All Together Dead Discussion – Sookie Stackhouse book 7

**Spoiler Alert: If you have not read this book or the first six books in the series don’t continue reading, this post will contain spoilers.**

If you were unable to reread this book go HERE for wikipedia’s plot summary to refreash your mind on the major events that took place.

Discussion Questions:

  1. What were your thoughts when Jason called Sookie and said she had 1 hour to get to Hotshot for his wedding? What were your thoughts on the wedding ceremony?
  2. How do you feel, and what do you think, about Arlene’s new outlook on vampires and how she has been treating Sookie?
  3. Throughout the book Sookie keeps running into people who are very impressed by Quinn…they seem to know something about him that she does not, did you have any ideas about why he was so feared and admired?
  4. Were you surprised in both of the bombing situations that someone was able to pull that off? I mean the hotel was supposed to be so highly protected yet one small bomb was planted and then the huge bomb at the end that brought down the entire motel.
  5. What were your thoughts on the trial for Sophia-Ann and how Sookie got her out of being the accused?
  6. How do you feel about Eric and Sookie’s blood exchange again and the fact that he can make her a vampire when ever he wants?
  7. How did you feel when Sookie saved Eric and Pam from the hotel bomb/fire?
  8. How cool was it when Sookie and Barry worked together to save as many humans and vampires as they could after the hotel collapsed?
  9. What were your thoughts on Quinn throughout the book? From when him and Sookie finally “did the deed” to saving her from having to deal with Andre?
  10. This is the part that you all can ask questions or share thoughts and feelings about the book that you had.  There were so many events that took place in this book for be to ask all of them.  I don’t want to have 30 questions people have to read through.  LOL.

Sorry, no quotes this time around.  This is one of my all time favorite book in the series and I am excited to see everyones thoughts and feelings on it!

43 responses to “All Together Dead Discussion – Sookie Stackhouse book 7

  1. 1. I thought it was pretty crappy that Jason didn’t give Sookie any real warning about Crystal and his wedding. I know that they were trying to rush it since she found out she was pregnant again, but still. I also found it insulting that Jason didn’t even let Sookie know the very improtant part that she would be playing in their marriage. I mean, come on…if he screws up but can’t, for some reason, take the punishment then it will fall on Sookie to take the punishment. How crappy is that? I also was pissed that Crystal was thinking that she wasn’t going to follow the rules even though it will directly Affect Calvin! She knows she won’t get punished because she’s pregnant right now. I hate Crystal! I really do!

    • I agree! I thought it was really crappy of Jason to pull that shit on Sookie, but I loved how when she took Quinn to the wedding everyone knew him and was all reverent towards him. Even Calvin. But yea I have always disliked Crystal and Jason is so selfish!

    • I am so with that. I thought Jason was okay before, but this made him the shittiest brother ever. Who gives there only blood relative an hour’s notice before their wedding? The ceremony wasn’t so bad, I was happy Quinn was there, made it better. But Crystal, worst sister-in-law EVER! God I feel so sorry for Sookie being punished because Jason and his privates don’t have a lick of sense.

    • I hate Crystal but, I hate Jason even more. He’s a poor excuse for a brother!

    • I completely agree ladies! Jason is horrible! At first I really thought he was trying to be good to Sookie yet just didn’t always know the best ways to do that but this 1 hour notice before a wedding was just the worse thing ever! And Yes Diana, Crystal is the WORST sister-in-law EVER!

  2. 2. I absolutely hate how Arlene is so influenced by her boyfriends. She is supposed to be Sookie’s best friend…I mean Sookie has helped out with the kids, has been there for her through her other bad relationships but if a man tells Arlene to go jump off the Golden Gate Bridge she would do it in a heart beat! It makes me mad that her mind has closed so much, and it scares me that the flippin Fellowship of the Sun has that much influence on people. Oh and I want to punch Arlene…

    • YEAH!!! I am soooo happy my little icon picture showed up!! Ok back to the question now….lol! Yea Arlene has been a friend to Sookie but when there is a guy around she sticks to them and puts them over everyone else. She is very easily influenced and above all I think it is rediculous for her to ever be mad a Sookie for anything when in book one it was her man who was murdering everyone and Sookie. Shows how great a character she is at picking guys!

    • Arlene is the bitch from hell. I mean seriously! She doesn’t have a brain of her own. Arlene was too lucky. Think about it. When Arlene’s boyfriend Renee tried to kill Sookie, did Sookie go up in Arlene’s face and say, “Screw you, you hate vampires so much, but it was your boyfriend who was the true monster.” No, Sookie stayed friends with that narrow-minded, easily influenced moron and that is her pay back? Arlene can’t pick a good man to save her life. Literally!

    • It’s sad really. Sookie doesn’t deserve it. Especially since one of boyfriend’s tried to friggin’ kill her. You’d think that dumb ass red head would be bending over backwards to be a better friend.

  3. 3. I always found it very interesting when people kept having big ractions whenever Quinn was around. I’m not really sure what was going on but I knew that he must be very VERY powerful since so many Were’s and shifters were so nervous when he was around. Plus all the women seemed to swoon over him which screamed bad boy to me! I guess the story we here about him protecting his mother would make an impact on anyone. Plus he was a big guy and a tiger…I mean that’s pretty darn scary! Although, I think a bear of some sort would be even scarier. Just saying…

    • Yea I always thought it was because he is one of the last true weretigers out there and the bigger predator animals always get the bigger ooohhhs and aaahhhhs. But for men to admire him you knew he had to be a bad ass and the women googling him told me he was some hot eye candy!! But of course it being a book and Sookie I knew we were going to find out something bad about his past because if it wasn’t he would have already told Sookie about it. I mean come on!! She knows like almost all the supes out there and is in touch with so many how could he not think that she would NEVER find out about him. Bad on his part man!!! Chicken shit should have just up and told her about it then I think things might have ended differently.

    • I completely agree with that! If it wasn’t that bad then he would have told her from the very beginning! I am just hoping Sookie can end up with someone a little more on the normal side so she doesn’t have to deal with all the added complications a lot of the guys she’s dated come with. I mean wouldn’t it just be nice to sit at home on a regular basis and not having to worry about losing your life around every morning??!!

    • I am with you guys. I thought he was a pretty big badass and he had a reputation. But I don’t know, I think he just didn’t have time to tell Sookie about his past. I mean come on, you lay that kind of stuff on someone first hand, it is most likely a no-go. I think it was best she got to know him first before he drops a bomb. Quinn is still my favorite 🙂

    • I agree with Diana on this one. Sometimes it’s hard to tell people really heavy stuff.

      @Diana….back up off my man girl….LOL!

  4. 4. Now I know that there were vampires involved with the bombs especially with the missing memories from the baggage people but I still would have thought that they would have had defenses for that…what do you all think?

    • Whoa!!! There weren’t any vampires involved except for Jake. And I do understand why he was involved because he wasn’t just a human that was turned against his will. He was a were and would rather have died then be turned. Which brings up a question….why was he on his way to Sookies door and never made it to bed before the sun rose? Anyone?? My theory is that he was committing suicide and wanted Sookie to know he was part of what happened, but was trying to make sure she got out. Anyways back to the question. There weren’t just one bomb there were many! Each room had brought up a suitcase that was supppose to be part of their group but couldn’t read the names on them so no one ever claimed them but b/c everyone was so busy no one returned them either. Then there was the huge bomb in the coffin in the basement that shook the foundation. I knew something was going to get through b/c when she first arrived at the hotel Mr. Catailides was telling her how the coffins never got searched b/c they couldn’t be opened and all of them would set off the alarms. So that right there said security sucked.

    • LOL, I guess I should have said a huge bombing at the end instead of just bomb huh? Anyway, yes Jake was involved and I get why he was involved because he was a were changed into a vampire…but I’m still just shocked that their security was that crappy! I mean, being a vampire hotel and having to deal with the lives of vampires in their hands at all times should have a lot better security then that! Of course not everything is 100% right?!

    • Oh and your question…yes I think that Jake going to Sookie’s door was to commit suicide since he wasn’t anywhere he could actually cover up before the light came up…but I don’t know if he was meaning to tell Sookie that he played a part or if he was just trying to make a statement. I mean Sookie’s cousin was the one who turned him so maybe he thought it would make him fill better to commit suicide infront of Sookie to prove that his life was not happy being a were-vampire and no matter what he would never be happy.

    • That is a great point. I really thought that they would have found it at least before it went off. You think it is possible he had help from the staff who wanted to kill vampires as well. Maybe there was more to that than we know. I totally agree Ashley. I think he was trying to warn her. I don’t agree with his method, but I understand it and felt really bad for him 😦

    • I guess maybe the hotel thought it was so secure that it never felt vulnerable to this type of attack. Shit like that happens in real life too. Just sayin’…

  5. 5. Sometimes I really do forget how smart Sookie is. Between her thinking that maybe someone had been watching the weather during the last book so when the summit was held Katrina would happen and Sophia-Ann wouldn’t be at her strongest politically then to talking Sophia-Ann out of being accused of murdering her husband. Any other thoughts during this part?

  6. 6. I thought it was hot when Eric stepped in to do the blood exchange with Sookie so her and Andre wouldn’t become to connected. Andre is a very scary guy and is always looking for something to become more powerful, well for Sophia-Ann to become more powerful. He knows by having a blood bond with Sookie that they can achieve this but Eric steps in. It was a very sexy scene…however it scares me that Eric can turn Sookie into a vampire at any time. We all know that Sookie doesn’t really want to become a vampire, at least not right now, and I don’t know if Eric would ever get to the point of just changing her because he is selfish and wants her for himself…

    • That scene was HOTT!!!! Freaking love Eric!! So I have to admit I am a weeee bit biassed….lol! But yea at this point Eric was the lesser of two evils and she didn’t have a choice. I truly believe that Eric does love her and wouldn’t change her b/c he knows she doesn’t want that but he is selfish. On the other hand he has ALWAYS been honest with her about everything and I do believe he wants to help her. It’s still scary to think he can change her whenever though. Which keeps us readers in good suspense……. : P

    • Yes it does keep us in suspense! Eek! I do agree that Eric has always been honest with Sookie and that he was trying to save her as the lesser of two evils, as you put it, but part of me still can’t get out of my head that maybe there is an alterior motive to it.

    • I loved this scene. Andre scared the shit out of me even though he looked like an angel faced, 16 year old kid. I was happy Eric jumped in because knowing Andre, he would have made Sookie his puppet. I get a little on edge that he can do it whenever he wants, but I think he likes that Sookie is a human and I think her being a vampire could changed more than just her species. The guy is 1000 yeard old, he doesn’t do things (or does things) without a reason. And that is why I believe he hasn’t changed Sookie, he knows that if he forced it on her, she would never forgive him. Eric is vicious, but I don’t think there is an ulterior motive, I think he really loves her.

    • I’ll always believe that Eric has an alterior motive even if he does love Sookie. What can I say? He’s not my favorite. Don’t hurt me…

      • I literally LMAO when I read “Don’t hurt me…” in your comment! 😀 I don’t think we will start the lynching party yet. 😉 I do agree with Diana that I don’t think he would change her without her wanting it or she would hold it against him forever and then it would be pointless. I don’t disagree with your thoughts Jen that maybe he has an alterior motive…but I just don’t know what it would be.

  7. 7. The part where Sookie saved Eric and Pam from the fire was very exciting. I remember reading through it the first time and literally sitting on the edge of my seat! It really goes to show how tired vampires are during the sunlight hours and it shows us just how old and strong Eric is to be able to wake up and even fly with Sookie and Pam’s coffin. One of my favorite scenes ever! 🙂

    • Yea I was on pins and needles too b/c I kept thinking that Eric just couldn’t die yet and so I thought if the author wanted to she could kill Pam for the suspense and all and Pam is one of my FAVORITE characters!!! So I was more concerned about Pam surviving!! But yea very good scene!! Loved it!! I think it also goes to show that she chose both Eric and Pam over Bill and anyone else. Yes I know she called and woke up Quinn but she saved Eric and Pam!

    • I loved this scene too! I was scared because if one of them was going to die, I probably would have stopped reading it, but I liked it. But Eric really did impress me though (well more than usual). He can barely stand with the sun up, but the fact that he was able to fly Pam’s coffin and Sookie away from danger was definitely something. Made me love him a little more 🙂

    • I gotta say Sookie is a hell of a woman. Although it drives me crazy that she sticks her neck out it’s one of my favorite things about her.

  8. 8. My second favorite scene in the book is when Sookie and Barry worked together to try to find any living people in the rubble. I know that it caused a lot of question and people wanting to find them to use them in police type work, but it really shows how much Barry has really grown into his psychic ability. During this part of the book I could picture every single thing that was going on, the smoke, the rubble, the firemen, the police men, Sookie and Barry standing hand in hand reaching out with their minds and pointing to areas people were located. It was great!

    • I loved this scene too!! It showed that they were both willing to stick their necks out to help others even though there is a risk that they will be used later on for the police force or rescuers. I think that through out the book though you can tell how much more mature Barry has become and that’s great!

    • I loved this scene as well. I definitely love the book version of him than the one on the show. He was definitely very brave, I was surprised by him really. I think compared to actually helping people or being questioned, it was worth the risk given the people they saved. Such a good scene.

  9. 9. Quinn…sexy, tall, broad, motorcycle-type Quinn. Yum-my! 😛 I found it very hot and sexy when Quinn and Sookie finally got to have sex. I liked how the detail on his tongue was rougher than normal guys…hello, that’s hot! I was very worried about his traveling though. I know that works for some relationships but it makes it so hard…and the fact that Sookie has so many admirers I just feel like that would make things even harder and more confusing for them. I really liked that he saved her from dealing with Andre and his alterior motives by killing him and making it seem like it had happened when the building had collapsed. That made me respect him a lot!

    • I still like Quinn a lot!! I was so please when they finally did it and I thought it was important for Sookie to have that experience b/c she was finally with a warm blooded human. So she def felt the difference! HOTTTT!!!!!!! And how manly and scarred up he was and how he handled her!!! Ok I have to move on now lol!! I agree I am a selfish person and I don’t think I could have handled all the traveling Quinn did, but he still loved her and I believe proved it when he finished Andre off for Sookie. Lord knows it wasn’t for his benefit. He knew the control Andre would have over Sookie forever and so that made me love Quinn even more.

    • I so agree with you guys. Quinn was the best and he definitely went out of his way to help Sookie with creepy little Andre. Really made me love him more as well. Showed he would do anything to keep Sookie safe including potentially getting the wraith of Sophie-Ann if she were ever to find out.

    • Quinn rocks my socks off. That is all.

  10. So there is a part in the book that I don’t understand. I keep reading it over and over but I still don’t get it. It’s on pg 313 and it’s a conversation b/w Barry and Sookie. They are leaving the hotel and going their seperate ways but it’s what Barry says that I don’t get. Barry says he wants to be on the plane and Sookie says she doesn’t want to be on a flight with all of them on their. Barry, “They all got hurt” Sookie, “Yeah but that isn’t payback.” “You took care of that didn’t you?” I didn’t ask him what he meant . I knew what he could pick up out of my head. Sookie, “As much as I could,” Barry said, “Maybe I don’t want to be on the same plane as you.” Of course it hurt but I guess I deserved it (Sookie).
    Ok this whole part I am completely lost!!!! Who does Sookie want to get payback on? Or what?? Help!!

    • LOL! I remember this part as well. But I thought they were sort of talking about everything that took place already. That what Jake did wasn’t payback and if they were on a plane, I believe Barry feels, she will save the vampires first before him and that is why it hurt. That is how I interpreted it. Barry doesn’t like vampires and even if he helped Sookie, he is still biased against them. That is what I thought. Hope it makes sense 🙂

    • I am unsure really…They way Sookie says that she doesn’t want to be on the plane “with all of them.” and then Barry says “Well maybe I don’t want to be on the plane with you,” and the “you” is italicized. It makes me think that she also included him in that bunch she didn’t want to be on the plane with and Barry had picked that out of her head. And it sounds like Sookie has already “paid them back” for whatever hurt they had caused her. I do now know what this conversation is relating too yet but when I find out I will come back and put even more thoughts into this one! 🙂

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