Meme Day 16: Guilty Pleasure Book and Movie

What is your guilty pleasure book? What is your guilty pleasure movie?

Well what I take this as is what is a book you read or a movie you watch that really gets you all hot and bothered…so for me I can think of one set of books right off the top of my head but I can’t with a movie, so I might cheat a little and go with a show.  😛

My guilty pleasure books right now would be Delilah Marvelle’s Scandal Series.  The sex scenes are HOTT!  I mean, smoking hot!  I would get all red in the face, not from embarassment, but from how flipping sexy the scenes were.  LOL.  So they are definitely my guilty pleasure read right now.  I have heard a lot about Backstage Pass and how sexy that book is and it is officially now sitting on my kindle calling my name.  That might be the first book I read before any others after my Sookie Stackhouse books! 😀

So I am cheating, yet again.  Can’t you all tell…it’s ok to cheat sometimes?!  😛  So I really couldn’t think of a movie that was my guilty pleasure movie.  I don’t know why…nothing is really jumping out of my mind…so I decided to go with this Starz show.  I watched it through Netflix because I love Ancient History and I love the stories about Spartacus…well I had no idea what I was in for but I was not disappointed.  This show is HOTT!  I mean there are sexy guys and you get to see EVERYTHING.  I was not used to this since normally you only see a guys butt…well, nope, you see EVERYTHING!  I kind of forgot about how free and open they were with their bodies and sex back then but you get it in this show.  Not only are the story lines entertaining but the lovin is just steamy!  So this will be my guilty pleasure “movie” for right now.  I mean, I stayed up till 1 am several nights trying to get through this show!  Not a smart idea but I could’t help it!

So tell me, what are your guilty pleasure reads??!!  What are your guilty pleasure movies or shows??


3 responses to “Meme Day 16: Guilty Pleasure Book and Movie

  1. Hm…I would say movies, then anything Austen, or well BBC period drama in general. I love love it, and the men are to die for

  2. Books would have to be the Sweet series by Maya Banks. And the Sinners books are starting to join them too.
    Movie – for a while it was Twilight (when it first came out on DVD) I would watch it over and over but make sure Jason wasn’t around because a) it is one cheesy movie and b) he would forever make fun of me. Now I don’t really have a movie that fits that description. I go to my books. 🙂

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