Meme Day 8: Favorite Work in Translation

What is your favorite work in translation for a book and a movie?

I had to ask someone what this was referring to.  So thank you Jen for explaining this to me!  This basically means a book that was written in a different language then your native language that was then translated into your language.  The same explination applies to a movie.  So for movies I took this as a movie that might have been in a different language and then either had voice over in your language or subtitles.

At first I had no idea what to put for this!  I guess I am pretty naive in certain areas of the world and one of them was not ever paying attention to books that were actually TRANSLATED into English.  I mean, COME ON DEANNA…the world DOES NOT revolve around the English language. Yeah, I will apologize for that now!  So when I went searching online for books that were translated into English I stumbled upon this.  Why the heck didn’t I think of this??!!  The Diary of a Girl, Anne Frank is an amazing book!  I read it back in Grade School and it still had an effect on me.  It is amazing to read what this girl went through during the holocaust and now that it has surfaced in my mind again I will make sure to reread this one!  If you’ve never read it I highly suggest picking it up.  🙂  The book details the life of a young girl, Anne Frank, and her family for two years of time.  It goes from before they had to start hiding, to being caught and having to go into the concentration camps.  Very touching and heart wrenching.

Original Langauge: Porchikes   Translated to English in 1952

Runners Up: None that I can think of right now

I hope no one feels like this is cheating.  Mel Gibson is the one who directed the film but I found it amazing that he made the entire movie be in reconstructed Latin, Hebrew, and Aramaic langauge with English subtitles.  I know this is also a religious movie, so PLEASE don’t take any offense to this!  I am not trying to start an argument or push people to believe in God and Christ.  So please don’t take it like that!!!!!!!!!  My Mom and I went to see this opening night at the movie theater.  It was amazing!  The theater was PACKED!  Everyone had bought cokes and popcorn gearing up for a movie.  We all sat down and my Mom and I had some talkative college boys sitting behind us…we were so afraid that they were going to talk through the entire movie.  It was amazing, from the very first second of the film to the very end (even AFTER the movie was over) there was nothing but silence.  No one ate popcorn, no one drank coke, no one talked…the only noise ever heard was towards the end people were sniffling.  It was amazing and made a huge impact on me and my life.  I cry every time I watch the movie for personal reasons and I will always think about this movie.  That is why I am putting this down for my Favorite work in Translation when it comes to a movie.

Runners Up: Again, I’m very naive in this category and I need to start paying more attention to the original language of work that I read and expand my box to try new things out.

So, what are some of your favorite books in translation?  What are your favorite movies in translation?

2 responses to “Meme Day 8: Favorite Work in Translation

  1. You’re quite welcome my dear.

    I’d say The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho .

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