Meme Day 14: Favorite Male Charactor and Actor

What is your favorite male character?  Who is your favorite actor?

For this one I am going to think about series only.  There are so many stand-alones out there that we can all pick thousands but I decided for picking my favorite book character I would only do one from a series since you get a long history with them.  Even then it is a bit hard but I’m going to share my absolute favorite right now and then list my favorite one from each series…so yes everyone I’m kinda cheating.  Tehehe. 😀  No extra explanation needed for the favorite actor…just name a few of your favorite actors. 🙂

So this took me awhile to decide on which one I was going to feature for sure in the main photo…I can’t wait to see what you all say cuz I know if I had trouble with this one you ladies will too!  So out of the series that I’ve read, which is my favorite guy…
The Sookie Stackhouse Series: Sam Merlotte, he is sexy, sweet, down-to-earth, faithful, strong, a shifter, and did I mention Sexy?!  Yes I love Sam from the Sookie stackhouse books.  But I also love Eric, Quinn, Alcide, Bill and Jason…sooooo, yeah!  😛
Harry Potter: I love Fred & George Weasley, they are funny!  I mean really, they make you laugh and give you the comic relief needed throughout certain parts of the book.  They are creative and do things you only wish you had the courage to do when you were in school!
Twilight Saga: Edward, now the only reason I say that is because while reading the book I really wanted him and Bella to end up together.  I didn’t have a favorite guy that I swooned over or anything like that but he is the one I would for sure say.
Lord of the Rings: Legolas, yeah he’s an Elf, he’s hot, he’s a great fighter, so enough said…
Night Huntress Novels: Everyone talks about Bones and while I really do enjoy him if I was only allowed to choose one I would pick Spade.  I love Spade, he is a great friend to bones, he is also funny but he can be serious when he needs to.  He sometimes acts like a hard ass but you know it’s just cuz he’s putting on a show before you get to the real part of him.
The Fever Series: Jerico Barron’s…enough said!  😛  Ok he’s sexy, he’s a bad ass, he challenges people to be their best, he is straight to the point, and he can have those sexy conversations without words…heck to the yeah!  😀

This one is still pretty easy for me…I love Bruce Willis!  I really do.  I have enjoyed every movie I’ve seen him in so far.  He can play so many different parts in movies that you can tell he has the real talent for what he does.  There are a lot of actors and actresses (actresses especially) that seem to only do one type of movie and that is it…you never see any diversity, but you do with Bruce. 

Runners Up: Gerard Butler, Ryan Gosling, Denzel Washington, Will Smith, and Vin Diesel

So go ahead and share ladies!  Who is your favorite male character in a book series?  Who is your favorite actor?  Not just based on how hot they are but talent wise?  Do you have any actors that if they come out with a movie you automatically want to see it?


4 responses to “Meme Day 14: Favorite Male Charactor and Actor

  1. I’m going to make this one Sookie Stackhouse/True Blood themed…

    Favorite male character…Quinn *wiggles eyebrows*

    Favorite male actor….Joe Manganiello *wiggles eyebrows*

  2. I think male characters are trickier to pick from than female ones because males sometimes shadow our judgment with their yumminess. lol Of course there are your usuals (as you mentioned) Bones, Barrons, Curran… But I also really enjoyed Jack Travis from Smooth Talking Stranger. Wonderful book and wonderful character. Julian from Sherrilyn Kenyon’s Fantasy Lover is great too as is Carter in Vision in White by Nora Roberts.
    Movie…I don’t really have one. I know Tom Cruise bugs me so he is for sure not making my list. I like Hugh Grant. And I like Ryan Reynolds.

  3. Wow Julie, looks like there are several books that I really need to check out! Ryan Reynolds is yummy! Hugh Grant is also really good. I do agree that guys are a lot trickier because they blind us with their sexiness! 😀

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