom’s loved it too. They all talked about it all the time. I know that it wasn’t trying to be a smart movie but I just couldn’t make myself watch it. I just didn’t understand the huge rave. Oh and the other reason it was such a hit was because the writer and director went to our high school. Not at the time but he graduated from there. Still no desire to watch it. LOL.

  3. Let’s see, worst book. Easy, Twilight. So with blodeuedd, Meyer is not a great writer. The Twilight series is unimaginative and the only thing that sells those books are the leading boys who I find boring as hell and Bella is the most terrible lead on the face of the Earth. And another thing, why would a 100 year old vampire choose to stay in a high school in a podunk, nowhere town? Of all the places choose from, why? No one likes or liked high school, why choose to stay there? Seriously, Twilight is just a dreadful and extremely watered down version of the Anita Blake series except there is no imagination and the characters are boring, whiny, lovesick puppies.

    Movie I hate, well there are a lot, but one I really hate is Transformers 2. I enjoyed Transformers 1, it wasn’t the greatest, but it was fun and made sense. Loved it so much I watched it three times in one week, so I had high hopes for part 2 even though Bay was in the director’s chair. Man was I wrong. One of the biggest disappointments ever. Sad to say I watched it twice because I thought the first time I was bamboozled or something. I fell asleep, in IMAX. Which I thought was impossible considering how loud this was, so when I woke up, I knew there was something I was missing. Saw it the second time, it made less sense. This movie does not have a plot. Bay had multiple chances to create a plot in this movie and didn’t take advantage of it. It pissed me off. This movie is, literally, $200 million worth of shit. Bay doesn’t use the Transformers as the cool robots they are, he uses them as a distraction for you to forget that his movie makes no sense and goes all over the place. Also hate how Bay said this was a kids film when there were things that weren’t appropriate for children in this movie. Seriously Bay, what is the sense in giving a robot big clanging balls? It is a ROBOT! I am sorry, but I will forever hold a grudge against this man and what he did to one of my favorite childhood cartoons. Screw you Bay!

    • LMAO, see and I really enjoyed the Twilight books. I completely agree with Bella, she is so very annoying. Do I go with Edward or Jacob, I love Edward, but I kinda like Jacob, well Edwards gone so I guess I’ll start to flirt with Jacob, oh wait…Edwards back, Screw you Jacob. *rolls eyes*. The only other thing I have to say is I do believe that the vampires move around between different towns and I also think the reason they chose a po-dunk town is because they didn’t want to make a scene and knew with a small town they could get away with a lot more than any big town…like taking the kids out of school for days on end just because it was sunny.

      “This movie is, literally, $200 million worth of shit.” LOL. I also enjoyed Transformers 1…I can’t say that I HATED Transformers 2, but it wasn’t memorible because I can’t think of what really happened or what it was completely about. I do remember the robot with the clanging balls and was thinking, “why they hell does that have to be in this movie?!” I am still looking forward to Transformers 3…I hope it doesn’t disappoint. Plus I’m not going to lie, Shia Labeouf is very easy on the eyes. 😀 😉 😛

      • LOL! I can’t stand Bella. She is just awful and dumb. Instead of fighting for the guys she loves, she cries and moans then makes out with Jacob. Oh yeah, you are heartbroken alright LOL!

        I definitely hated Transformers 2. There just wasn’t a focal point in the movie, it just felt thrown together at the last minute. I am not sure about Transformers 3 especially since Megan Fox won’t be in it, but I am with you, I will watch it for Shia *yum*

  4. I don’t usually see Westerns, but recently I watched Jeremiah Johnson( it had 4 freakin’ stars) and it was about to be a good film until the end! Kind of like that stupid pear scene you mentioned in City of Angels…when I think of it I just cringe because it could have been a good film. Anyway it was sort of the same with Jeremiah Johnson minus the angel but there was a girl named Swan.
    As for books there was one that I loved until the end, then I was so mad. I can’t remember which it was…I probably blocked it out. Lol.

    • LOL. I do enjoy a good Western but I don’t believe I’ve heard of Jeremiah Johnson…I’ll have to check it out. I am sure the reason you blocked out the one book you didn’t like was because it was so bad. I am sure there are several books I’ve read through my life that I did not enjoy very much and thus have completely forgotten about them.

      Thank you very much for stopping by my site! 😀

  5. Hmmm..I really hated Breaking Dawn by Stephanie Meyers. Like…really!!!! LOL

    Movie – I haven no idea..I don’t watch a ton of movies….

    • Haha, I’ve seen a few other people mention they weren’t big fans of the Twilight series. I really enjoyed them all…I guess I was expecting a bit more at the end.

      Mandi, you don’t want a lot of movies because you are always reading! Haha. That’s of course not a bad thing at all…I just love entertainment of any kind so I always make time for movies.

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