Weekly Update – April 3-10

I’m a little behind on posting this week already due to my crazy weekend! Today will consist of this post and 2 Meme posts. And then hopefully we’ll start getting on track from there.  Had a wonderful meeting with my Son and his parents and then a great time at one of my best friends baby showers.  This will be a quick update…

The visit with my Son and his parents went fantastic on Saturday.  We met at a restaurant and were able to catch up.  He is getting so big!  He’s saying words, giving kisses, and is completely non-stop!  He barely wanted to be held because he just wanted to run around.  His knees are a little scraped up in this picture because he kept running down a hill and then sliding on his knees.  It was very funny!  We decided that for our next meeting we will probably meet at the park to play and maybe do a picnic or then go to a restaurant.  If we do that then we can all run around and play with him some.  It was wonderful seeing them all and I’m so happy because I’m not as nervous as I had been the past couple of times of meeting up with them.  I am so blessed to have picked such a wonderful family that are so open with me and we get along so well that it’s like meeting with friends.

One of my best friends baby showers was a blast!  I’ve never been to a full-blown baby shower before and we all had so much fun with the games they played.  It was so great to be so close to the mother-to-be and see her growing into her role as a mother!  Her and her husband have been together since High School, they’ve been married almost 4 years now and this is their first kid.  They had actually planned their pregnancy and they are so very happy!

The Sookie Stackhouse discussions are starting to come to an end…we only have 3 more books to read before the release of the 11th book.  It’s very exciting to see a few other people joining in and the discussion for the 10th book is promising to bring in TONS of talk.  That’s the discussion we can use to talk about all of the books and our predictions for the end of the series.  Now that Charlaine Harris has announced that the series will be ending at book 13 I really hope she isn’t going to make us wait until 2013 for the release of that book.  My fingers are crossed.  Anyone who has been able to read the whole series but hasn’t been able to join in on our discussions be ready to participate during book 10’s discussion because we will be talking about who we think Sookie should be with in the end.  Should she stay single? Will it be Eric? Bill? Sam? Alcide? Quinn? Someone New? No one knows, but damn it…we’re ganna talk about it! 😛

Other than that, school was a bit boring last week, nothing too exciting happening.  This weekend was a blast taking it off of work but it’s hard for me to keep up on blogs.  I have SEVERAL of my friends blogs to visit and catch up on this week as well as get some of my own posts done so I’m not too far behind.  Excited to be another week closer to the end of this school semester!  😀

Posting Schedule:
Tuesday: 2 Meme posts
Wednesday: Book Review: All Together Dead
Meme Day 13 –  Favorite childhood book and movie
Thursday: Finally the update of the Foaling Project
Meme Day 14 – Favorite male character in a book and favorite actor
Friday: Book Review: From Dead to Worse
Meme Day 15 – Favorite female character in a book and favorite actress
Saturday: Weekly Update
Meme Day 16 – Your guilty pleasure book and movie
Sunday: From Dead to Worse Discussion Link
Meme Day 17 – Favorite trilogy or tetralogy


2 responses to “Weekly Update – April 3-10

  1. That is such a wonderful photo of you and your boy. Really nice! I am so glad to hear that you are feeling more comfortable and I am so happy you are getting the opportunity to watch him grow and be part of his life. My brothers’ never knew their parents because they were taken away due to violence and drug use. They never really minded, but it still must be nice to have a connection to the person who gave you life.
    And yay for baby showers! They can be quite lame…but in the very best of ways!

    • Thank you very much Julie! I remember you telling me that about your brothers and I think it is best that they don’t know their birthparents right now if they were taken away due to violence and drug use. I think everyone’s situations are different and as long as everyone is keeping the childs best interest at the center of everything then that is the best situation. If Ashden ever decides he doesn’t want to have contact with me then I will have to understand that and stop talking to them for him.

      As for baby showers…yes they can be lame. We had a lot of fun playing different fun games. One of them was a dance off! Haha, the host had an XBox 360 Kinect so we got to play on that and it was soooooo much fun! Ashley received a TON of gifts and this was her 2nd baby shower!

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