Dead as a Doornail by Charlaine Harris (Sookie Stackhouse #5)

Fantasy, Mystery, Romance
295 pages
Ace Books
Released: May 2005
Sookie Stackhouse Series #5

3.5/5 Stars

When she is not waitressing or preoccupied with her own amorous adventures, telepath Sookie Stackhouse is tracking down a serial killer of shapeshifters. Her sleuthing is partly altruistic, but she’s also trying to save her were-panther brother, Jason, who has become the chief suspect in the crime.
Sookie’s got just a month, before the next full moon, to find out who wants her brother dead – and to stop the fiend! Sookie Stackhouse enjoys her life, mostly. She’s a great cocktail waitress in a fun bar; she has a love life, albeit a bit complicated, and most people have come to terms with her telepathy. The problem is, Sookie wants a quiet life – but things just seem to happen to her and her friends. Now her brother Jason’s eyes are starting to change: he’s about to turn into a were-panther for the first time. She can deal with that, but her normal sisterly concern turns to cold fear when a sniper sets his deadly sights on the local changeling population. She afraid not just because Jason’s at risk, but because his new were-brethren suspect Jason may be the shooter. Sookie has until the next full moon to find out who’s behind the attacks – unless the killer decides to find her first.

I really did forget how much stuff happens in this book.  The first time I read through the series I read them so fast that I forgot a lot of details and I forgot how important this book really was.  I kept thinking that it wasn’t one of my favorites, well the reason that is, is that this book is one of those books that gives you some details that are necessary for future books.  It’s slightly a filler but I still forgot how much excitement happens in it.

You’ve got the shooter who is targeting all shifters, Sookie’s house being set on fire, private investigators looking into the disappearance of Debbie Pelt which Sookie knows more about then we think,  the Shreveport pack leader’s funeral, the competition for the next pack master, meeting Quinn…the big, tough, sexy Quinn, and then a few other side stories.

The one confusing part in this story is when Claude is introduced at the very beginning…if you haven’t read any of the short stories you will be a little confused at this part but other than that you don’t need to worry about the short stories yet.

This book is packed with mystery, our favorite characters, up and down emotions, vampires, shapeshifters and were’s…it’s a wonderful book but not one that you’ll be able to pick up and read alone.  If you read this one before reading the others in the series you would be very confused at what was going on.  I still forget how fast of reads these books are.  They are very enjoyable and easy to get into, Charlaine is a great author and has a way with characters! 🙂

The Sookie Stackhouse Series:
Dead Until Dark
Living Dead in Dallas
Club Dead
Dead to the World
Dead as a Doornail
Definitely Dead
All Together Dead
From Dead to Worse
Dead and Gone
Dead to the Family
Dead Reckoning (May 3, 2011)


3 responses to “Dead as a Doornail by Charlaine Harris (Sookie Stackhouse #5)

  1. I plan to wait until all are out before reading book 10 and so on 😉

  2. Yeah you’ll probably be waiting till 2013 before all of these books in this series are completely out, unless Charlaine decides to release the last two books in one year…

  3. Great review hon, I agree with that. I hate it when Harris does that especially with book 6. A lot of people were complaining about that and so was I until I found that the story actually starts in 5.5 short story. It is a little annoying putting some important parts into a short book and then immediately going to the next book. A lot of people don’t or didn’t know (like myself) that there were shorts 😦 Nonetheless, I still liked this, so happy we met Quinn. Great review again hon and thank you 🙂

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