Meme Day 7: Author and Director you Don’t like

An author you don’t like. A director/producer/writer you don’t like.

This one is going to be very hard for me.  Like I stated Yesterday, I don’t really watch movies because of a director/producer/writer.  The only thing I remember when it comes to movies is the title and the actors/actresses.  So I’m not sure about that one.  Then author I don’t like is really hard because I haven’t really come across a writer I didn’t like…

Again, it’s been very hard for me to ever find an author I didn’t really like.  I am not a person that is hard to please when it comes to entertainment.  However, the only work I have ever read from Lori Foster was her short story in The Guy Next Door and I was not impressed at all.  I should also say that I haven’t read an anthology before and I didn’t know what to expect.  I thought that authors would write a short story that had a beginning, middle and end.  I know some authors use them as spin-offs of their series and such but I didn’t think they would blatently use them as a way to make you buy their new series set to be released.  Lori did that with her story and I was so depressed.  It made me feel like I was missing something and the only way to fill it was buy getting her next novel.  The problem was, instead of getting excited with antisipation I was mad about it.  So this really turned me off of her writing…I don’t know if I should even try picking up another book by her because this ending left me with a bad taste in my mouth. You can check out my review for the anthology HERE.

Runners Up: None that I can think of right now…I mainly judge books on content not author.

As for a movie director, movie writer or movie producer…I’ve got nothing!  LOL.  I was going to just put the director of City of Angels, Brad Silberling (a movie I hate, check out Meme day 5 HERE) but then when I saw that he had also directed Casper and A Series of Unfortunate Events that idea went out the window because I like both of those movies.  So I am again clueless as to who to choose…so I’ll leave that up to anyone else interested in answer this question.  And, I’m making note that I need to pay more attention to these details. 😀

Runners Up: Obviously none, but ditto to my comment on books…I ususally judge movies based on the movie not the actors, actresses, or behind the scenes people.

What is an author you do not really like?  Do you have a movie director, producer, or writer that you don’t really care for their work?


2 responses to “Meme Day 7: Author and Director you Don’t like

  1. I’m the same with a film I can’t pick one because I don’t go for directors although the woman who did Marie Antoinette, Sofia whats her face annoys me. I don’t think she’s all that amazing as she was made out to be here in the UK.
    For authors I would have to say hands down Charles Dickens! Lol. Down side of being an english student is having to study him, I just find his work so boring and lifeless and depressing but I know he’s been true to the time he was writing I just still can’t stand his books.
    OMG! I cry! I love Lori Foster! Try one of her full length books, she has a new book out on the 26th April called When You Dare (romantic suspense) and I really enjoyed it! She does some good books but she also does some bad ones too so sadly she’s never on my auto-buy list but she does short series of about 4 or 5 books and I quite like that. If you want any recommendations to try I’ll be happy to suggest some for you. 😀

  2. LOL, I’ve never read anything by Charles Dickens that I can think of at least. If it’s boring with no real life to it I can see what you wouldn’t enjoy it at all!

    I know the one I read by Lori Foster was supposed to be a teaser for a new trilogy she has coming out soon that is a mystery about a missing sister. Is that the book you are talking about??!! I am open for suggestions for sure and I wouldn’t mind trying her again…just not in a short story form. 🙂

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