Meme Day 9: Best Scene Ever

Best scene ever in a book. Best scene ever in a movie.

I know these are very hard for everyone to just pick one.  Remember you can cheat a bit and mention a few others, it’s not like you’re ganna get punished.  This will be very difficult but I’ll try to narrow it down to just one…it’s so tough sometimes though.  Especially when one single book has several great scenes and then you realize that you have read SEVERAL books each having multiple great scenes.  I’ll still try to pick just one…

This was very hard…not only did I have several scenes pop into my head but I also had a hard time thinking about scenes in some books that I read awhile ago.  So I’ll stick with a recent read for this one.  I loved, LOVED the scene where Sookie saves Eric and Pam from the hotel after it had been bombed and was going to collapse.  It was very exciting and nice to see how much Eric and Pam do mean to Sookie for her to risk her life to save theirs.  The one other scene in this that is my favorite is when Barry and Sookie are combining their powers to help search for people who may be alive in the rubble.

Runners Up: A Dog Named Slugger – When Leigh is getting ready for work and she hears her front door rattling and then Slugger stands in front of her and starts to growl.  All of a sudden a creepy guy is in her house looking at her but because Slugger is standing gaurd the guy decides that his best bet would probably be to get out of the house.  It was a great scene and showed how strong the bond was between Leigh and Slugger.

Favorite scene in a movie definitely goes to Boondock Saints.  This scene, above, is the very last scene of the movie and is the brothers way of sharing with the world what they are all about.  This is a great movie and one I would suggest everyone watch at least once.  The whole purpose of the brothers and what they stand for is something I would agree with…the problem is a lot of people wouldn’t agree with it right?!  Killing the murderers, rapist, drug dealers, etc…trying to clean the streets up of the crappy people who make our world bad yet never get caught or get off with a weak sentence.  But then you have to ask…where is that line between right and wrong?  You kill a murderer, but doesn’t that make you the same as them?!  Fantastic movie, the brothers are AWESOME!  They are funny, talented, and HOT!  😛

Runners -Up:

What is your favorite scene ever in a book?  What is your favorite scene ever in a movie?  Fill free to share links to YouTube for any of your movie scenes! 🙂


2 responses to “Meme Day 9: Best Scene Ever

  1. Holy cow this one is tough. I know I don’t have an all time fave. But I do have a few faves. In Sweet Persuasion, when Damon shows up on the beach. And in Magic Strikes when Curran is handed a paper to make into a fan for Kate (that one is super short but really funny). And the wedding scene in River Marked. And the scene on the steps in City of Glass. And when Mary runs to Rhage in Lover Eternal. And most of the scenes in Lover Awakened. And the boob noodle scene in Seize the Night. And ‘You’re leaving me Rainbow Girl’ chapter in Dreamfever. Yeah…I think those are the ones I think of the most often.
    As for movie, when the little boy runs in the airport after having said bye to his little class crush. Tears every time…but happy tears. The ‘confession’ scene in When Harry Met Sally too. Love that one.

    • That is great Julie! I’m so glad to see you have so many scenes from books you can think of right off the top of your head! 🙂 Your two for the movies sound great. What is the one of the little boy in the airport?! I must have missed something. 😛

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