Meme Day 11 – A Book and Movie that Disappointed You

What is a book that disappointed you? What is a movie that disappointed you?

Is there any books out there that someone had suggested and really enjoy that you weren’t that impressed with? What about a book that you were really looking forward to that after reading you weren’t really as impressed as you thought you’d be? Or how about those books that everyone is talking about that you read and just don’t understand why everyone likes them and is talking about them so much?  How about a movie that was the same? Something everyone was talking about how great it was and it left you with a feeling of blah?

This is the book for me in this topic.  I still can’t figure out why I wasn’t impressed with it…I didn’t even finish it!  😦  This book was so popular my Dad read it and suggested it to me, a few of my friends really enjoyed it and they even made a movie out of it!  When I watched the movie I bawled my eyes out!  So I thought that I would really connect with this book and I just didn’t.  I have thought about trying to read through it again just to see if I could get into it a second time but I just haven’t even tried to make a plan to read it again.  If you know me well at all you know how much I really love and enjoy animals and I love reading books about them…I mean I talk constantly about A Dog Named Slugger and Chosen by a Horse but this one did not tickle my fance I guess.

Napoleon Dynamite…yeah, where to start with this one.  This movie it the theaters and it was the rave everyone was talking about.  My friends, my sisters friends, parents, reviews, just…EVERYONE.  They all loved this movie so much!  So, even though I thought it looked dumb as dirt, I decided to try to watch it.  I rented the DVD watched about 10 whole minutes of it and shut it off.  I seriously felt like I had gotten dumber in just that short time watching it.  I just was not impressed, it disappointed me that everyone could rave about this and yet I did not like it.  I mean, people from all ages…highschoolers, college students, people in their 30’s, 40″s and even 50’s…I just don’t get it.  I have yet to try to watch it again and I can promise you that I never will!

So what is a book (or two or there) that just really disappointed you?  Have you seen any movies that really disappointed you?

2 responses to “Meme Day 11 – A Book and Movie that Disappointed You

  1. Book. The book I finished today! LOL The end totally bummed me out! So pointless!
    Movie. I’m sure there are many but I can’t think of any right now because my brain seems to have just shut down. LOL

    • LOL, I’m sure your brain has shut down with all of your blog reading you have done today! I know mine would have. I am still sorry that The Chase was a disappointment. I’ve heard several people say that but then a few others said it wasn’t too bad.

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