Weekly Update – April 10-16

Well my brain is completely frazzled…I mean I just can’t seem to think straight this time of the year.  Between work, school, work and trying to keep up on reading, my blog, my friends blogs and a somewhat active social life my brain becomes very scrambled…so this will be short.  LOL

Right now with school we have about 4 weeks left and that means crunch time.  Things are starting to really speed up as teachers want to fit everything in that they wanted to teach us.  Finals are coming up soon and with that equals our oral final for Anatomy and Physiology…I don’t even want to think about it.  I am just ready for the summer and some relaxing/reading time.

So the discussions are going well and they are coming to a close in the next few weeks.  Tomorrows discussion will be on book 8 and after that we only have TWO books left before the release of book 11!  😀  Jen and I have been up to our eyeballs in busy lives and trying to finish up this reread with a bang so I know we are both pretty stressed out.  My lesson/note-to-self is that for the next reread give at least a 2 week period per-book so that we have enough time to finish them!  LOL.  But it has been fun and I have really enjoyed the awesome discussions that have come from it.  I have also decided to do my first GIVEAWAY based on this reread so everyone needs to stay tuned next Saturday, April 23, for the announcement!  😀

I’m finishing up book 8, From Dead to Worse right now and hopefully will start book 9 this weekend.  As soon as book 11 is released and has been read by me I will be going crazy trying to catch up with all the wonderful giveaways that I have won over the past few months.  I really want to get the books read and get the reviews up sooner than later!  I have a book that I received in DECEMBER as a giveaway and I really need to/WANT to read it!

This Weeks Posts:
Sunday: Discussion Link to From Dead to Worse
Monday: Monday Funday
Tuesday: Review on From Dead to Worse
Thursday: Probably just a Meme post
Friday: Review on Dead and Gone (book 9)
Saturday: Weekly Update & Giveaway information
Sunday: Dead and Gone Discussion Post

2 responses to “Weekly Update – April 10-16

  1. Yay for school almost being done!

    • I am very excited about school almost being over but I am freaking out a bit since that also means finals is just around the corner and I think I’m going to die on my finals this semester! LOL.

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